The Low-Down on the Far-Out

New Moon in Aquarius, February 4-19

Chart for the New Moon in Aquarius
Chart for the New Moon in Aquarius

Greetings dear reader! I am really excited to feature a special guest writer ~ Rev. John Marani. John has written the article for the New Moon in Aquarius, as well as the Sabian Symbol interpretation and the Lunar Forecast for the New Moon.

John is a wonderful Tarot reader and astrologer, and writes some of the most creative and fun stuff in his blog that I've seen in a long time. You can read more about him at the end of the article. My own day-to-day transits follow, as always, and I'll be back for the Full Moon in Virgo.

We will meet;
and there we may rehearse
most obscenely and courageously.
~ William Shakespeare, Midsummer Night's Dream.
Spoken by Bottom, Act I Sc. 2

Feb.04 – NEW MOON in AQUARIUS (15:45 of Aquarius)

Sun:Good evening, everyone, and welcome to our New Moon in Aquarius meeting! It’s been a long time since we all got together.

Pluto:[low voice] And there’s a reason why that is…

Moon:Pluto, please don’t be mean. I’ve caught up with Sol again, and that is something to celebrate.

Sun:Yes, indeed. Lady Moon says what we’re all feeling, as usual.

Saturn:Sir, you promised a limited meeting tonight. I’ve got a ton of work to do; you know…being the most put-upon of all of us…

Jupiter:Here we go…what a hard life you’ve had, oh King of Knee Replacements!

Moon:Please, gentlemen…

Saturn:[SIGH] Proceed, Lady Moon.

There is no creation without tradition;
the 'new' is an inflection on a preceding form;
novelty is always a variation on the past.
~ Carlos Fuentes, Myself with Others: Selected Essays

Moon:Thank you, Saturn. I would think you’d be more excited since I’m in one of the signs you rule this time.

Saturn:I don’t do excited, Lady Moon, as the young people of today would say. That’s a way of life for more unstable planets, I’m sure. But I am glad in this chart there’s such a focus on my particular restricted energy.

Planets in Capricorn and Aquarius

Moon:Yes, there is. You’re sitting in rulership in Capricorn right now, and with this new Moon I’m hoping it brings people a nice blend of your energy in both of your signs, Capricorn and Aquarius. New activities will come that involve making the world better, and the Aquarius New Moon asks the question, “How can we innovate? How can we make traditional solutions better?”


Venus:[whispers] Mars, we talked about this!

Mars:Come on! People call me a Neanderthal and no one wants to say it, but traditional is BORING! Amirite?

Uranus:That’s why we need to innovate, Mars! Saturn provides us a structure in Capricorn, but change up that structure—use the parts of it in a way that makes the most sense—and that’s where true innovation comes in!

Mercury:That’s right! New information can come to light and can be assimilated into old structures—

Moon:And old is not a euphemism for “bad”, Old Man!

Saturn:The old ways are the best ways, and you’re not convincing me otherwise! If they didn’t work, they wouldn’t be the old ways, would they?

Mercury:I see some logical holes in that argument, Saturn, and do not suggest you proceed with this line of thought.

Jupiter:Finally, someone with a brain! I can only hope we’ll find someone else with one in this room someday!

Saturn:Jupiter, your expansive opinion is not needed at this juncture.

Jupiter:Since when has that ever stopped me, Mr. Depression?

Sun:[to Jupiter and Saturn] I told you two to not antagonize each other!

Jupiter:It’s so much fun, though!

To understand the heart and mind of a person,
look not at what he has already achieved,
but at what he aspires to.
~ Kahlil Gibran, The Madman

Moon:And while we’re talking about you, Jupiter…

Jupiter:We were?

Moon:We are now. [to audience] As you can see, Jupiter in Sagittarius is running off at the mouth again, exaggerating his points.

Neptune:[takes a pull from his flask] And he’s making a square to little old me, so lots of folks are going to get lost in their desire for mind expansion and maybe do things to excess, like have a little too much alcohol. To be fair, I don’t know if there is such a thing; in Pisces, I drink like a fish, to be sure. Want to hear some of my poetry? Or one of my new songs?

