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Full Moon in Cancer 2015

Chart for the Full Moon in Cancer
Chart for the Full Moon in Cancer

One thing: you have to walk, and create the way by your walking; you will not find a ready-made path. It is not so cheap, to reach to the ultimate realization of truth. You will have to create the path by walking yourself; the path is not ready-made, lying there and waiting for you.
~ Osho

Jan.04 – FULL MOON in CANCER (14:30 of Cancer)


Ottawa, Canada and
Washington DC, USA:

Jan.04, 2014, 11:53 PM EST

Atlantic/Newfoundland, Canada:

Jan.05, 2014, 12:53/1:23 AM AST/NST

London, UK:

Jan.05, 2014, 4:53 AM GMT

Sydney, AU:

Jan.05, 2014, 3:53 PM AEDT

"What's a Full Moon?"

Read more about the Sun-Moon cycles.

Read more about how you experience CANCER energy in your life.

That powerhouse of a New Moon on the Capricorn Solstice (Dec.21) was all about preparing your vision, making your best intentions and planning the route to your destination.

This Full Moon in Cancer that follows it (Jan.04) is about finding out what it's going to take to put your resources and support system in place for the journey and make it all work.

It's not likely to be an easy walk, but it will be a transformative one.

This Full Moon in Cancer is also a powerhouse, being directly locked into the Cardinal Cross.

Yes, again.

It aligns in a tight Grand Square in Cardinal signs: Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, which are opposite the Moon in Cancer. Then there's Uranus conjunct the South Lunar Node in Aries, opposite the North Node in Libra.

Cardinal Grand Cross at the Full Moon in Cancer 2015

Although the Lunar Nodes are not generally considered to be sources of energy, as such (at least not in Western astrology), they do seem to amplify, bend, focus and aim energy.

Since the nodal axis is woven so tightly into the Cardinal T-square this time around, it becomes an important player in this square dance.

Some mistakes...just have greater consequences than others. But you don't have to let the result of
one mistake be the thing that defines you.
You have the choice not to let that happen.
~ Jojo Moyes, Me Before You

Let's start with the road less travelled � Uranus aligned with the lunar nodes.

Uranus is approaching a conjunction with the South Lunar Node, which reaches exact on Jan.20. This transit is in bright focus for about 10 days before and after this date (1� of orb), although we've been feeling this energy build since July 2014 and it will continue to play out until April 2015 (7-8� of orb). (Note that when Uranus is opposite the North Lunar Node, it is also conjunct the South Lunar Node. Either way of phrasing it is correct.)

Uranus represents the principle of chaos, but what does that really mean? It is essentially a process of shaking something up so that all the connecting glue comes undone. What you're left with is fragments, bits and pieces, dust and debris, that don't fit together in the usual way anymore. You must now piece back together again in a whole new way that which has dis-integrated.

Whatever has been familiar grows to feel foreign, strange, pointless or even abhorrent. That which once seemed desirable, significant and important loses its meaning and purpose. The glue is gone. What you're left with are pieces of a mosaic scattered on the floor is disarray. Your job is to clean the old dust off the pieces and put them back together again in a whole new way�or maybe even to throw them out and start anew.

The art of losing isn't hard to master;
so many things seemed filled with the intent
to be lost that their loss is no disaster
~ Elizabeth Bishop, The Complete Poems, 1927-1979

With Uranus and the South Node in conjunction, it is especially a time when you are called upon to sweep away the old structure so that the mosaic pieces can be used to create a new vision of your future or let go. Of course, this isn't usually as easy as it sounds!

The old structure includes assumptions, expectations and anything that you would normally carry on "business as usual." When you take away or dislodge these old structures, it means you have to think through decisions, actions, perceptions and interpretations in a new way. You can't just take for granted that if you do "x" it will lead to "y." It means you need to remap the affected parts of your life, and even remap other parts of your life that now don't fit conveniently with the changed parts.

To get a felt sense of what this is like, try drawing a picture with your non-dominant hand (left hand, if you're right-handed; right hand if you're left-handed). You have to slow down, simplify your expectations and rethink, reprioritize and reframe the way you used to do things.

The South Node brings the need to let go of the old outworn ways of doing things. What often makes it necessary to do this is a resurgence of those old ways in all their dysfunctional splendour! Few of us make changes when we first get a sense that something isn't working as well as it used to or as well as we'd like it to. Most of us "wait and see" and that can be a wise way to approach problems � sometimes problems find their own solution without our direct intervention. But when the same thing keeps coming back, it can get to a critical point where the problem becomes unbearable, unworkable or out of control. That's when we say, "I really have to change this."

