The Low-Down on the Far-Out

Solar Eclipse in Pisces, March 2016

Chart for the Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Pisces
Chart for the Solar Eclipse ~ New Moon in Pisces

Humankind cannot bear very much reality.
~ T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

Mar.08 – SOLAR ECLIPSE ~ NEW MOON in PISCES (18:55 of Pisces)

When life sucks, as it inevitably does now and then, we look for relief.

When the world descends into a whirlpool of insanity, as it does from time to time, our instinct is often to pull back from the vortex in an attempt to return to sanity.

Or when life feels like a weird dream�or a nightmare!�we try to wake up back to a more familiar reality.

At times like these, many reach out to a power greater than themselves, praying for the return of reason amid the chaos.

Some may try to warn others to take a step back and open their eyes, so that they too can see the madness and hopefully all pull in the same direction to heal it.

Others become overwhelmed and hopeless, trying to dive into the nearest bottle of wine, mind-meld with their TV, escape into video games, get high on a blowout sale, or just lock their door with a note saying "Wake me when it's over."

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces could be a time when life takes on a surreal edge. How you respond to it is just as important as what you're responding to.

You can eclipse the sun,
but the truth will always shine through.
~ Jaree Francis, Drama, My Favorite Nephew

If you have any natal planets at 16-20 degrees of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) or Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), then you might feel this eclipse more than most. That's because there are seven, count 'em, 7 planets in that degree range in the Solar Eclipse chart�8 if you count the Lunar Nodes at 21�. ("What's a Lunar Node?") That's three-quarters of the solar system all buzzing together!

Let's start with the Sun and Moon at 18� of Pisces. Being so close to the South Lunar Node (only 3� away) tells us this New Moon is also a total Solar Eclipse. It will be visible across the Pacific Ocean, from Indonesia and neighbouring areas up to Hawaii. Remember: do not look directly at a Solar Eclipse or you could seriously damage your eyes. To watch an eclipse, use proper glasses that will protect your eyes (not regular sunglasses).

An eclipse is a temporary blocking of a point of light in the sky. In this case, the Moon moves across the face of the Sun, from our Earthly perspective, which blocks the Sun's light for a few hours. In the case of a Solar Eclipse, when the visible light is blocked it exposes us to other wavelengths of light. Since our eyes are not built to withstand this other light, it can be harmful.

This dilemma for Einstein can be seen when he said that he believed in the possibility of expressing everything scientifically, but contradicted himself saying that such an expression would be meaningless when describing a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure. Of course the meaning and effect of the music would be missing.
~ Knowledge of Reality magazine, "Einstein's Search & the Illusion of Reality"

Astrologically, an eclipse can block our usual way of seeing or experiencing something, and exposes us to perceptions, insights, experiences or events that we may be unprepared for. Eclipse energy can therefore be disruptive or eye opening in ways that disturb our usual way of understanding life.

In this case, the eclipse is in Pisces�a sign already known for bringing us to the edge of the mundane universe. Giving us a window into the unknown that lies beyond the familiar, a Pisces eclipse could manifest as strange dreams, odd ideas and unusual sensitivity to the world around you.

If you're an artist, writer, poet, dancer, musician or other practitioner of the arts, this could bring some intense creative inspiration. Don't let it go to waste! At the same time, you might find current or previous creative projects suddenly seem all wrong or in need of change, which might not be a welcome realization.

This prevailing Pisces energy is underscored by the Stellium in Pisces: Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Moon, Chiron and South Lunar Node. ("What's a Stellium?") Although not all are conjunct, so many planets and points in one sign gives a significant weight to that sign's energy.

The Sun, Moon, Chiron and Node form a multiple conjunction. In addition Mercury and Neptune are conjunct each other, which adds to the spacey, confused, surreal, creative, whimsical, easy-flowing (or over-flowing) state of mind that might overtake you around the eclipse. This is a good time to go with the flow, but don't let go of your better judgment � you don't want to wind up crashing into the rocks because you forgot to steer.

