The Low-Down on the Far-Out

New Moon in Capricorn 2014

Chart for the New Moon in Capricorn
Chart for the New Moon in Capricorn

The only person you are destined to become
is the person you decide to be.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dec.21 – NEW MOON in CAPRICORN (00:06 of Capricorn)


Ottawa, Canada and
Washington DC, USA:

Dec.21, 2014, 8:35 PM EDT

London, UK:

Dec.22, 2014, 1:35 AM BST

Sydney, AU:

Dec.22, 2014, 12:35 PM AEST

"What's a New Moon?"

Read more about the Sun-Moon cycles.

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You're walking along on a journey through the woods.

You have an idea where you want to go, and you believe you're on the right path. But it's new and unfamiliar territory and the path isn't always clear.

The trees and plants are beautiful, although sometimes a bit spooky, and you just want to get where you're going.

The road turns and suddenly there's a clearing. A bridge stretches out before you that spans across a deep ravine.

You're sure your destination lies on the other side, but how old is that bridge? Is it safe? Does it need repair? Will it hold you? And will it take you where you want to go? Perhaps you should follow the path that runs along the edge of the ravine instead.

Bottom line: you have to make a decision based only on what you can see, your past experience and your common sense. You must choose and commit to a plan of action, and therefore need to make the best educated guess that you can.

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Congratulations�you just arrived in Capricorn.

Funny thing�so did the New Moon! The Sun entered Capricorn a mere fleeting 2� hours before the Moon caught up with him. You couldn't get any closer to the Solstice than that without a team of Virgos taking measurements to 4 decimal places!

A zero-degree New Moon on a Cardinal point is going to be powerful! This is an archetypal steamroller determined to pave the way to whatever destination you point yourself in�so choose your direction wisely! The consequences are likely to be solid and substantial, although not necessarily straightforward, clear or immediate.

Here's the thing�er, things. Stellium in Capricorn. Saturn about to change signs. Saturn creeping up to square Neptune in 2015. And Uranus is stationary and exactly square Pluto.

And you thought Capricorn was staid and boring...

So let's take these in a methodical way, one at a time. (That was Capricorn's idea.)

If there's a thing I've learned in my life it's to not be afraid of the responsibility that comes with caring for other people. What we do for love: those things endure. Even if the people you do them for don't.
~ Cassandra Clare

Stellium in Capricorn.

There's about 5 stellar tons of planetary power clumped together in Capricorn right now: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto and Venus, in that order. That heaviness you (may) feel is the equivalent of pulling these bad boys and girls in a burlap bag behind you. It's like trying to walk across Saturn itself, with each step demanding your most strenuous effort as you fight against gravity.

If you're prone to depression or lack of physical energy�or even if you're not�you might find this a difficult combination of energies. This ain't no birthday party with helium balloons and pony rides. This is more like a meeting of the Board of Directors in the midst of power struggles and budget cuts, locked in a room and trying to lay out a business plan for the coming year. More coffee please!

That's the bad news � this could well involve a lot of hard work with few short-term rewards. And don't expect a group hug at the end of the meeting � long-term achievements for a job well done, sure, but group hugs? Not likely.

However, the good news is that this hard work has a chance to pay off big in the long run. This is especially true if you're taking a whole new approach to something, or if you're starting something brand new. Or you might be doing closure in a complete way, clearing the way for something new to come in and fill the space.

This is a good time to commit to a long-term plan, to stop a bad habit or to apply discipline to establish a new good habit. It's a time to adjust your attitude about authority � yours and others'. It's time when you could become more accepting and comfortable with aloneness. Not loneliness (although it might feel like that at first if you're not used to it) but the ability to be your own person, self-reliant and giving yourself permission to be okay with yourself in your own skin.

The first step toward creating an improved future is developing the ability to envision it. VISION will ignite the fire of passion that fuels our commitment to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve excellence. Only VISION allows us to transform dreams of greatness into the reality of achievement through human action. VISION has no boundaries and knows no limits. Our VISION is what we become in life.
~ Tony Dungy

Saturn Changing Signs

Saturn is shedding his Scorpio skin in order to don the righteous and regal duds of Sagittarius. (Read my article about Saturn in Sagittarius.) The last time Saturn changed signs was October 2012, so this is not something that happens often � averaging about every 2+ years. In this case Saturn will return briefly to Scorpio for a couple of months next July before fully committing to Sagittarius until December 2017.