Uranus at the South Node can bring that critical turning point where you have little choice but to let go of routines, habits, coping mechanisms, priorities, inhibitions and roles that have become dysfunctional and are holding you back from moving forward in a healthier way. The call of freedom from entrapment and release from limitation can become very loud during this time.

Be aware that there's a difference between making change spontaneously, intuitively and decisively versus reacting in a reckless way that can create unnecessary additional problems. It's good to listen to the call of liberation, but you still might have to apply some hard work and conscious effort to make it happen.

Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences.
~ J.K. Rowling

Just to make things a little more "interesting" we know that Uranus is also in a square aspect (90�) to Pluto these days. They have been locked in titanic battle since 2012, as evidenced by the perpetual struggle, passionate disagreement and intense power struggles that are happening at every level and corner of our world. Most recently their paths crossed on Dec.15.2014, and the next time will be the last pass, on Mar.16.2015.

Does that mean we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief when we wake up on March 17th? Well, not exactly. This energy will continue to play out for a few more years. This is similar to when Uranus and Pluto conjoined in 1965-1966, yet their combined influence could be seen throughout the 1960s; for example, in the US: from the civil rights movement in the early 60s to the cultural revolution of the late 60s.

Nevertheless, the adjustments, changes, challenges and issues that are being influenced are still emerging while the exact Uranus-Pluto squares are happening. This Full Moon in Cancer will be the midwife to another stage in the rebirth process.

This particular stage is about disengaging from the reactions, impulses and obsessions that are creating more problems than they're solving in your life. You start by identifying what they are; becoming aware. What are the things you do that feel liberating or freeing at the time, but later you cringe and go "Oh no, did I really do that again?" It could be breaking old habits of addiction, obsession or avoidance. It might be about how you deal with anger, which could manifest as frustrated angst, rage, depression, fear or even boredom. (Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn)

It might also focus on your need to maintain autonomy, individuality and self-esteem versus what happens to you when you interact closely with other people. (South Node in Aries, North Node in Libra) Do you tend to lose your sense of self? Or maybe you overwhelm the other person with your presence? Do you need others around you to reflect the best part of yourself back to you because you haven't learned how to give that to yourself? Maybe this is a time when you could learn a better way to gain these for yourself by giving them away to others. Just don't get lost in the giving away part and then discover that your hunger to receive these for yourself becomes overwhelming. This equation has two sides.

This very strong star indicates that you may, by your effort, gain far more than what is expected�the mundane becoming sacred. Hence a small action becomes a symbol for the collective, a sense of ritual in daily life. Sirius, in some ways, is not an easy star with which to work, as it demands expression somehow in your life�and the huge success it can bring may "burn" you.
~ Bernadette Brady, Brady's Book of Fixed Stars

The Moon is exactly conjunct the fixed star Sirius � about a quarter of a degree apart. A mere 8½ light years away from our own star (just around the corner), Sirius is the brightest star visible in our night sky (north or south of the equator). The Egyptians called it the Shining One or the Scorcher, and was closely observed as early as the 4th millennium BCE. Being located in the constellation Canis Major (the "greater dog"), it is also called the Dog Star. Bernadette Brady discusses its mythology at length, connected to Isis and Osiris in her book on fixed stars.

Being aligned with the Full Moon, it suggests that any changes, adjustments, actions or reactions you make at this time could have much greater consequences and implications than you think they will. Sirius could make this an excellent time to declare your intentions for the coming year (e.g. New Year's Resolutions, if you're into doing that; or a ritual of some kind to focus your motivation and energy in a certain direction.

The thing to be careful about is to keep your intentions positive and aligned with your Higher Self. With Pluto conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, it could be tempting to feed your unconscious rage, blame, resentment or vindictiveness into the Sirius vortex, which could just amplify everything you don't want to manifest. And with Uranus aligned with the Nodes and squaring the Sirius/Moon combo, it might come flying out impulsively, unexpectedly or explosively.

A person often meets his destiny
on the road he took to avoid it.
~ Jean de La Fontaine, Fables

Wedge aspect pattern

Chiron forms a Wedge aspect pattern � it trines the Moon (120�) and is sextile (60�) to the Sun/Pluto conjunction. This brings Chiron into the picture as a provider of relief and healing.

