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Full Moon in Scorpio, April-May 2018

Chart for the Full Moon in Scorpio
Chart for the Full Moon in Scorpio

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.
~ Criss Jami

Apr.29 – FULL MOON in SCORPIO (09:38 of Scorpio)

Happy Full Moon to all! I am delighted to again present Leah Whitehorse as our guest writer for the Full Moon in Scorpio article. I will be back again for the New Moon in Taurus update, available by May 15th. In the meantime, enjoy Leah's wonderful article about the Scorpio depths. And you can still find my day-to-day transits below her Full Moon article, as well as my Lunar Forecast on the Horoscope pages, as usual. :-)

Full Moon in Scorpio April 2018 – Naked

At the Full Moon in Scorpio, emotions are intensified as we’re driven by a need for deeper connection, empowerment and transformation. Yet the pursuit of these things brings us to a moment of crisis where we must resolve inner and outer conflicts.

Blue Nude, by Henri Matisse

We want the simplicity, stability and ease of the Sun in Taurus yet we need the complexity and challenge of change with the Moon in Scorpio. As we teeter on the edge of the abyss, fears loom large. If we have any hope of gaining greater insight and perception, we must face what makes us so afraid.

In Scorpio, we want to dive beneath the surface and resolve mysteries. Nothing is taken at face value. In every interaction, we’re aware of something unspoken and we’re supersensitive to ulterior motives.

Our psychic radar is at peak level, but if we’re coming from a place of fear, signals can be misconstrued, and fears projected onto others. Things get complicated when trust is tested.

To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake
is to be continually thrown out of the nest.
~ Pema Chödrön

The Moon and Sun lie at right angles to the Nodal axis in this chart, creating a powerful fixed Grand Cross pattern. Ceres is just coming up to her third and final conjunction to the North Node in theatrical Leo. It’s like the final act of a great drama.

Full Moon and Lunar Node Grand Cross

As the Moon is at odds with Ceres, it could feel like a pushy mother, ushering her child into the spotlight before they’re ready. The Moon’s square to Ceres and the North Node reminds me of those kinds of dreams where you suddenly find yourself on stage in your underpants as the audience laughs hysterically and all you want to do is run home crying to Mum.

The complication of the Moon in Scorpio square to Ceres and the North Node suggests that there is a longing to be seen, yet a terror of someone seeing the truth of who we are. The question we’re all dealing with in some form or another is, do I trust you enough to show you all of me? The only way we can find out is to reveal ourselves. We need to nurture (Ceres) our talents and allow ourselves to shine.

You can spit on a rose, but it's still a rose.
~ Marty Rubin

The Full Moon is on the Sabian symbol: A Fellowship Supper Reunites Old Comrades. This symbol reminds us that when we love and accept each other, warts and all, it feeds us emotionally. Often, it’s our oldest friends who have seen us at our best and our worst. The value of trust is priceless as it cannot be bartered, bought or sold. Trust can only be given, which is why it is one of the greatest of gifts.


Asteroid Melusina (#373) is conjunct this Moon. In the story, freshwater spirit Melusine agrees to marry her human husband as long as he never comes to her private chamber on a Saturday. Driven by curiosity and mistrust, the husband breaks his promise and sees Melusine in her true form – half woman, half fish. Eventually, the couple break up after the husband shames Melusine by ridiculing her in front of others.

And this of course is what we often most fear – dying of shame, ridicule. The terror of being betrayed by those we chose to trust. The desolation of not being accepted for all that we are, both light and dark. And yet we cannot remain hidden forever because to do so would be a different kind of death – the soul suffocated by fear of the unknown. Scorpio is ‘do or die!’.

One of the hallmarks of emotional maturity is to recognize the validity of multiple realities and to understand that people think, feel, and react differently. Often we behave as if “closeness” means “sameness.”
~ Harriet Lerner, The Dance of Anger: A Woman's Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships

Saturn and Full Moon

Saturn supports this lunation with a sextile to the Moon and trine to the Sun. The more we learn to trust both ourselves and others, the greater the chance for commitment and longevity in all our relationships. Saturn also reminds us to keep it real. True respect comes from authenticity. As an added bonus, when we have the support we need, it is easier to accomplish our personal ambitions.

