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Lunar Forecasts for February 8 to March 8, 2016

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February 8 to 22, 2016

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This is a time to reframe your self-image and reassess how you fit into the world around you. Try seeing yourself as unique instead of weird and distinctive instead of alien. It's a time to step out onto your own path a little more, rather than being locked into auto-pilot mode, following a path given to you by others. You may need to consider if it's time to break free of people, places or situations where you have been held back or stuck in a rut. At the very least, you have the opportunity to think about where in your life you are feeling trapped, and what you have—and have not—done to free yourself.

Some type of change is at hand. To prepare for it, you need to answer a question: Is it necessary to completely sever your ties to the person or situation, or can you find a way to coexist with it/them without losing yourself? Complete separation is sometimes best, but this can also limit your options. Coexistence leaves your options more open, but it's harder because you have to decide within each situation how much is too much or not enough. Where will you draw your boundaries? Must it be all-or-nothing, or can you learn how to be more flexible in the shades of grey?

If your goal feels daunting, it might seem like the only way to achieve it is to do it all at once, in one giant step. If you're well prepared and have thought it through, that might work. However, it's more likely that the change you need to make doesn't have to be quite so radical. Sometimes less is more. By changing one thing in how you would usually react, you could disrupt the habitual pattern enough that the change unfolds more naturally. By adjusting your direction a little bit, it can be more effective than making a big change. Changing too much at once can lead to counter-reactions, which may not be necessary or productive.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
February 22 to March 8, 2016

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You might feel a bit under pressure right now. You may feel called to perfect your attitude, approach or actions toward conflicts and struggles that are prominent in your life lately. These issues might feel unusually irritating, demanding or pointed, to the point where you feel compelled to take action just to find relief from the discomfort or stress. You may be being challenged to drill down deeper into whatever is bothering you. This can help you gain a more multi-dimensional understanding of what is needed, and support your development of a more meaningful and effective plan of action to deal with it.

Inside, you are challenged to make sense of it all, whether that means situations in your personal life or events happening on a global scale in the world around you. Not that you haven't already been struggling to do that, of course, but right now you are called on to really sit down with it and think it through. Use your intuitive logic and your perceptive imagination.

If you're feeling inundated with feelings of being stressed, pressured, overwhelmed or ineffective, a small gesture or action can go a long way to shift your experience so that you regain some of the balance and harmony you need to improve your well-being. Find a symbol or item or a phrase or movement that feels like it captures the essence of the change you would like to see in your life or in the world. Using this symbolic essence can help your psyche remember what that's like, and this can grow into a more solid, stable frame of mind that brings you some peace and release. This is what healing is all about.

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