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Lunar Forecasts for November 7 to December 7, 2018

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November 7 to 23, 2018

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

When it feels like there's a dark cloud hovering over your head most of the time, it's easy to become discouraged, depressed or lethargic. One way to uplift your outlook is to project a happier, more peaceful energy, which can often raise your mood and help get you through difficult times. But if you're just putting it on, then eventually you need to find out what's holding you back from being authentically grounded, centered and peaceful.

This New Moon cycle is the perfect time to explore any gaps between your outer mood expression and your hidden inner thoughts and feelings. We all have this, of course, but it's not healthy to live indefinitely with a gap between the two. So, right now is a good time to declutter your inner being—to clear out the obstacles inside you that prevent your energy from flowing freely between the inner and outer You. To do this, you'll need to look deep inside to discover what your polished outer demeanour might be masking. For example, are you confident and optimistic on the outside but secretly fearful or depressed underneath? Or perhaps you feel cynical and discouraged on the outside, while inside you still want to believe in things that disappoint you? Or you might be open to new ideas on the outside but unconsciously you try hard to keep things the same?

For the next few weeks you might feel a bit like a compass needle spinning in all directions, uncertain which way is right for you to go. It's good to stay aware of the currents of feelings flowing inside you. Some will probably contradict how you want to feel, and those are likely to be the most interesting of the bunch. They point to the nooks and crannies inside your heart and psyche where parts of you are struggling to emerge in a more genuine way. Stay aware. Remember that you can acknowledge feelings without necessarily acting on them until you've thought it through more clearly. And it's okay for this process to unfold over time; you don't have to do this all at once.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
November 23 to December 7, 2018

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You are at the beginning of a months long journey. This first step is about developing awareness about how you think, how you speak, how you express yourself and the ideas that motivate you. A good place to start this internal exploration is to think back to times in the past when you were especially moved to speak your mind or when an experience seized your mental focus so strongly that it was hard to think about anything else. This can include not just thoughts but also feelings, emotions and urges.

It is also a time to also think (and re-think) about the ethics, morals and principles that guide you. What ideals about your life do you envision, and how are you taking steps to put this into practice? Do you jump blithely to act on your intuitive flash of insight, or are you able to pause to figure out the best way to approach it? Ambiguity abounds right now, so applying a little structure, discipline and boundaries can be a big help in keeping uncertainty within manageable limits.

Awareness is the key, since you can't become more effective and successful without acknowledging and recognizing what you're already doing that could be improved. The next 5 months are a time when you can piece together some kind of fresh beginning, gradually, step by step. This could involve a dramatic breakthrough or perhaps a renovation of existing conditions in your life. For now, be open to new ideas, and a refreshed understanding of what kind of energy you put out. Is that the highest expression of who you are?

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