In a nutshell, Saturn moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius shifts our focus of discipline, effort and productivity from depth to expansion and from probing the darkness to exploring the light. After excavating the subterranean depths to understand our conscious actions and motives, we can now look toward to the enlightenment, knowledge and wisdom that grow out of the Scorpio manure which is now aerated and opened up.

The fact that this is happening within 48 hours after the New Moon at the initiatory degree of Saturn's sign, Capricorn, is hugely significant! It signals a level of change and shifting energy that extends the New Moon influence beyond its usual reach.

This is a good time to envision where you want to be 2-3 years from now. Make a plan for how you might get there. Be succinct, direct, specific and focused on the central heart of what you want to manifest. Take some ideas from my article on Saturn in Sagittarius, below. The trick is not to let Saturn throw his weight around too much, but to let the Sagittarius optimism and sense of adventure combine with the best of Saturn's discipline and endurance.

If you talk about it, it's a dream, if you envision it, it's possible, but if you schedule it, it's real.
~ Anthony Robbins, Get the Edge

Saturn Square Neptune

This doesn't become exact until November 2015 and then we get 3 clicks of this transit through 2016. However, Saturn and Neptune get as close as just 2� degrees in February before they slow down for their stations in March and July, respectively. So, although we won't see the full fog until later next year, we will definitely feel the damp mist through the earlier part of 2015.

These two planets don't normally play nice together. In fact, they have trouble playing together at all. Saturn is hard, logical reality. Neptune is wispy imagination and fantasy. Saturn is about commitment and focus. Neptune is about surrender and letting go. Saturn is disciplined, serious and productive. Neptune is about the experiential process of growth.

When these two come together well, they create art, music and creative expression that is manifest in practical, concrete ways. However, at other times they can be a frustrating obstacle to each other, which may be how you will experience the square aspect between them.

Saturn takes Neptune's idealistic attitude and brings it back down to earth, so rather than a wispy cloud floating in the sky you get rain and drizzle. Not the most pleasant experience, but it has its uses � this can wash away a lot of emotional pollution and make the Saturnian ground more supportive of growth. However, it can also be disillusioning, disappointing and depressing.

Neptune, on the other hand, can take Saturn's rock solid resolve and clarity and erode it until poor Saturn isn't sure what's going on anymore. "Reality? What reality? That's just a myth, you know..." You might be sure you knew what direction you were going or what you were trying to do, but somehow you might feel like you're lost in a hall of mirrors instead. On the other hand, Neptune can also bring a sense of higher purpose and intuitive faith to Saturn's logical common sense, keeping him from becoming too stuck in the mud of caution and criticism.

The only way to deal with an unfree world
is to become so absolutely free that
your very existence is an act of rebellion.
~ Albert Camus

Uranus Square Pluto

We just passed the 6th of 7 passes of this arduous transit just a week ago! In terms of exact passes, it has been with us since 2012, although its influence began several years prior and will play out for another several years after the final pass in March 2015.

In the meantime, we're still in the thick of it. That means reactive rebellion against (what is perceived as) authority and dominance, countered by increasing efforts to suppress or control the unrest, ostensibly in the name of maintaining stability and structure. This, of course, is happening on global, societal and personal levels.

Uranus happens to be stationary right now. It officially turned direct just 2� hours before the New Moon was exact. With that kind of intensity, it's still burning a hole in the chart of the New Moon. Combined with the exact square to Pluto (just a quarter-degree of orb), this pits Uranus' zealous passion for avoiding conformity and rules against Capricorn's determination to establish and restore order and manifest purpose. Any strong-arm tactics used by Pluto in Capricorn to calm things down (his way, of course) are likely to be met with a heated retort of "Oh ya? I double-dare ya!"

Both energies have enough strength to wield some pretty impressive weaponry at each other. A Uranian-sized blow torch against a Capricorn army in military formation.