Chiron's maverick side may dare you to step outside any dynamics you feel you're stuck in, which might intimidate or inhibit you from making the progress you want to make.

Chiron's wounded healer side encourages you to work through the stress, issues and problems with the help of some faith in the Universe or just in your own ability to survive and thrive.

The apex planet in a Wedge configuration (Chiron, in this case) can also sometimes lure you away from the struggle to avoid or escape from the stress, which may not be the best strategy in the long run.

With Chiron being in dreamy Pisces, it might be tempting to simply hope for the best but not face the problems directly. Or you might convince yourself that you can continue to act in a way that will perpetuate the problems, while putting too much faith in the Universe to do the work for you.

There's a fine line between imagination and reality. An inventor dreams something up, and pretty soon, it's there on the table before him. A science-fiction writer envisions another world, and then some space probe finds it. If you believe in something strongly enough, I think you can make it happen.
~ Ridley Pearson, Disney after Dark

Saturn is now in Sagittarius (Read more about Saturn in Sagittarius) and exhibiting his usual collection of good-news-bad-news manifestations. On one hand, hard work and discipline have the potential to produce uplifting results that bring you out of the doldrums. On the other hand, you may encounter obstacles and problems when trying to deal with Sagittarian themes: international relations, long distance travel, publishing, higher learning, faith and religion, spiritual values and generally expanding your worldview.

However, Saturn is being Mr. Nice Guy with Mercury and Venus right now. Mercury and Venus are in tight conjunction in Aquarius (1:44 orb), and the two are in a tight sextile aspect with Saturn (60�). This can give a friendly attitude to discipline and effort, provided there is a rainbow promised after the storm is finished. This wouldn't have worked very well while Saturn was still in Scorpio, since Scorpio doesn't really do rainbows � it's more into the magnificent dark clouds of the storm. But Sagittarius is eager to hunt for the rainbow and set its sights on what must surely be a pot of gold at the end of it.

Mercury and Venus have been travelling together, within orb of conjunction, since around the Capricorn Solstice when they crossed Pluto. After going into Aquarius (Jan. 4th and 3rd, respectively), they travel closely as best buddies until Jan. 11th, when they are just half a degree apart (at 10� Aquarius).

However, Mercury gets distracted and starts to slow down for his upcoming retrograde cycle (Jan.21-Feb.11). Venus moves on without him and by the time Mercury is retrograde, Venus has lost interest entirely and moves out of orb. It takes another 2 retrograde cycles before Mercury finally catches up with her in early August, and even then she has to retrograde back to get him.

For now, the intentions of your heart and mind work together well when focused on the bond that comes from common interests and like minds (being in Aquarius). With Saturn (the traditional ruler of Aquarius) in cooperative, creative sextile aspect to them, that camaraderie can continue if they keep their common ground in focus. Your heart and mind can still get along if they want to pull you in different directions, as long as you are able to find a common thread running between them or a broad context that can encompass them both.

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your destiny.
~ Aristotle

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We're heading into a few months with some very interesting New and Full Moons. The next New Moon will be at 0� of Aquarius, and the New Moon after that will be at the last degree of Aquarius. So the dance of Mercury and Venus takes on extra importance, since they are playing out the Aquarian energy most vividly right now.

After two Moons in Aquarius, we head into the Eclipses in March and April, so the role of the Nodal axis in this current Full Moon chart gains importance. Uranus is currently conjunct the South Node, and the Lunar Eclipse in Libra on Apr.04 has a rolling conjunction with Mercury, Sun and Uranus at the South Node.

So much of what you initiate and nurture now will be played out in other New and Full Moons to come, later this year. With the Full Moon in Cancer right now, the key energy is about nurturing, belonging, caring and connection.

Being tangled up with the Uranus-Pluto square and the Nodes, those Cancer qualities could feel a bit overwhelming sometimes, but can also become more profound, passionate and broadened by perspective.

Give the kind of things you want to get, but remember that everyone wants something a little different. Also remember to ask for and take what you need, and then let go of how you expect it will manifest. Trust the Great Mother to nurture you.

There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.
~ John Lennon

Jan.05 – Sun square North Lunar Node (14:38 of Capricorn/Libra)   (Jan.04 in HAST, AKST, PST)  ("What's a Lunar Node?")

When the Sun squares the Lunar Nodes, your sense of purpose and identity appear to be in conflict with the lessons you need to learn in life. It may feel like you're forced to take a detour around your direct route to your destination (whatever that might be). This may only be true on the surface � if you look deeper at the situation (or possibly in retrospect), you'll probably find that your sense of self is actually helped by the benefits that you are able to get on that detour, which would have missed if you hadn't been diverted from your original path.

