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Lunar Forecasts for July 15 to August 6, 2015

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July 15 to 31, 2015

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

For the New Moon in Cancer article and Lunar Forecast, we are very pleased to again feature guest writer and astrologer Aerin Fogel. Aerin is based in Toronto where she practices astrology, karmic readings, and hands-on healing. Her music project is called Midheaven and she also writes fiction. She co-manages an organic farm share (or CSA) program. She is one of the founders of the Silver River Institute, an alternative, integrative education system. Discover more about Aerin on her website:

This is a time to both recognize and celebrate the abundance in our lives, and to extend ourselves to take care of those with less. Most of us tend to find ourselves on one end of the polarity—either it is hard to be sensitive to the needs of others, or it is hard to be sensitive to our own needs because we are so invested in supporting others.

The next 2 weeks offer you an opportunity to find a balance between these two extremes. You are encouraged to also find a new balance between your heart and mind, as well as a new kind of action that emerges from the perfect marriage of the two. If your actions come from a place of depth and are in service to something greater than yourself, and you allow space for both your rational and emotional sides, then you are aligned well with the current astrological energies.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
July 31 to August 14, 2015

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This is a time to envision yourself at your highest potential! You have a place in the universe that no one else can fill. Think about what that is and whether you're living up to what you aspire to be. Now is the time to project what you want from the future, what you are capable of creating in that future, and what you need to do in the present to steer yourself toward that.

There is no way to touch the sky in your aspirations without also remaining connected to the ground. Both are essential and both need to happen together for best results. This may not be easy, since it can feel like a contradiction. Yet, through the struggle to bring these conflicting perspectives together—the personal and the trans-personal—you have the potential to grow, evolve and solidify a greater sense of self and your understanding of the world around you.

Doing this best involves taking the inspiration of the last year—even the last 15 years—and finding a practical expression for it. The idea is to take lofty passion and imagination and use it to flavour and spice up the parts of your everyday life or the areas of it that feel lacklustre. You might feel at first like it's just a lot of hard work that's going nowhere, but it's important to be patient, even if that means continually checking in to your vision of the future that you're aiming for. Allow your idealistic dream to guide you, while keeping your actions practical. And if you run headlong into obstacles, watch for the little things you can do that will make a small difference, rather than trying to break it down with a battering ram.

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