You might be feeling a part of you that feels hemmed in and JUST WANTS OUT, which just dares the more disciplined, serious side of you to get in your way. ("Come on, Capricorn, make my day!") On the other hand, you may be more in sync with the part of you that is just as determined to accomplish something in an orderly fashion and WILL NOT BE DENIED. Rock, allow me to introduce you to the hard place...

If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.
~ Gordon A. Eadie

Herding the Cats

The thing to remember is that we're in Capricorn's territory. Whether you're feeling smacked around by Uranus, or shoved into a corner by Pluto, or seduced by the sweet siren call of Neptune, the ground you're standing on to contend with these energies is Saturn country, with Pluto as his henchman. Any efforts, strategy and solutions will need to be practical, well thought out, workable in the physical world and realistic.

What do you do if any of the other Big Boys do manage to lure you into their snare and convince you that you can ditch Saturn? Probably the worst thing you can do is polarize and "take sides." For example, it's probably not wise to fog yourself in Neptunian mood altering libations (legal or otherwise) in an effort to drown out Saturn's rant about what must be done.

It's also not a great idea for your Uranian rebellious Inner Teenager to tell Saturn to go stick it by not only refusing to cooperate but also throwing his carefully constructed blueprints back in his face, for example, by making insults about your boss' spouse after quitting your job.

Neither is it likely to have a happy ending if you abdicate your power to Pluto's my-way-or-the-highway demands by giving up the right to think and stand up for yourself�including what seems like a futile situation. Even if voicing disagreement or objection seems destined to be ineffective, you still have the right to have a voice and use it.

It may or may not change the other person's mind or actions, but it can go a long way to strengthen your own sense of personal empowerment and dignity. And to always remain silent and passive in the face of something that feels contrary to your integrity and self-respect will inevitably feed the fear that your life is powerless, pointless and pathetic.

This doesn't mean you have to (or should) become abusive or a bully in order to fight back or even just stand up and say "no." However, speaking your truth simply and clearly can be powerful! And especially with the planetary energy flying around right now, you might find the outcome to be surprisingly more powerful and effective than you imagined. All the more reason to be sure you call on your Saturnian Inner Grownup to do this, rather than letting the Uranian Inner Brat have a scream-fest.

I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others,
rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.
~ Frederick Douglass

Saturn Has the Last Word

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This is a powerful time to set your intentions for the year to come! Saturn, as the ambassador from Capricorn-land, has jurisdiction over the New Moon and is therefore the one who must approve any intentions, plans or actions. Saturn is approaching a square aspect to Neptune, and therefore both are starting to feel a bit "undiplomatic" about each other. However, Neptune is actually sextile to the Sun and Moon, so he hasn't fallen from grace just yet. That means you can use Neptune's visionary projection machine now to peer into your potential future over the next 12 months. It's a good idea to do this now before he and Saturn start hissing and spitting at each other in early 2015.

Uranus is just itching for something to do that will create positive liberation and change, so use this restlessness and audacity to see beyond the obstacles, resistance and hesitation you might feel about moving toward that Neptunian vision.

Pluto's obsession with control and power can be channelled into persistence and determination to continue active participation in the process that will take you from here to there, from now to then.

Then let Saturn figure out the How, the When, the Where, the Who. The plan, strategy, systemic support and resources are Saturn's specialties. His talents need a powerful vision, uplifting inspiration and passionate tenacity in order to stay constructive, evolutionary and enduring.

Saturn's job is to get you across that bridge and on to your destination. You're in the driver's seat and he's your navigator. Uranus is the spark that keeps your engine going. Neptune is the gas that fuels your forward motion. And Pluto is the equipment that allows you to control the vehicle and avoid veering off the road or running down pedestrians who annoy you.

Your job is to work with them all.

Happy trails and transits!

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.
~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Decorated tree

I want to wish you, dear readers, along with your friends, families and loved ones, a very happy multiple holiday! Whether you celebrate the Solstice, Christmas, Hannukah, Yule, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, Boxing Day sales, or you're just looking forward to the end of the December commercial madness ;-) I wish you the very best of whatever you hope Santa Claus will bring to you. A very Happy New Year! See you all in 2015!!  ~ Wendy :-)

Dec.23 – Venus square North Lunar Node (16:00 of Capricorn/Libra)  ("What's a Lunar Node?")