To assert that everything is an illusion poses a problem.
If everything is an illusion, why bother trying, improving or aspiring? Since none of what you experience, see
or feel is real anyway, then who or what exists?
The assumption may be that nothing exists.
But isn't this in a way a diminishment of life?
~ Natasha Dern, Your Reality is an Illusion, Huffington Post

New awareness that comes with an eclipse may feel upsetting or unwanted in the moment, but can lead to fresh growth as you work with it.

For example, if you're in the healing arts and sciences, either as a practitioner or a client, this can be a time when new insights break through. This is especially pronounced because the Sun, Moon and Node are conjunct Chiron, which brings a healing-wounding theme to the eclipse.

At best, this eclipse can uncover deeper awareness about emotional or psychological issues. Even if the experience is less than pleasant at first, it can lead to healing from learning how to accept and integrate some part of ourselves that otherwise gets swept under the rug because we fear it makes us not okay.

However, the way we respond to this new perception might lean toward an impulse to keep this new knowledge hidden. Fear of others finding out what a terrible person we are (or so we think) could result in denial of the information and even the condemnation of who or whatever brought it out of hiding.

At worst, we might react in a hurtful, defensive way, all in an effort to protect that part of ourselves that feels too vulnerable, undesirable or offensive to accept as true. This dynamic might also come as a reaction from others, leaving you wondering if you're both having the same conversation.

Do you realize that all great literature is all about
what a bummer it is to be a human being?
Isn't it such a relief to have somebody say that?
~ Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country

First we have the Sun-Moon-Chiron meditation circle. They are in opposition to Jupiter (180�) and square to Saturn (90�). Together they all form a T-square aspect pattern that dominates the Solar Eclipse chart and is likely to have a lot of influence over the Solar Eclipse effects. The Sun, Moon and Chiron oppose Jupiter, and this opposition also aligns with the Lunar Node axis.

Jupiter opposite Chiron, aligned with Nodal Axis

Jupiter and Chiron have been within an 8� orb since the end of last September and remain so until this coming Apr.07. They stay within that orb until Jul.01, and then do one final pass in mid-September. These planets speak of the struggle to find balance between the promise of what could be and the intolerable discomfort of what is.

How much can ideology and principles actually bring relief to the pain and suffering of those who are willing to believe? And how much struggle and endurance are actually inevitable and necessary when pursuing one's ideals? And how much of that is too much to ask?

With Jupiter and Chiron aligned across the nodal axis, how we grapple with these questions becomes even more significant and meaningful. With Jupiter in Virgo at the North Node, we are striving to establish standards and moral values that will speak to a healthy, workable future. With Chiron in Pisces at the South Node, in order to do that, we must let go of old traces of a mentality based on predestined suffering, insufficiency and failure. In other words, we must move from deficit to adequate and from "never mind" to strength of mind.

Jupiter square Saturn

The other major component in this eclipse T-square is the Jupiter-Saturn square, which is now in orb for its second of three passes (Aug.03.2015, Mar.23.2016 and May.26.2016). This aspect marks the third-quarter turn in the slow Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began in May 2000. This square aspect (90�) is the basis of not only the T-square with the Solar Eclipse, but later with Mercury and Venus as well. (More about those aspect patterns later on this page.)

Jupiter square Saturn signifies conflict between aspirations and achievements. It poses some rather pointed questions. Have you accomplished as much of your dream as you had hoped? Have you bitten off more than you can chew in pursuing your ambitions? Have reality and making tough decisions tarnished your sense of hope and meaning?

Jupiter in Virgo says, "Well, it's close. I just have to fine-tune these 1000 things first and then it will be perfect." Saturn in Sagittarius says, "We still have a long way to go, but there's lots of potential if we just put our backs into it." The trouble is that they aren't exactly pulling in the same direction, and being in Mutable (adaptable) signs, they are more than willing to make adjustments but only if it takes them in their choice of direction.

