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Lunar Forecasts for September 1 to 30, 2016

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September 1 to 16, 2016

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You are at an important crossroads where you will be called up on to choose a direction. Perhaps you already have a sense of where you want to go from here, or you might still be overwhelmed by possibilities, concerns or just not liking the choices. Here are some ways to help you focus your intentions and actions.

This year you've had a taste of where your passion wants to take you, as well as a taste of what may stop you from pursuing it. So: what do you really want? You will probably have to pay a price or make some kind of sacrifice to get what you want, so consider what those are. And then ask yourself: what do you want badly enough that you are willing to pay that price? You are challenged to decide on a path based on both what you want to achieve and the awareness of what it will take to get you there.

But don't think this will be a simple choice and then everything will fall predictably into place as long as you follow the formula. Certainly preplanning will help, but if you over-plan you will find life's disruptions could break your rhythm. It's important to build into your plan lots of flexibility and room for the unexpected. This not just about accepting inevitable annoyances, but realizing that you need to focus not just on the task ahead but also on the bigger picture of why you're doing it. Don't get stuck in the minutia! Look to what lies beyond it all. Both the micro and the macro levels of what you're doing are important.

Lunar Forecast for the


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September 16 to 30, 2016

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Feeling bogged down in details, specifics and tasks that just seem to go round and round? Does it seem like you're spinning your wheels and unable to make the kind of progress in your life that you have tried to make? Or maybe you're busy, busy, busy, but wondering if you'll ever get to the finish line? The good news is that things are starting to shift! Okay, so they could feel a bit worse before they get better, but change is still good. :-)

The planetary message right now is to get your head out of the details and specifics a bit and take a step back to see the bigger picture. You may be a bit stuck in the minutia, so either your effectiveness could be dragged down by it, or your wellbeing and state of mind may be suffering under the weight of all that gravel. The goal is to find a better balance between trying to perfect every step in the journey and just floating along and letting the Universe take you where it will. Either extreme is likely to pull you off-course to some extent.

The key to finding some peace in the midst of chaos, confusion, overwhelm or spinning your wheels, is to let yourself be still inside for a bit and just observe. Let your awareness expand by listening to others, listening to yourself, and noticing the impulses and impatience that bubbles up inside you. Clarity is more likely to be found not through microscopic examination but by allowing yourself to accept the imperfect moments. That doesn't mean you shouldn't work to improve them, but that it's okay to let it be a conscious process that unfolds in its own time.

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