Perhaps you're finding that the people in your life are not being as supportive, encouraging or cooperative as you thought they would be, in terms of helping you fulfil your life purpose. Someone might suddenly withdraw their support, or maybe they contradict or interfere with what you're trying to do with your life. Perhaps an argument or disagreement happens and the upset, stress or hard feelings that result seem to cast a shadow on how you feel about your life. If this happens, it's possible that what you disagree about is something you should look at more closely. Are you responding to this situation in a way that truly reflects your values? Or perhaps your values need to be reconsidered. The agreement or balance of priorities between you might need to be renegotiated. This transit might also manifest as problems around finances or possessions, which requires some adjustment on your part. Since this transit usually lasts only a few days, in most cases its effects will not be major. If it does bring up some significant issues, it is probably hinting at a deeper issue, and you would be wise to look at the problem beyond the current circumstances. Other transits (especially to your natal chart) can give you more information about the nature of the situation.

Dec.23 – Saturn enters Sagittarius (until Jun.14.2015; Sep.17.2015 to Dec.19.2017)   (Dec.24 in AU)

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn ventures into Sagittarius for almost 6 months, and returns to Scorpio for 3 months because he forgot to pack something for the long trip. He treks through Sagittarius again for another 2 years. Today marks his first entry into Sagittarius since 1985-1988. If you were born during that time, you're going through or heading into your first Saturn Return � a crossroads where you start to redefine yourself as an adult and therefore must take more responsibility for what happens to you.

Read the expanded article...

Dec.24 – Mercury square Uranus (12:34 of Capricorn/Aries)   (Dec.25 in UK, AU)  (This is a Cardinal Cross aspect.)

Flashes of insight can show you new clarity but you might not like the answers you get, since they could disturb your logical perception of what's what. You might get some news or learn come information that shakes you up in some way. This isn't necessarily bad, since this may be necessary to open your mind to something you've been resisting. There's a Higher Truth here that wants to be told (by you or to you), but the way it's phrased can make a big difference in the reaction. There is a risk of "shooting off your mouth before your brains are loaded," as the saying goes, and impulsive or reckless communication and ideas could create more problems than they solve. It will probably help to listen inside yourself first to discover what you really need to say, and then figure out how to say it in a way that doesn't cause unnecessary damage. Strive to shine a light of truth without blinding anyone with it.

Dec.25 – Mercury conjunct Pluto (12:55 of Capricorn)   (Dec.24 in HAST, AKST, PST, MST)  (This is a Cardinal Cross aspect.)

Deep insights and passionate communication are possible under this transit ...although, so is speaking more forcefully than you intend to about things that require a bit of delicacy or discretion. This can be a new beginning in understanding the deeper motives and dynamics of what is happening in your life, although this could happen with great intensity or obsession. The light can finally start to go on in the darker corners that have eluded you. Although what you see there might be both illuminating and disturbing, it is ultimately something you can grow from, which can transform your mental outlook into something more meaningful and resilient. This is a time when you can start to shed and leave behind old worn out perceptions or ineffective forms of communication. You also have an increased ability to take thoughts, ideas and information and transform them into something healing ...or wounding. Choose your words carefully and mindfully. Writing down your thoughts and ideas to capture the energy of this transit can help you gather the deeper qualities.

Dec.25 – Mercury sextile Chiron (13:34 of Capricorn/Pisces)   (Dec.26 in AU)

Your mental focus and communication could get an injection of healing energy under this transit, as long as you are prepared to put some effort into getting it. Your spirits can become uplifted now, from seeing a light at the end of the tunnel or from finding a light that guides you along the path in front of you. It will not, however, make the tunnel or the path go away; you'll still have to walk the walk. But your mental perspective can become more accepting of inconsistencies and frustrations under this transit, which can alleviate a lot of stress and make the journey a bit smoother. Mental struggles and critical "self-talk" may find some reconciliation and acceptance that brings peace of mind. You have an increased ability to find the right words and understanding to help others with their problems, by providing insightful feedback. To get the most out of this transit, aim to find a mental outlook and communication style that can tolerate contradiction without having to eradicate one in order to justify the other.