Time past and time future
What might have been and what has been
Point to one end, which is always present.
~ T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

So, this T-square at the Solar Eclipse can raise some uncomfortable yet challenging questions about what you're really trying to accomplish in your life. You may need to examine whether your actions, choices and plans are likely to get you to where you're trying to go, or whether different parts of you—ambition, moral values, intentions, vision, beliefs, discipline, etc—are pulling in conflicting directions.

Are you kidding yourself by thinking you're further ahead than you really are? Are you hiding inside wishful thinking by believing your path will get you from here to there, even if the road leads somewhere else? Often we fool ourselves into believing that the end will justify the means�or will magically bridge the gap between what is and what we want it to become. The problem is that if you plant an apple seed, you're unlikely to find an oak tree growing out of it. Intentions count, but so do actions.

T-square - Solar Eclipse, Jupiter, Saturn

Saturn in Sagittarius T-squares the Sun-Moon-Chiron opposition to Jupiter. That means your quest for an idealized future must pass muster with Saturn's checklist in the present. An idealized end cannot redeem a means that is born from actions, intentions or agendas that fundamentally conflict with the spirit of its intended result. You'll reap what you sow. You can't grow roses out of tomato seeds – you just can't get there from here. You can rationalize all you want about how they're both red and grow on a stem, but that won't go very far when you proudly present your sweetie with a bouquet of tomatoes when it's really roses that will win his/her heart.

Therefore, Saturn may throw up a roadblock or close a door or create a detour in the road during the upcoming few weeks, making it harder or impossible to get from here to there. At its worst, it might feel like there is no hope or that your plans have been dashed. In truth it's more likely that Saturn the Great Teacher has returned your paper all marked up with X's and entire paragraphs crossed out, and graded as a D or F. You're expected to revise it and try again with something that will work better.

So it may be back to the drawing board, but you probably won't have to start over from scratch. Learn from Saturn's feedback about what isn't workable, and take note of the checkmarks that show where you got things right. Delve into where you went wrong, and especially watch for things you assumed were correct that apparently you were mistaken about.

This is a time to revise your plans and expectations, hopes and fears. It's the perfect time to take a long hard look at whether your judgment might be clouded by what you want to see while dismissing what you don't want to see. This can be a time when you have to choose between a pure version of your ideal outcome and a tarnished version that is more likely to actually happen. That's not to say you should give up on your vision of what could be, but rather to caution that ideals almost never manifest precisely and that compromises almost always must be made.

There is no beauty in sadness. No honor in suffering. No growth in fear. No relief in hate.
It�s just a waste of perfectly good happiness.
~ Katerina Stoykova Klemer

Part of this puzzle involves the infamous Uranus-Pluto square. Still lurking in our skies, these two form significant aspects to the planets in the T-square. They offer additional dimensions to the eclipse T-square, offering implications that add depth and breadth to the T-square's effects. For example, even in trying to resolve the dilemma of making something happen that is almost guaranteed to lose something in the translation, there can be healing, transformation and awakening.

Pluto and Uranus, Sun-Moon-Chiron and Jupiter

Pluto is trine Jupiter and sextile the Sun-Moon-Chiron group. This suggests that by striving to find ways to manifest that which cannot ultimately be made manifest, it is a transformative exercise that will affect us in ways we may not even anticipate. By wrestling with this predicament, you could discover opportunities, insights, observations or options that are currently hidden.

In addition, Uranus is exactly quincunx Jupiter. Therefore, by reaching out for that manifest ideal, we can expand our awareness beyond what is familiar and catch a glimpse of greater possibilities. By pushing out the edge of the envelope, you could unexpectedly discover an aspect to the situation that puts a whole new slant on it.

There is value in stretching our imagination and intuition in this way, even though there's a possibility that it could push the manifestation of your vision a bit further out of reach. Hang onto those intuitive flashes of insight for future reference, even if you can't fit it into the puzzle that you've pieced together so far.

Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.
~ Rabindranath Tagore

In the end, Jupiter probably has the last word in this cosmic conversation. It is the traditional ruler of Pisces and therefore the planetary ruler of the Solar Eclipse. Jupiter is also the Handle of the chart, meaning it is off on its own while all the other planets are hanging out together on the other side of the zodiac. Keep the chart Handle happy and the rest of the chart will find it much easier to be happy too.

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The best way to keep Jupiter happy is to let him do his job � to illuminate the principles, ethics, beliefs and aspirations that can guide us in a direction that is in our greater interests. Since Jupiter is in Earth-sign Virgo, Jupiter's quest is to also find ways to integrate those qualities into our lives, especially through our day-to-day routines and activities.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces hopes to inspire us to reach out toward a higher purpose greater than ourselves. On the other hand, Jupiter in Virgo says that our purpose probably isn't much more than pie in the sky unless we take concrete steps to make our actions match our best intentions. And Saturn is there to provide the measuring stick that will tell us how successful we are in making that happen.

It's bound to be a bumpy, twisty road, but it's worth the journey!

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost;
that is where they should be.
Now put the foundations under them.
~ Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Mar.10 – Sun conjunct Chiron (21:01 of Pisces)  (Mar.11 in AST, NST, UK, AU)

For a few days, you may become focused on physical, spiritual or psychological healing...or you might become aware of the need for it due to problems. Your physical vitality may be more susceptible to health problems, and your inner or spiritual strength and sense of purpose may feel a bit weak or vulnerable. However, you might also experience new motivation to build up your strength and endurance on all levels. Therefore, this could be a time when you embark on fresh health or fitness goals, or new directions that carve reformed purpose out of previous hardships. Psychologically, you could become aware of the ways that your self-esteem is undermined or sabotaged – either by outside situations or people or you doing it to yourself without realising it, or even ways that you do this to someone else. This is a good time to observe and learn about how these issues operate in your life, what role you play in this dynamic, and how you could make different choices. By increasing your level of acceptance of human imperfection, of both yourself and others, you can strengthen those areas where you now feel vulnerable. Since self-esteem (yours and others') can be a bit fragile now, boosting self-confidence through praise, support, encouragement and confidence can have a powerful and healing effect right now.

Mar.11 – Mercury conjunct Neptune (09:55 of Pisces)  (Mar.10 in HAST, AKST, PST, MST)

The imagination soars under this transit! Possibilities seem richer, insights appear more magical and creativity flows like liquid honey. Your intuition is likely to be more fluid, and you may even have psychic experiences. Dreams may be more vivid and active, including daydreams. You may feel a need for quiet meditation or just being alone with your own thoughts. Your mental focus may seem a bit blurred, although in the outer edges you may catch a glimpse of ideas and possibilities that you don't ordinarily notice. It can be an inspiring time if you are involved in creative activities, like artwork, music, writing and other creative forms of communication and self-expression. This is a time when your "Right Brain" (intuitive, creative, non-rational) may be very active. In fact, it might be a bit difficult to bring a sharp focus to your "Left Brain" (logical, rational, realistic). Your judgment and ability to be objective may be off, and you could be more prone to wishful thinking and flights of fantasy. If you're making an important decision now, it may be wise to do a reality check with a trusted friend before you commit yourself.

Mar.11 – Sun conjunct South Lunar Node (21:47 of Pisces)  (Mar.12 in AU)  ("What's a Lunar Node?")

This transit involves a creative release or a letting-go of a piece of your self-image that you don't need anymore. However, this letting go can often be difficult, especially if what you have invested a lot of your sense of self in whatever you're letting go. It might feel like circumstances are wrenching it away, or you could feel quite relieved to let go of this old baggage. Letting go can free up a lot of creative energy, life force and joie de vivre, which can then be rechanneled into other forms of self-expression. Follow your heart! It is time to begin letting go of something in yourself that no longer serves you well. This could be a negative belief about yourself, or perhaps dropping an inhibition that has eroded your self-confidence. This transit only happens close to the eclipses, so its energy is likely to come out around the timing of those events more noticeably.