Alternatively, you might be confronted by a conflict or stressful dilemma that you usually resist or flail against. This may be an opportunity to explore a deeper level of your experience and feelings. Perhaps there is fear or resentment or defiance behind your reaction. This is a chance to try on a different perspective and respond in a different way that can help you move through the situation instead of just being blocked by it.

When the Sun squares the Nodes it is sometimes called "Moon Wobbles," which is a bit of a misnomer. The Moon itself doesn't wobble or even necessarily interact directly with either the Nodes or the Sun. Rather, the Moon part of us (the inner, feeling, intuitive, sensitive part of us) may feel a bit "wobbly" or unsteady when the Sun squares the Nodes. The "Moon Wobble" effects are said to build and dissipate for up to 10 days before and after the Sun-Node square is exact.

Jan.05 – Mercury enters the Shadow (01:18 of Aquarius; until Mar.03)  (Jan.06 in AU)   ("What's the Shadow?"  Read my articles about Retrograde Cycles.  Read my article about Mercury Retrograde.)

Mercury is now "in the Shadow" � the area of Zodiac where it will later go retrograde in about 2� weeks time. During its retrograde cycle, Mercury travels through the same span of the Zodiac three times (called the Shadow). The first time through, it is going in direct motion (moving forward), then retrograde (looks like it's going backwards), and then direct again. This means there is a more extensive process of development and change involved with things that Mercury influences�ideas, thoughts, frame of mind and mental focus. It also concerns the collection, exchange, analysis and organisation of information. All forms of communication are also affected. This includes not just talking, but also email and snail mail, the Internet, the media in general, books and magazines, as well as public transit (buses, trains, etc.) and neighbourhoods.

The situations developing over the next couple of weeks (leading up to when Mercury actually goes retrograde) will likely require further research, deeper consideration and adjustments to unexpected discoveries over the next couple of months. Expect changes in your plans, increasingly disrupted communication, and new information coming to light that may not fit conveniently into your plans. It's wise to leave lots of extra time to do things, to plan future projects and get to wherever you're going. Patience is a valuable quality during this time. If you must make important decisions during this time, try to build some flexibility into your plans to allow for later changes�or if possible, you may want to delay final or irrevocable decisions until well after Mercury goes direct.

Here are the key dates of this Mercury cycle (for local North American Eastern Time):

Jan.05 – Mercury sextile Saturn (01:21 of Aquarius/Leo)   (Jan.06 in AU)

It can be easier to take a logical, practical approach to problem-solving and decisions now. It's a good time to make plans and work out the logistics of how you're going to get from "here" to "there" in pursuing your ambitions. Or, you may find it's time to bring closure to finished goals, by distilling and systemizing what you've learned in the past several months. This will probably require a bit of effort on your part to make it happen, but the opportunity is there if you choose to take it. This transit can bring mental stability and the ability to apply your mental focus in a practical and grounded way. It may be easier to see things realistically and objectively. Creative energy can become productive and rewarding, if you use it methodically or logically.

Jan.12 – Mars enters Pisces (until Feb.19)

Mars in Pisces can feel like you're boxing with a cloud. Your motives and actions may seem to be led in some direction, rather than you consciously choosing what to do. Expressing anger or taking an assertive stand may easily lose its impact. Emotions and motives that are normally focused can become blurred in a fog of indecision and ambiguity. However, you may also be able to connect more easily to spiritual, intuitive, artistic and creative energy. Listen to your body and observe your spontaneous actions – what would they mean if you were having a dream? These things can give you clues about unconscious motives, feelings and perceptions (about yourself or others). In a way, you are more connected to the twilight spaces between worlds, which can make it hard to feel powerful or effective in the "real" world. It can therefore be tempting to slip into a kind of "victim mentality." Or, you might feel despondent, apathetic or kind of "spacey." It can help to do things that feed your spirit without needing to pump yourself up artificially.

Jan.13 – Venus sextile Uranus (12:47 of Aquarius/Aries)   (Jan.14 in AU)

Relationships, finances, resources and pleasures could benefit from spontaneously trying a completely different approach. If these areas of your life have been getting a little stale or too routine, this transit could shake things up a little...just enough to make things interesting and breathe some fresh air into your familiar routine. Unexpected income could come your way, or you might discover something you just can't resist buying, or you might have an opportunity to make new social connections. The upside of this transit is that it's possible to break free of old habits and enjoy spontaneous interaction. The downside could come in the form of impulse purchases that are beyond your budget, or behaving a bit recklessly or making snap decisions that you can't live with later. This energy is best used to break free of what restricts you, without shattering the foundation you're standing on.