Emotional maturity is required as we navigate these dark waters. We also need to learn how to let go, particularly of toxic relationships. Scorpio reminds Taurus that death is required for nature to flourish. We need to eliminate what is no longer sustainable.

Neptune and Full Moon

The Moon’s trine to Neptune adds to the receptivity of our psychic senses. Maybe a dream eloquently resolves complex problems. We’re tuned in to the undertow, the tidal tug of the unconscious. We need to trust our intuition to lead us to the kind of relationships and experiences that provide soul sustenance. Deep down, we just want to experience unconditional love and find meaning. Transparency and compassion are a light in the dark.

Neptune also puts us in touch with what has been missing or forgotten. Given Scorpio’s compulsive nature, we can no longer deny the intoxicating scent of an unrealised dream. To bring this ideal into reality though, we must trek through our shadowy underworld and deal with what we find there. It’s going to take great courage.

i am water

soft enough
to offer life
tough enough
to drown it away
~ Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

Mars conjunct Pluto

Luckily, we have this in spades as Mars and Pluto, the traditional and modern rulers of Scorpio, are still in a tight conjunction, adding strength and vigour to this chart. Despite the challenges we face, we have power and energy at our disposal.

The only downside is that our guard is up and we’re wary of perceived threats. If conflict hasn’t been addressed or we’ve become too territorial, this combination could generate some angry scenes or impulsive, irreversible actions. Still, if we stay on the high side of this combination, extreme daring could be the catalyst for profound transformation.

Leah Whitehorse is a professional astrologer, tarot reader and writer with over 25 years experience of working with clients. She currently writes the forecast for Mountain Astrologer magazine, every other issue, and is co-author of Spellcaster: Seven Ways to Effective Magic. In her astrological work, Leah specialises in karma and past lives, the planetary and lunar nodes, asteroids and dream work, and her approach is evolutionary and life affirming. Leah can be contacted through her website: Lua Astrology.

You have been told that, even like a chain,
you are as weak as your weakest link.
This is but half the truth.
You are also as strong as your strongest link.
To measure you by your smallest deed is to reckon the power of the ocean by the frailty of its foam.
To judge you by your failures is to cast blame upon the seasons for their inconstancy.
~ Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Apr.30 – Sun square North Lunar Node (10:20 of Taurus/Leo)  (May.01 in AU)  ("What's a Lunar Node?")

When the Sun squares the Lunar Nodes, your sense of purpose and identity appear to be in conflict with the lessons you need to learn in life. It may feel like you're forced to take a detour around your direct route to your destination (whatever that might be). This may only be true on the surface – if you look deeper at the situation (or possibly in retrospect), you'll probably find that your sense of self is actually helped by the benefits that you are able to get on that detour, which would have missed if you hadn't been diverted from your original path.

Alternatively, you might be confronted by a conflict or stressful dilemma that you usually resist or flail against. This may be an opportunity to explore a deeper level of your experience and feelings. Perhaps there is fear or resentment or defiance behind your reaction. This is a chance to try on a different perspective and respond in a different way that can help you move through the situation instead of just being blocked by it.

When the Sun squares the Nodes it is sometimes called "Moon Wobbles," which is a bit of a misnomer. The Moon itself doesn't wobble or even necessarily interact directly with either the Nodes or the Sun. Rather, the Moon part of us (the inner, feeling, intuitive, sensitive part of us) may feel a bit "wobbly" or unsteady when the Sun squares the Nodes. The "Moon Wobble" effects are said to build and dissipate for up to 10 days before and after the Sun-Node square is exact.

May.02 – Venus sextile North Lunar Node (09:56 of Gemini/Leo)  (May.03 in AU)  ("What's a Lunar Node?")

