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Lunar Forecasts for November 29 to December 29, 2016

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November 29 to December 13, 2016

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This is a time when vision and hope abound. Whether you are looking toward Christmas or the Solstice or what look like storm clouds on the horizon, this is a time that may be filled with both anxious apprehension and optimistic anticipation. Certainly the holidays can be both enjoyable and stressful, and difficult circumstances tend to evoke both fear of a negative outcome and hope for a positive one. It's normal and healthy to be aware of both sides.

Right now you may find it easier than usual to sink to a pessimistic slump, which can make it harder to find any optimistic relief. On the other hand, you might be annoyed by others who insist on interrupting your upbeat bliss with their complaints, discouragement or cynicism. Either way, it's best to avoid trying to embrace one by ignoring the other, since this can result in swinging between greater extremes.

What can help is to take a step back (or time out) and take in the bigger picture that encompasses both sides. See how they're related, and may even be two sides of the same coin. Increasing your information, insight and understanding can help fill in the blanks so that you're seeing a more complete picture of the puzzle. (A horoscope report can be an excellent resource for this, as well as a super gift idea. :-) The idea is to invite hope into your heart, as well as to reach out to comfort the sadness and struggle.

Lunar Forecast for the


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December 13 to 29, 2016

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This is a strange time of opposites and rebalancing. You are called upon to find the playful, joyful, open curiosity in yourself, which the celebrations of the season can bring to life. However, there is also a need to stay grounded, centered and objective so that you maintain your centre of gravity. As a result, it could be a confusing time. At times you might be seized by the desire to take extra high leaps into transcendent inspiration and creative imagination. And at other times you might want only to hide under the bed and say "Wake me in February..."

This month is a good time to kind of go with the flow, adjusting your mindset and mood with whatever helps you stay grounded and centered. There's a mixture of excitement and stress flying around right now. This can be a time of healing by scrutinizing what's happening around you. You are challenged to determine what is realistically within and beyond your realm of control. For the stuff that is beyond it, you will need to find some way to make peace with it. That doesn't mean doing nothing if something isn't working for you, but to look for action that IS within your power of control.

Don't be surprised if you find you need to change your mind about some things or adjust your way of thinking about something you thought you already understood. The world is a dramatically changing place, and you may need to be "on your toes" mentally, emotionally and spiritually in order to keep up with it. It can be easy to get lost in over-reaction, over-indulgence, over-compensation and over-exhaustion. The trick is to keep bringing your mindset back to your centre; back to that quiet place inside you that endures no matter what's going on outside. Take some time out in a quiet place if you need to, but don't forget to reach out to have some fun and play, too. Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, if indeed you celebrate anything at all, I wish you all the joy, delight, inspiration, fun and peace of mind that your spirit can hold!

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