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Lunar Forecasts for June 23 to July 23, 2017

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June 23 to July 9, 2017

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

The air is full of feminine energy! Archetypal feminine energy, that is, which means is about your feminine side (regardless of your gender identity). Your intuition, creativity and nurturing instinct are buzzing these days. You may be more receptive, sensitive, emotional or insecure than usual. On the other hand, if you're feeling extra guarded, resistant or cerebral, you might be trying to shield from feeling vulnerable or out of your element. You might draw people to you who have a strong feminine quality.

This is a time of transition, and as such your usual ways of fortifying your sense of security might not work as well as they have been. You might feel the need for extra protection to keep you safe, sane, strong or satisfied. Whatever your reason for needing it, think of yourself as a mother bear guarding her young. If there is something or someone interfering with your well-being or safety, it's okay to draw a boundary, and it might be best to do that in a kind and gentle way least initially. If the problem persists, you could try growling a bit to make it clear you mean business. And as a last resort you might need to bring out your claws.

Being protected and safe is important, although the style and intensity of your response can make a big difference. Right now, overreaction can be tempting. If you find you're snarling at the slightest challenge, you might be reacting to your own inner feelings more than the external situation. What you put out, especially your emotional reactions, carry a stronger punch than you might realize. Snapping at the store cashier might just ruin his/her day; and someone else getting irritated at you for whatever reason could pierce deeper than the person intended.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
July 9 to 23, 2017

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This is likely to be a rather intense time, full of struggle, striving and the need for stamina. You might find you're feeling unusually angry, frustrated or obsessed about things that aren't going the way you want them to. The force with which you react to others, or others react to you, may be more powerful and direct than you are used to. Passion and assertiveness can be a positive outcome of this energy, but it's important not to get so carried away with it that those feelings take over, leaving you unable to choose objectively and rationally what response is in the best interests of all concerned.

The last word needs to be with your personal integrity. That can mean honesty (especially with yourself), but mostly it means that all of you is taken into account when choosing how to respond. That is, your anger, your fear and your hopes, as well as the part of you that is willing to do anything to get the pay-off, and the part of you that takes pride in staying true to your values.

There may be some confusion about how to make all this come together constructively. How can you follow your heart to pursue what's important to you, while still being disciplined and patient in taking the long-term consequences into account? You may need to take one small step at a time, constantly adjusting your direction. If you get too tangled up, try focusing on one or the other at a time – the part of you that wants to defend a position of safety and security, versus the part of you that aims to develop your life in a new, perhaps riskier direction. Stay flexible.

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