Mar.12 – Venus enters Pisces (until Apr.05)

Creativity, harmony and compassion permeate our experiences while Venus waltzes through Pisces. If you are an artist, musician, writer or other imaginative artisan, this can be a time of great creative inspiration. Even if you're not, this can still be a time when your appreciation of the arts is heightened and your sensual enjoyment of life increases. Relationships can be influenced by this placement, by encouraging more openness to love and romance. While this can make interaction smoother and more magical, it might also make you more vulnerable to deception or disappointment. Be receptive don't misplace your better judgment. This can also be a time when you are prone to feeling a Universal Oneness with humanity. You may find you have increased capacity for compassion, caring and connection with others. This, too, can be a mixed blessing – it can bring out your most loving side, but could also make you more easily taken advantage of. You might feel inspired to make a selfless sacrifice, or to donate money or resources as a form of service. It is all done in the name of Universal beauty, truth and compassion. Celebrate this transit by going to a concert of beautiful music, or stroll through an art gallery, or indulge in dreamy sensuality, or let yourself feel a loving connection with all that is around you.

Mar.13 – North America changes to Daylight Saving Time

If your region observes Daylight Saving Time and you live in Canada, United States, the Caribbean or some areas of Central and South America, it's time to move your clocks one hour FORWARD. If you're not sure, check for the change dates and locations on

Mar.10-17 – T-square Aspect Pattern (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn)

For about a week, Mercury aligns with the Jupiter-Saturn square to form a T-square aspect pattern, reaching its closest orb on March 14-15. Mercury also crosses over the Solar Eclipse point during that time, so this T-square could be quite noticeable in its effects.

T-square - Venus, Jupiter, Saturn

Jupiter square Saturn signifies conflict between aspirations and achievements. It poses some rather pointed questions. Have you accomplished as much of your dream as you had hoped? Have you bitten off more than you can chew in pursuing your ambitions? Have reality and making tough decisions tarnished your sense of hope and meaning? The dream of what you'd hoped to accomplish by this time traces back to around 2000 at the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, since this is the waning square in their combined cycle.

As Mercury aligns with Jupiter and Saturn in a T-square pattern, you are challenged to give those questions some thought. It's a good time to consider how you might have come to feel disconnected from or disillusioned with life over the last 16 years. Before you can find ways to reconnect again, it's necessary to become aware of how and why that disconnection happened. This is a time to ponder what isn't working in terms of your need to feel meaning in your life and the necessity of integrating that meaning into your actions, choices and mindset.


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Mar.14 – Mercury square Saturn (16:18 of Pisces/Sagittarius)  (Mar.15 in AU)

Your thoughts, ideas and communication need to become structured, rational and discreet, although this may not be easy to achieve. You may have to work extra hard to get your point across now, since others might be resistant to your ideas or may not be familiar with the basic concepts. It is a time to be clear, objective and down-to-earth in your communication and thinking, but equally important to do this without going overboard and becoming rigid, autocratic or over-cautious. If you find yourself stuck in a "glass half empty" frame of mind, you might be sagging under the weight of melancholy ...Or, it might mean you are coming to terms with some hard realities and decisions and feeling the gravity of the implications. But also check to be sure you're not taking yourself and your situation too seriously. By applying your best efforts, this can be a very productive time, especially with anything involving communication, writing, organising or logic.

