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Lunar Forecasts for August 11 to 26, 2018

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August 11 to 26, 2018

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There are so many layers of what is going on right now that you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Too much intensity, too much social media, too much struggle to understand what the &%#! is going on! It's as if we're all in a firestorm that feels like it's burning out of control. Do you bravely fight the fire or seek shelter to keep yourself safe and sane? With so much activity, it's not easy to know from one minute to the next what are your best choices.

However, this firestorm is also a burst of life force! Whatever wild energy is happening around you, this is the stuff that all life is made of. It is the will to survive, thrive and persist. As much as it is important to embrace it, it also needs to be handled with care, so you don't burn up or burn out. Finding the wisdom to choose your best path is among your highest spiritual priorities right now. This is a time of assessing and reassessing what the meaning of your life is, and whether it's time to change what you're doing or how you're doing it.

So, that confusion, ambiguity, uncertainty and struggle you're going through is actually an expression of your life force looking for a clearer way to understand and respond to events, situations and people in your life. This is not a quick fix or a flash decision, but will take time to come to clarity over the coming months. It's good to keep your mind and your options open for the time being – clarity doesn't usually respond well to being forced. Keep your attention on what's important to you, but be willing to see fresh perspectives and new information as well.

Lunar Forecast for the


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August 26 to September 9, 2018

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