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Lunar Forecasts for August 14 to September 13, 2015

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August 14 to 29, 2015

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

If you're feeling the need to remember your best qualities and express them, then you're right on track. Even if you're not, this is likely to be a time when reminding yourself of the essence of who you are can renew your sense of self in a very positive way. The idea is to scratch the surface enough that you start to uncover some of the gold hidden below, and wake yourself up from believing that you are less than that.

Ironically, what might bring this on is a struggle with self-doubt, fear of failure, high expectations, or a gritty challenge that requires you to put everything you've got into achieving some result. Your self-confidence might feel a bit dimmed at first, but if you look closely you can probably see that it's really just operating under a different coloured lightbulb. You might have to look more closely to understand what needs to be done or how to understand what you're experiencing, but this can pay off if you hang in there with it long enough. Keep track; maybe keep a journal or create a series of pictures or collages—whatever your self-expression feels drawn to.

At the heart of it all is an opportunity to reconnect to the best parts of yourself and refresh your ability to see the best in yourself. Those good qualities co-exist alongside your human shortcomings, and all of them create the whole that is you. This is true for everyone, and you might be presented with a challenge to see both the good and bad in others too. Through self-acceptance it is possible to embrace all of who you are – the stuff that makes you wonderful and the stuff that you're afraid makes you unlovable (it doesn't). The quest is to dig below both and see the golden shine of your essential spirit. By uncovering and liberating that inner essence, it can bring you home.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
August 29 to September 13, 2015

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

There are two paths before you. Either of them can potentially lead you beyond your familiar world and into something magical, uplifting and inspiring. One is a more worldly path where you explore and embrace your moral values, beliefs and higher wisdom, putting it all to the best possible use in healing and being of service to others. The other is a more ethereal path that is about reaching out to surrender to and merge with All That Is, whatever you conceive that to be: the Universe, God(s), oneness with all of physical existence, etc.

Both paths are paved with love, compassion, beauty and untarnished awe for the wonder of existence. And yet, off each beaten path there are dangers consisting of deception, illusion, escapism and hidden dead ends. It may be difficult sometimes to tell where the edge of the path is that separates the true miracle from the mirage, and the risk of straying off the path is always a concern.

Luckily, there is a fence, consisting of circumstances and situations that may be limiting but can also help keep you on the straight and narrow. You might not like it, though. If you are spellbound by a vision of something that seems like the answer to your dreams and you're blocked from rushing toward it, it can be frustrating. At worst you might feel betrayed, let down or punished. On the other hand, you might feel safer holding back or running away from the pull of the unknown. Either way, it may or may not be your best path right now. And that's the challenge—to explore the options and scratch the surface of what seems to be, and discover the benefits and risks of what you're trying to accomplish. It will probably help to dig down inside and be firmly honest with yourself about the deeper reasons behind what you're so drawn to and what it really means to you. Good, bad or in between, what you aspire to will work better if you know what you're getting into and why.

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