Mar.14 – Venus square Mars (03:00 of Pisces/Sagittarius)  (Mar.15 in AU)

Your receptive, diplomatic side is arguing with your assertive, decisive side. The result is either a battle of wills between your Yin and Yang, or a new creative energy that harnesses both. This could manifest in the form of relationship problems, financial struggles, arguments about control, or you are propelled to take action with plans that have been percolating for a while. If you're usually more comfortable with your Yin side (receptive, diplomatic), you might feel a bit backed into a corner or forced to negotiate under pressure. If you're more at home in your Yang side (assertive, action-oriented), you may feel compelled to blunt or sheathe the sword you would prefer to smite your enemy with. Either way, this is about balancing the two sides and finding a new cooperation that works for both.

Mar.15 – Mercury sextile Pluto (17:11 of Pisces/Capricorn)  (Mar.14 in HAST, AKST, PST)

Penetrating insights and passionate communication are possible under this transit ...although, so is speaking more forcefully than you intend to about things that require a bit of delicacy or discretion. It is also a time when your mental concentration can come together so easily that you become obsessed. You may prefer in-depth discussion to small-talk, and it might feel awkward if you aren't able to explore the depths in your interaction or communication with others. However, you likely have an increased ability to pick up on undercurrents of what's happening around you. This is also a time when you can start to shed and leave behind old worn out perceptions and ways of communicating. You also have an increased ability to take thoughts, ideas and information and transform them into something healing ...or wounding. Choose your words carefully and mindfully. Writing down your thoughts and ideas to capture the energy of this transit can help you gather the deeper qualities.

Mar.15 – Mercury opposite Jupiter (17:24 of Pisces/Virgo)  (Mar.14 in HAST)

Your thoughts and words can become amplified under this transit, which could bring a sense of adventure, a surge of ideas, and/or imbalance due to exaggeration. You may find it's hard to stop talking (or writing), your head is filled with so many possibilities. However, your judgment about the validity of your ideas may be a bit off, or you might feel the urge to overstate your position to keep from being misunderstood. Blame and judgment could creep into your perceptions of others or the other way around. This might spring from a need to find a greater meaning or truth in the facts, having difficulty bridging the gap between the raw information and the big picture. The trick is to keep a balance between simplicity and elaborate complexity. The challenge is to find ways to express, think about and understand the vast range of possibilities and meaning within the perceptions of everyday life. Not all of it will survive the translation, but enormous spiritual creativity can be generated in the trying.

Mar.16 – Jupiter trine Pluto (17:13 of Virgo/Capricorn)  (Mar.17 in AU)

The quest for freedom, wisdom and truth (Jupiter) now works cooperatively with the cycle of transformation, destruction and renewal (Pluto). The effects of this transit aren't likely to be flashy or perhaps even obvious. However, you now have access to optimism and far-reaching vision that can provide a more positive context to any difficulty you might be having in shedding old baggage, letting go of attachments or simply seeing your life changing at a very deep level. It is also a time when you can bring your understanding and wisdom to shine a light on that deep change, to light a candle in the dark corners of what is unfamiliar or scary.

Mar.17 – Mercury conjunct Chiron (21:25 of Pisces)  (Mar.18 in AU)

Words can wound, but they can also heal. This transit may bring new awareness of the ways that you need to heal...and perhaps also the ways that you wound yourself or others, especially through thoughts, words and attitudes. You might become aware of harming yourself through negative self-talk or harsh self-criticism. Or, you might expect rigid perfection of yourself and forget that you are a multi-dimensional being who is, by your human nature, inconsistent and fallible. Your mental focus or attitude might have a sharp edge to it that is harsh, or you may encounter harsh attitudes from someone else that are hurtful, perhaps without meaning to be. Words and thoughts can be powerful tools. By reframing the message or situation in a different way, it is possible to turn hurt into healing and ignorance into wisdom. For example, it may help to eliminate either-or thinking by accepting that paradoxes and contradictions exist and may not have to be fully resolved for you to find a workable balance within them. By adopting a bit of a philosophical attitude, you may find it takes some of the pressure off the need for everything to fit together perfectly, which can leave some breathing room for everyone involved to be human.