Jan.14 – Mercury sextile Uranus (12:48 of Aquarius/Aries)

There is potential for brilliance and excitement under this transit. You may be more spontaneous, upbeat and eccentric than usual. If you are used to a fairly predictable lifestyle, it is a time when you may be inspired to experiment with something out of character. If you are used to being whacky, zany and impulsive, this transit can provide opportunities to express this. You may have an increased ability to "think outside the box" if you stretch your mind a little, and there is the possibility of having an "ah-ha!" experience, when answers and realisations fall into place. There is also the possibility of being mentally restless, so that it's hard to slow down your thoughts or apply yourself seriously to your responsibilities. Your attention span may be a bit short for a couple of days. This energy can be used to consider new ideas that seemed outlandish or impossible before, and see new potential in them.

Jan.15 – Mars square Saturn (02:12 of Pisces/Sagittarius)   (Jan.14 in HAST, AKST, PST, MST)

The impulsive forward action of Mars meets the serious structure of Saturn. The resulting friction can often generate considerable heat in the form of frustration, argument, conflict and stress – but also productivity and results for hard work. Your efforts may seem thwarted and your actions blocked at every turn. Your sensitivity to problems with authority figures can be especially high, as well as your sensitivity to others not cooperating with your own role as an authority figure. The youthful, free spirit in you is somehow required to deal with the serious, responsible, cautious side of you, and a power struggle between the two energies can easily result. If one side wins out over the other, either depression and guilt or rebellion and obsession may result.

However, you are not without power or ability! This friction can also be put to use in very productive ways. Your energy, desire and goals can be made manifest and concrete – even if possibly forced by circumstance. Obstacles can strengthen us, if we work with them instead of just fighting against them. To minimise interpersonal problems, remember that assertiveness is important, but aggression or rigidity will usually only get the other person's back up. You may find yourself in a situation where you must defend or assert your personal boundaries. Or, you might find it difficult to comply with someone else's boundaries. If the heat from this transit starts to overwhelm you, take some time out, find a safe (perhaps creative?) outlet to vent your feelings, and then find a new way to approach the problem.

Mars in square aspect to Saturn (Jan.15) and also conjunct Neptune (Jan.19) brings the Saturn-Neptune square together and its effects will be felt. However, it won't become exact until November.

Jan.15 – Pluto square North Lunar Node (13:39 of Capricorn/Libra)   (Jan.14 in HAST, AKST, PST)  ("What's a Lunar Node?")

The dynamics of empowerment become a major issue in your life for a while. You might find you are confronted by circumstances that show ways that you are not empowered as much as you could be. Situations may arise that reveal a sense of powerlessness, which may be experienced as intensity, rage, combativeness, or even depression or lethargy. Deep feelings may come up that feel a bit overwhelming for a while that tend to be unconscious initially, so you might be surprised and a bit baffled by their intensity and even their existence. Alternatively, you might see a re-emergence of past issues you thought you had already dealt with. This doesn't mean that all your past hard work was for naught�more likely it means you are now ready to work on those issues at a deeper level. Healing and transformation happen in layers.

On the other hand, if you're faced with an issue that has come up before and you've only managed to avoid it, this could be rather intense. Your resistance reflex may well come up again, and it is your own resistance that you might need to deal with first. If you're feeling overwhelmed, find someone to talk to about it who can be trusted with your deep feelings and thoughts. A therapist, astrologer or other type of counsellor, or even a trusted friend who won't just encourage you to run away from it.

Jan.19 – Venus opposite Jupiter (19:57 of Aquarius/Leo)   (Jan.20 in AU)

This is a time when your desire for pleasure is wide open. Sexual desire could reach out using seduction. Desire for delightful tastes could become overindulgence in foods that may not be in the best interest of your health (e.g., sweets, alcohol, etc.). Spending can be impulsive and easily grow beyond your budget. Money-making opportunities could spill over into workaholic obsession. It might feel like nothing is "enough" and you feel compelled to continually reach out for more and more – a bottomless well of desire. On the other hand, this energy can also bring out your natural beauty and charm in social situations if you are shy or inhibited. If you've done your research and your comparative shopping, this could be the time you make a big purchase. Or you might find the feeling is right to make your move with a love interest and expand your intimate connection with that person. Or perhaps you feel generous and decide to donate your money or talents to a cause that reaches for a higher purpose. Enjoy, but don't blow your budget.