Dec.26 – Mercury square North Lunar Node (15:33 of Capricorn/Libra)  ("What's a Lunar Node?")  (Dec.27 in AU)

Under this transit, you might find you need to, or are compelled to, change your mind about where you are heading in your life. You could be confronted with facts or information that contradicts what you thought was real or true about your sense of life purpose, or it might seem like someone is getting in your way. You may be tempted to dismiss this, deny it, avoid it or rationalize your way around it. However, there is probably valuable information coming to you that is important to take into consideration. It doesn't necessarily mean your life destination should be abandoned; rather, you are challenged to see it more clearly. You might also need to communicate information or a point of view that could be unwelcome or unpopular, or difficult to get your point across. In that case, try not to go overboard in standing your ground and focus primarily on what needs to be said and the best way to say it.

Dec.26 – Sun sextile Neptune (05:16 of Capricorn/Pisces)   (Dec.27 in UK, AU)

Faith in the bountiful blessings of the Universe is within reach under this transit...but then, so is the fantasy that you will be magically granted anything you wish for. Although this is mostly a very positive energy, you could become so immersed in your longing for the ideal that you have trouble dealing with the less-than-ideal realities that still must be dealt with. Gaining the benefit from this transit will still require some effort. Hope, optimism and imagination are in the air, which could bring some relief from any depression or discouragement you might be feeling. Your creativity and imagination can be very inspired under this transit. Your sense of self could also get an infusion of uplifting vision, and you may experience a sense of mission, feeling that you are truly a Child of the Universe. There is potential now to lift you out of the ordinary and into the sublime – spiritually, creatively, romantically or compassionately – although this will require your cooperation to take advantage of it. Enjoy it while it lasts, but before you make changes based on what might feel like a permanent condition, remember that this is mostly a temporary influence and you will still have to live within the bounds of the physical world after it passes. Don't make overly optimistic promises now, that you will have to fulfil later when the euphoria wears off.

Jan.01 – Mars opposite Jupiter (21:41 of Aquarius/Leo)   (Jan.02 in AU)

Both inspired action and brash overconfidence characterise this transit. For up to a week before and after this date, you may find that your energy, anger, libido and ability to take action are amplified – so much so, that you may be pushing yourself beyond what is realistic or unable to deal with reasonable boundaries to prevent them from getting out of control. What is needed is to find that fine line of balance between ego-based desire and spiritual inspiration; between will power and focused faith; and between righteous anger and arrogant pride. Strive to bring both your ego's desires and your spiritual aspirations into what you do, for each has its own validity and won't operate well without the other.

Jan.03 – Sun square Uranus (12:38 of Capricorn/Aries)   (Jan.02 in HAST, AKST)  (This is a Cardinal Cross aspect.)

Your world may experience a bit of a shake-up right now, as the Universe decides it's time to make things "interesting." This is a wake-up call, designed to loosen you up from the ways you have become too habitual, stuck or inhibited. The "radical rascal" in you may be itching to come out and stir up trouble, which on one hand might be necessary but also very disruptive and possibly even destructive. Be alert to new insights and opportunities disguised as accidents or crises. Your usual sense of self and purpose may become somewhat unsettled right now, but a space is likely being cleared to make room for new growth and possibilities. If you're looking to break old habits or break free of old restrictions, this may be the time – but it could create a mess that you'll have to clean up later. Resist the urge to rebel just for the sake of doing something different, and aim instead to break free of old forms of self-expression and ideals that don�t work for you anymore. Expect the unexpected and then surf the shock-wave.

Jan.03 – Venus enters Aquarius (until Jan.27)   (Jan.04 in AU)

Relationships, material abundance and values take a step back to gain perspective, detachment and room to breathe in freedom. You may find that you want to use your finances and resources to benefit those who are disadvantaged or to support the greater good of society in some way. It can be a good time to experiment or try new things, to network with groups of people, and to take an objective view about intimacy and interaction. Relationships can take on an idealistic edge, seeking a state of equality and rebelling against imbalances that give one person advantage over the other. Having a strong element of friendship in your intimate relationships may become very important during this time, and friendships themselves could take a central place in your life. Detachment without disconnection is the ideal here. You may not be in a position to foresee future possibilities and translate desires into wishes and new hope.