Mar.17 – Mercury conjunct South Lunar Node (21:47 of Pisces)  (Mar.18 in AU)  ("What's a Lunar Node?")

It's time to let go of old perceptions and ideas that are now just getting in the way of your ability to see things clearly. This might not be an easy task, because your new point of view might show you something you don't really want to see. It might mean you need to change your mind about something or someone. However, by clearing away the blocks to greater awareness, you can start to reshape the way you see yourself or others or life in general. To do this, you might need to release, share and communicate your observations of the last 6 months or so. Take advantage of this time of transition by doing some writing, or perhaps comparing notes with someone about things you've been mulling over.

Mar.19-30 – T-square Aspect Pattern (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn)

This is the same T-square that formed with the Sun and Moon at the Solar Eclipse (Mar.08) and also with Mercury (Mar.15). Now, for about a week, Venus tangles with the Jupiter-Saturn square to form a T-square aspect pattern, all of these planets aligning on March 25 at 16� within a teensy-weensy quarter-degree orb. Saturn stations retrograde on the same day, making his influence especially strong. And Venus also crosses over the Solar Eclipse point on Mar.27. So, this T-square could be quite powerful in its effects.

T-square - Venus, Jupiter, Saturn

Jupiter square Saturn signifies conflict between aspirations and achievements. It poses some rather pointed questions. Have you accomplished as much of your dream as you had hoped? Have you bitten off more than you can chew in pursuing your ambitions? Have reality and making tough decisions tarnished your sense of hope and meaning? The dream of what you'd hoped to accomplish by this time traces back to around 2000 at the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, since this is the waning square in their combined cycle.

With Venus now involved, it is time to reconsider your dreams, aspirations and quest for meaning, especially in the context of relationships and resources. Your interactions with others might not exactly go smoothly, though, since you may find there are inhibitions, conflicts, uncomfortable boundaries or other blocks that get in the way. Hence, the need to reconsider whether you might be putting unrealistic expectations on others; or perhaps you are projecting your hopes or fears onto them without realizing it. In the area of resources (money, investments, debt or skills), this could be a time when your budget feels a bit constricted, since you might need or want to spend more than you have or should. In both cases (resources and relationships) it is a time to do a reality check about how well-balanced your actions and intentions are in those areas.

Mar.20 – HAPPY EQUINOX! Sun enters Aries (until Apr.19)


Ottawa, Canada and
Washington DC, USA:

Mar.20, 2016, 1:30 AM EDT

Mar.19, 2016, 11:30 PM CDT

Mar.19, 2016, 10:30 PM MDT

Mar.19, 2016, 9:30 PM PDT

Mar.19, 2016, 8:30 PM AKDT

Mar.19, 2016, 6:30 PM HAST

London, UK:

Mar.20, 2016, 4:30 PM GMT

Sydney, AU:

Mar.20, 2016, 3:30 PM AEDT

Happy Solar Return to everyone born in the sign of Aries! This is the Vernal Equinox – the time when day and night are of equal length. In the northern hemisphere, this marks the beginning of Spring, as the light increases. In the southern hemisphere, it is the start of Fall, as the light decreases. While the Sun is in Aries, it is a time when all of us (not just those born under the sign of Aries) have the opportunity to experience our Aries nature.

The archetype of that nature is like the pure life force that is contained in a single seed. A seed is the residue of a previous cycle of growth – both its resulting harvest and its unfinished business. The Aries energy is about our use of that raw life force within our personal expression of that energy. It manifests in assertiveness, courage, risk-taking, directness, initiative, our sex drive, and the pioneering spirit. It can also emerge as aggression, pushiness, violence, anger, recklessness and self-absorption. The same forceful energy that can fuel damage and single-minded egotism is the same energy that, applied in a different way, is also essential for self-validation, confidence and the drive to make things happen.