Your charisma and charm shine a little brighter during this transit. You may be more receptive to what others have to offer, or you might feel more generous with those around you. You could find just the right thingamajig to buy, or you may discover resources you didn't realize you had. It can be a good time to socialize, go on a date, schmooze strategically with people or negotiate an agreement. Aim for a balance of give-and-take in a way that benefits all concerned. Just be careful not to become so seductive that you persuade someone to do your bidding when it's not in their—or your—best interests.

May.03 – Mercury leaves the Shadow (16:54 of Aries; until Jul.07)  (May.04 in AU)   ("What's the Shadow?"  Read my articles about Retrograde Cycles.  Read my article about Mercury Retrograde.)

Mercury finally leaves the shadow—the part of the zodiac where it was retrograde. This means the confusion, delays and miscommunications of the last 2 months have mostly dissipated and things should be more or less back to normal (whatever that is). The difference is that you now have the benefit of seeing things from a different perspective after having reconsidered, rethought and rehashed information and perceptions over the past 2 months. This gives you more choices than you had before. In fact, you may find that although you thought something was a good idea a month or two ago, you now realize that a different approach, decision or way of understanding it is better. If you've been waiting until Mercury finished with the retrograde cycle before you made a final decision about something or taking action on something, this is the time to take another look at whatever that is. Just don't forget your common sense, and remember that Mercury is only one factor to take into consideration regarding the timing of a decision. Use your best judgment and wisdom.

Here are the key dates of this Mercury cycle (for North American Eastern Time):

May.05 – Venus goes Out of Bounds (13:20 of Gemini to 22:57 of Cancer; OOB until Jun.07)  (May.06 in AU)   ("What does Out of Bounds mean?"   "What is Declination?")

Venus goes Out of Bounds (OOB), which could affect your relationships, love life, finances, possessions and your sense of harmony, both within yourself and with the world around you. When it works well, you could gain unique or unusual insights and ideas about these areas, although getting these to work in the everyday world is something else again. When it's not working so well, those areas could become a problem due to unrealistic, outlandish or counterproductive attempts to push beyond familiar territory.

For example, you might become more adventurous, unconventional or undisciplined when it comes to friendships, amorous relationships or finances. If you have unspoken, unacknowledged or unconscious yearnings for "something different," this can be the time when those desires break free and make a run for it! This could be a positive thing, in that it gives your relationship or your wallet some breathing space and expands your range of experience. On the other hand, those yearnings could lead to upheavals and disruptions, like hastening the end of a relationship, or spending beyond your budget on something that turns out to be more whimsy than workable. This can be especially true if these areas are already struggling or hanging by a thread. It might help to get a reality check from someone you trust, or at least have your eyes wide open as you embark on your flight of fancy.

May.06 – Sun sextile Neptune (15:59 of Taurus/Pisces)

Faith in the bountiful blessings of the Universe is within reach under this transit...but then, so is the fantasy that you will be magically granted anything you wish for. Although this is mostly a very positive energy, you could become so immersed in your longing for the ideal that you have trouble dealing with the less-than-ideal realities that still must be dealt with. Gaining the benefit from this transit will still require some effort. Hope, optimism and imagination are in the air, which could bring some relief from any depression or discouragement you might be feeling. Your creativity and imagination can be very inspired under this transit. Your sense of self could also get an infusion of uplifting vision, and you may experience a sense of mission, feeling that you are truly a Child of the Universe. There is potential now to lift you out of the ordinary and into the sublime – spiritually, creatively, romantically or compassionately – although this will require your cooperation to take advantage of it. Enjoy it while it lasts, but before you make changes based on what might feel like a permanent condition, remember that this is mostly a temporary influence and you will still have to live within the bounds of the physical world after it passes. Don't make overly optimistic promises now, that you will have to fulfil later when the euphoria wears off.