Jan.19 – Mars conjunct Neptune (05:55 of Pisces)   (Jan.20 in UK, AU)

This can be a strange time of lethargic confusion or uplifting inspiration or both! On one hand, you might feel very motivated by creative and spiritual inspiration, as new possibilities seem to appear magically in your imagination. On the other hand, you may feel a bit like you've lost your "edge," where your focused energy feels blunted or blurred. Direct action may not be possible, easy or effective, and as a result it could be easy to lapse into feeling a bit powerless, lethargic or discouraged. You may have to act on faith instead of fact; and whether this is a "good" or "bad" experience will largely depend on how comfortable you are with ambiguity. This transit initiates a new cycle of working with these themes that lasts about 2 years. The events and issues that come up now likely have more to them than you see on the surface, and the deeper levels will unfold and develop throughout the coming cycle.

Jan.20 – Uranus opposite North Lunar Node (12:56 of Aries/Libra)   (Jan.19 in HAST, AKST)  ("What's a Lunar Node?")

This transit is in sharp focus for about 10 days before and after this date (1� of orb), although we've been feeling this energy build since July 2014 and it will continue to play out until April 2015 (7-8� of orb). (Note that when Uranus is opposite the North Lunar Node, it is also conjunct the South Lunar Node. Either way of phrasing it is correct.)

It is a time to let go of old outmoded stuff that has outlived its usefulness and is in need of a reboot. This transit could bring up issues from the past that are still hanging on in your life or your unconscious. Or, new issues could arise that are driven by the same dynamics as you experienced in the past. Or, you might have lost something or someone in the past but you haven't fully let go yet, which is holding you back.

This transit is an opportunity to let go of that which is keeping you from moving forward in some way in your life. It suggests that you are now ready to start letting go of those issues at a deeper level. This doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing experience, although Uranus sometimes has a way of separating you from old stuff faster and more abruptly than we think we're ready for.

This transit might also show you where you are too tightly wired, frenzied or distractable. Consider the possibility that you might be using chaos or busy-ness to avoid a difficult reality that you don't want to deal with. By letting go of some of that chaos, you have a chance to see what you may be trying to escape from � you'll know by what triggers you into distraction again.

This transit begins a process of letting go that unfolds over the next 7-8 years until the next conjunction of Uranus and the North Node. It might be initiated by a sudden or unexpected experience, but it will involve a gradual progression of adjusting your life, self-perception or attitude, as you adapt to life without whatever or whoever you are letting go.

Uranus is opposite the North Node: 1908, 1923, 1939, 1954, 1969, 1984, 1999, 2015, 2030, 2045, 2060.

Dates for the current Uranus-Node cycle:

Jan.20 – Sun enters Aquarius (until Feb.18)   (Jan.19 in HAST)

Happy Solar Return to all Aquarians! While the Sun travels through Aquarius, we all have a chance to explore our rebellious, individualistic and futuristic Aquarian nature. This heralds a time to explore beyond the status quo and conventional reality, beckoning you to reach out to the lost threads of who you are. You may become more aware of your individual uniqueness and your part in the Great Collective – both your surrounding community and the Collective Unconscious. In order to fulfil the unique fingerprint of your life's purpose, it is sometimes necessary to be rebellious, spontaneous, and to be open to the unexpected. You might become aware of the need for these qualities under this transit. There is always a constant tension between the need to conform to society's formula of what works best versus the need to step off the main path to explore new experiences, and both are equally necessary to the health of both the individual and the greater community. Archetypally, it is in Aquarius that we encounter our personal experience of the battle between "the needs of the many" versus "the needs of the few." During the Sun's adventure through Aquarius, be open to the ways that this dynamic operates in your life. What can trigger or inspire you into rebellion or going against the conventional flow of the world around you? What will motivate you into being a team player, when you apply your energies to support or defend "the needs of the many?" What visions of the future do you see when you are in either mode of being? This is a time when you may have the opportunity to observe and learn about both sides of yourself – the part that feels like it's "me against the world" and the part that feels like a part of that world.

Next Update:  NEW MOON in AQUARIUS - the first of 2 in a row! - available by January 20, 2015.

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