While the Sun is in Aries, we all have the opportunity to explore how we use this energy in our lives and whether we want to change this. Here are some suggestions about how to explore your Aries nature: Is there something new you want to start in your life? What activities do you want to begin that you've never done before? What will give you the courage and confidence to bring these into your life? If it is not possible to do this, or if you encounter delays, how do you deal with your frustration? Do anger and frustration motivate you to take action, or do these emotions tend to overwhelm and inhibit you? How do you express your anger, and does this clear the air or just create more problems? Use this time to explore these and related areas.

Mar.20 – Venus conjunct Neptune (10:16 of Pisces)  (Mar.21 in AU)

This can be a time of romance and dreamy desire on one hand, or deceptive manipulation and self-serving negotiation on the other hand. At its best, this transit can inspire enormous creativity and healing faith in love and abundance. We can be extremely open to the loftiest possibilities of our close relationships and our ability to attract what and who we desire. However, it may not be as easy to assess these areas in light of the realities that must be dealt with in order to realise that potential. We may find it easier to have faith in the power of negotiation – that the Universe will ensure our desired outcome – but it is also easy to slide into wishful thinking that loses touch with the reality of the situation. If you are considering a major change involving income, investment, spending or resources, it is probably a good idea to do a reality check with a trusted friend or advisor. If you are starting a new relationship or negotiating changes to an existing one, it might be wise to take a long-term view to wait and see if your dreams really will come true or if your hopes are colouring your thinking a bit too much. A reality check with a trusted friend might also help with this. This transit begins a new cycle that brings these issues into our lives to explore and gradually unfolds over the next 12 months (approximately).

Mar.21 – Mercury enters Aries (until Apr.05)

Directness of speech, fast perceptions and an attitude of "just do it" mark this transit. While Mercury sprints through Aries, you may feel the impulse to cut through and get to the point in conversations and other forms of communication. Body language speaks loudly now, as do actions. At its best, this transit can help words, awareness and insight to arise spontaneously, combined with the courage to express them. On the other hand, you could also say things out of anger, impatience or impulse that you later regret. It may be a time when you'd rather cut to the chase – acknowledge things and move on – rather than hang around to process the details. It's a great time to spin ideas that can be developed later. It is also a good time to think independently and follow your thoughts into new perspectives.

Mar.23 – Jupiter square Saturn (16:24 of Virgo/Sagittarius)

Jupiter and Saturn have a very long combined cycle�20 years! This is the quarter-way mark (waxing square) in the current cycle, which began with the conjunction ion in Taurus back in 2000. At this stage of the cycle, you are challenged to make a deeper commitment to long-term projects, goals and growth that have started to emerge in your life since 2000. It is a time to evaluate your development since then. "What development?" you might ask. Five years is a long time to think back and compare to the present day.

At that time you might have experienced the end of certain hopes and dreams, although this cleared the way for new ones, which are now starting to take shape. In 2000 you might also have found your spiritual beliefs, practices and faith changing, perhaps to make them more applicable to your physical circumstances. Or, you might have wanted to find a more spiritual, uplifting and optimistic understanding of the external world of cause and effect. So, think back to 2000 and the far-reaching changes that were starting to take place in your life then. What has happened as a result of those changes? Where are you now in the long-term process that has unfolded since then? And where would you like to be five years from now on this journey?

The 3 passes of this transit form a process of committing to a more conscious focus in order to achieve your long-term goal. Is there anything about your goal or plan that needs to be adjusted or changed now? What's holding you back from taking the next step? What dreams, inspiration, knowledge, perspective, faith or optimism can carry you beyond this point? What must you do now to get back on track, or to ensure that you stay on track? This is a major turning point in your process, and the turn will take almost a year to complete. This is a good time to check in with your goals and reaffirm the inspiration that motivated you to begin your direction 5 years ago and where you want to be in another 5 years.

This is the second of 3 passes of this transit: Aug.03.2015, Mar.23.2016 and May.26.2016.

Next Update:  LUNAR ECLIPSE ~ FULL MOON in LIBRA - available by March 23, 2016.

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