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May.07 – Mercury square Pluto (21:14 of Aries/Capricorn)  (May.06 in HAST)

You are faced now with a challenge to empower your communication and perceptions, although this may not come easily. It could involve having to face some rather difficult truths that might be a bit disturbing or hard to accept. However in doing so, you gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself, your situation and your role within it. Obsessive or persistent thoughts that are morbid or paranoid are possible, which could be helped by finding something more positive to focus on or a creative outlet. Communication (from others or yourself or both) could be intense, intimidating or even downright damaging, since it may be tempting to get caught up in power struggles and domination. But communication can also be used now to heal, by cutting through hypocrisy and insincerity in order to reach a deeper authenticity and truth – like lancing a boil so that healing can take place.

May.07 – Venus square Neptune (16:01 of Gemini/Pisces)  (May.08 in AU)

Money, material resources, relationships and pleasure could be subject to confusion, deception, or unrealistic wishful thinking under this transit. It may seem that what you thought you had (love, friendship, pleasure, money, resources) has suddenly disappeared or isn't as dependable as you thought it was. You might feel disappointed, disillusioned, sad or alone, but this is more likely to be a passing phase than a serious crisis. The question is: what are your secret longings and subtle desires that may be operating unconsciously? These could be clouding your ability to relate to people and situations in your life. Old addictions, depression or idealism may surface as way of dealing with feelings. A better outlet would be to channel your feelings and experiences into creativity, beauty, inspiration and compassion; for example, art, music or helping others.

May.08 – Sun opposite Jupiter (18:21 of Taurus/Scorpio)  (May.09 in UK, AU)

Your confidence and ambitions may become amplified, possibly to the point of becoming a problem under this transit. It may be difficult to judge how much is too much versus just enough, and it could just be easier want more and more..."just in case." You may feel the urge to travel or do something that could expand your horizons (literally or figuratively). However, satisfaction may seem just out of reach under this transit, so there is a risk of pushing too hard and lacking perspective or good judgment. You could find that tolerance, compassion and understanding are hard to find, either in you toward others or in others toward you (or both). You are seeing things through a mental magnifying lens, which may be distorting your perceptions or reactions. On the other hand, this can be a good time to take an honest look at how closely you are living by your integrity and values. Feedback might come from others who could be seeing something more clearly than you can see it in yourself. Or, you might find that a minor irritation about someone or something outside of yourself suddenly becomes a major problem. This is probably because you're seeing it more clearly (although not necessarily more accurately). The lesson of this transit is that everything gets amplified together – the positive and the negative, and at a certain point the difference between them may become meaningless. Reaching a balanced understanding of all that lies within that expanded view is the key to gaining wisdom from the experience.

May.11 – Sun trine Pluto (21:11 of Taurus/Capricorn)  (May.12 in UK, AU)

Your sense of purpose is strong now, as you are able to tap into a deeper level of energy and determination. Your personality is likely to be more forceful now, which can be great if you need to make a strong impression but perhaps not so much in situations requiring delicacy or subtlety. Your ability to see below the surface of things is especially clear, and it may be possible to unearth secrets or get at the core of unconscious patterns (yours or others'). This is a time when your personal presence may come across as somewhat "larger than life," so you need to remember that a little goes a long way during this transit. This could be a time when you suddenly find the strength to stand up and assert your personal power in a situation that has felt overwhelming or discouraging. On the other hand, if you are still struggling to learn how to own your power, without using nuclear bombs to make your point, you may still feel a bit overwhelmed or daunted by this transit. In that case, take smaller steps and don't try to push the river.

May.12 – Mercury square Mars (28:32 of Aries/Capricorn)

Fiery speech, argument and hot debate characterise this transit. This could come in the form of conflict, or it might be stimulating and challenging – or both! One thing to watch out for is that you may have a short fuse for a temper, and the same may be true for others around you. It can be a time when you blurt out things you later regret, or you might finally find the courage to do something that's long overdue. The problem is that one can easily look like the other, and what feels like courage in the moment might look more like reckless haste in retrospect. Harsh words can't always be taken back, so keep a grip on your objectivity and better judgment while you're verbally fighting the dragons. Use this energy to stoke your motivational fires, and use your ideas to generate positive action. It can help to pace your mental energy like racing a horse, which can harness abundant energy to fuel your decisions, courage and resolve.