Jan.03 – Sun conjunct Pluto (13:16 of Capricorn)   (Jan.04 in AU)  (This is a Cardinal Cross aspect.)

Your sense of purpose is potentially very strong right now, as you are able to tap into a deeper level of energy and determination. Your personality is likely to be more forceful now, which can be great if you need to make a strong impression but perhaps not so great in situations requiring delicacy, subtlety or diplomacy. You have increased ability to see below the surface of things, although it may not be as easy to articulate it in a way that is received comfortably by others. What you pick up from others can also become mixed up with your own personal issues, making it hard to tell where one stops and the other begins. Paranoia and suspicion can be strong. It is possible to unearth secrets or get at the core of unconscious patterns (yours and others'), but it is important to be prudent in how you respond to this awareness. You have the ability to wound as well as heal right now, so probe into the depths (yours and others') as you would into an egg shell that you don't want to break – gently, mindfully and respectfully.

Jan.04 – Venus sextile Saturn (01:13 of Aquarius/Sagittarius)   (Jan.05 in AU)

It is possible to find some stability in your relationships and finances under this transit, especially if you are willing to negotiate fairly and realistically. You have increased ability to be disciplined about spending and budgeting, and to invest in hard work to maximise your earnings. Your ability to grasp the solid, realistic facts will help you choose wisely in your investments of both money and your interaction with others. Commitment and structure may be easier to approach and achieve than if you take risks now. Your self-worth can benefit from this transit because you may be less inclined to give in to mood swings. On the other hand, if you are prone to depression, you might want to be careful you don't become so grounded and stable that you lose touch with your sense of hope and potential. It is a good time to make concrete progress in matters involving beauty, love, harmony and balance. Keep your pleasures simple and humble for maximum benefit.

Jan.04 – Sun sextile Chiron (13:54 of Capricorn/Pisces)   (Jan.05 in AU)

This is a time when you have an opportunity to mend and heal the chronic struggles in your life. You may find new inspiration, motivation or confidence that can help rejuvenate waning enthusiasm or reconcile persistent problems, although you'll still have to apply effort to bring it all together. You might get the chance to demonstrate your ability to walk your own path in a new way. Or, you might get a peek inside the hidden shadow of your worries and discouragement, giving you new insight into how you might be unconsciously sabotaging your conscious efforts. You may have to face a bit of your own fear of failure or low self-esteem before you can get beyond these feelings and tap into the benefits of this transit – not because you are failing but because these concerns may arise in response to the new potential now available to you. By tapping into this potential for creative problem solving, you can bring some healing to whatever your situation is.

Jan.04 – Mercury enters Aquarius (until Mar.12)   (Jan.05 in UK, AU)

Mercury in Aquarius brings objectivity, detached mental focus, and communication that strives for unprecedented breadth and height – even to the point of adopting an "ivory tower" mentality. This is a good transit for anything requiring a scientific or analytical approach, as well as anything that calls for you to "think outside of the box." This can be a time when you start to see old familiar situations in new ways, giving you a fresh perspective on things. This planetary energy is not likely to be supportive if you need to take a gentle or sensitive approach to personal interaction, however, since you may be more tempted to just say what needs to be said and let the chips fall where they may. Your mental outlook may be focused on upcoming possibilities, and it can be a good time to map out future plans and try on new ideas, since you are likely to be more open-minded to things you had previously dismissed as unrealistic or too "out there." This can be a time when you suffer from "cabin fever" and need to get out of the house more, especially if you've been cooped up for a long time due to bad weather, hard work or just lack of motivation to do something different. Breaking free of old routines can be a good thing – just remember you have to live with whatever mess you make in the process.

Mercury stays in Aquarius for an unusually long time (over 9 weeks!) because of its upcoming retrograde cycle in that sign. Mercury enters the Shadow on Jan.05, is retrograde from Jan.21 to Feb.11, then leaves the Shadow on Mar.03.

Next Update:  FULL MOON in CANCER, available by January 4, 2015.

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