Mercury squares Mars just as Mars goes Out of Bounds by declination. This is likely to intensify the Mercury-Mars effects and make the Mars side of the equation more erratic and less predictable. Best to be a bit cautious about accidents, whether you're in a car, handling sharp instruments or firing off an abrupt verbal comeback.


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May.12 – Mars enters the Shadow (28 36 Capricorn; until Oct.08)  (May.13 in AU)   ("What's the Shadow?"  Read my articles about Retrograde Cycles.  Read my article about Mars Retrograde.  Read more about Mars Retrograde cycle.)

Mars now enters the Retrograde Shadow—the area of the Zodiac where it will go retrograde. Similar to when Mercury goes into the Retrograde Shadow, you will start to increasingly feel the effects of the coming Mars retrograde over the next couple of months. Mars retrograde can increase—or decrease—the things to do with Mars: anger, physical energy, motivation, sexual energy, etc. The important thing to remember is that, as with all retrogrades, Mars retrograde will require the reconsideration or redoing of things to do with Mars. So, the Mars-like themes emerge in your life during this Shadow time are likely to need reworking later when Mars goes retrograde.

For example, you may feel an urgency to take action that winds up having to be reconsidered or redirected later (during or after the retrograde period). You might feel very motivated, focused and driven to make progress with plans and ideas you have been thinking about, although needing to make some changes to these plans while Mars is retrograde. You could feel increasingly on a "short fuse" due to feeling pressured or stressed. You might become more sensitive to the hostility, anger, sexual energy, frustration or defensiveness in others. This tension could become unavoidable during the retrograde period, forcing you to deal with conflicts that have been building for a while. Or, tensions might suddenly drop during the retrograde, like the calm centre of a hurricane, giving you a period of "cease-fire" in which to reconsider your position and decide which battles are important enough to fight and which ones are best left alone. Your physical energy may also increase or decrease during this time.

Here are the key dates of this Mars cycle (for North American Eastern Time):

May.13 – Mercury conjunct Uranus (29:52 of Aries)

Communication and thoughts can be radical, spontaneous, unusual and uncharacteristic under this transit. You may be compelled to speak your mind to say things you've held back from saying before now. However, as the saying goes, there is a risk of "shooting off your mouth before your brains are loaded." It is a time when you are likely to be open-minded and flexible in your perceptions. Our eyes are wide open, and as a result, we may be a bit shocked, surprised or stunned by what we see. This can also release our creative genius and bring inspired clarity, especially as we look to the future. Encounters with groups, friends and the greater community are also possible at this time.

This could be an especially powerful transit! Mercury is conjoining Uranus in the final degree of Aries, just as Uranus is about to transition into Taurus. The final degree of a sign is always intense – the last chance to finish up business in the current sign, and can be either impatient to get into the next sign or dreading it. No pressure! ;-) With two cerebral planetary energies merging at that sensitive degree, don't be surprised if you are acutely aware of sudden or significant changes in the world around you. Communication and perceptions could be even more erratic, forceful or insightful than usual for this alignment since it pulls in a transitional, larger-than-life quality. If you watch and listen carefully, you might catch a glimpse of what kind of direction Uranus in Taurus is heading for...

May.13 – Mercury enters Taurus (until Jun.12)

Thoughts, communication and analysis work best when they are careful and methodical, during this transit. Your mental attitude and awareness may be somewhat serious and conservative – or down-to-earth, relaxed, and grounded in simple pleasures. Your perceptions may be a little slower to form, and you may have to search a little longer to find the right words. But there is also an increased ability to savour and appreciate your experiences more, and it can be a time when you can relax and recharge your mental batteries. You might find that your body instincts and sensory experience give you more information than your conscious thoughts. This is a good time to plan out how to manifest the ideas that sprang from your imagination in the past several weeks. Take your best ideas, perceptions and words and sow them like seeds. Then watch them grow over time.

Next Update:  NEW MOON in TAURUS. Available by May 15, 2018.

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