Moon:Maybe…another time, Nep. [to Mercury] Mercury, perhaps you could talk about where you are?

Mercury:Yes, ma’am. You and I about five degrees apart, even though you’re going to overtake me soon after the New Moon.

Moon:Very true, Mercury. And I challenge everyone to try to make sense of their heads and hearts right now, since mixed signals may be coming in.

Mercury:Absolutely, Lady Moon. There may be a tendency to be a bit too…standoffish or aloof, perhaps, with both of us here in Aquarius.

Moon:People are going to try to apply their analytical brain to their emotional body, Mercury, and that’s a challenging proposition for anyone!

Saturn:And my rulership over this New Moon may make embracing more difficult this time around. That’s a good thing, though…I’ve never found much use for emotion myself. [PAUSE] Oh, my apologies, Lady Moon. No offense intended.

Moon:None taken, Old Man. I know how you operate after all these years, so the fact that you offered any apology at all shows that you’re on your best behavior tonight.

Saturn:I have no reason for misconduct, Lady Moon, considering that five of these lovely planets are under my influence tonight.

Jupiter:[to Saturn in mocking voice] Oh, please favor us with your…your soul-killing boredom, my Lord! [normal voice] Can we say EGO TRIP? And they say I expand things!

Sun:Jupiter, your desire to shoot your Sagittarian arrows for this New Moon is certainly understandable. But as usual you’ve taken it too far.

I hated being careful, too – or wanted to, at least.
~ John Green, Looking for Alaska

Sun:Could we hear from someone we haven’t heard from yet? Venus?

Venus:Yes, sir. Ma’am, I’m sitting in Capricorn in this chart and I’m asking for relationships that involve stability and long-term objectives. Also, people who have to buy for others should seek out small, thoughtful, quality gifts, rather than high-priced, overblown trinkets. But since I just moved into Capricorn, I’m really not connected to anyone else in this chart…I’m just sort of here, and that’s fine, but I’m not particularly well-integrated, so I may be far from people’s minds, but hopefully not from their hearts!

Moon:Venus in Capricorn poses some big questions, certainly, like how conventional do relationships need to be? And how long could this relationship last?

Saturn:I’m always looking at the long term, but I’ve had a few moments where I don’t feel like I know where I’m going, and it’s unsettling. I’d say it’s probably Neptune’s fault; the path before me is unclear.

Neptune:I’ll gladly fall on my sword! [takes a swig from flask] But you and I have some opportunities, Old Man, since we’re about sixty degrees apart.

Little Eye aspect pattern

Mercury:Yes, that configuration—with the Sun and Moon making a semi-sextile to both you, Nep, and the old Man—is exceptionally rare, Lady Moon. People will have to take opportunities to dream about how their futures might be, but also take concrete steps to bring them to life in the real world. And it might involve a little bit of ego adjustment as well, but nothing folks can’t handle, I’m sure.

Mars:That’s what I’m talking about! Take some action, people, while you’ve got the energy to do it! I’m in Aries so go kick some ass and take names!

Uranus:And be careful of accidents, too!

Mars:Come on, Urnie! Not you too, with the whole being careful thing! Careful is boring too!

Uranus:I’ll agree that accidents are exciting, Mars, but most people don’t share your sentiment, so could you hit us with that one more time so we get it?

Mars:[pouts] FINE, URNIE! Let me try again! [pauses] Most of you resolutionaries are headed back to the gym, probably trying some new exercise machines under this new Moon!

Sun:Mars, what’s a "resolutionary"?

Mars:Oh, you know, sir, those stupid idiots that get a gym membership because they think they’re gonna lose weight this year, and they only go once before they realize it’s not their year?

Uranus:With you and I conjunct, Mars, and with me in your sign of Aries…and the potential for accidents…and people new to gym equipment…

Mars:[eyes widening] OH HOLY CRAP! Watch out for GROIN PULLS!

Sun:—and with that, and your permission, Lady Moon, I think we’ll adjourn. Thanks everyone!

Moon:[Lady Moon nods]

Venus:[turns to Mars] You must be thick, Mars. Groin pulls?

Mars:It’s legit! I swear!

On our own, we are marshmallows and dried spaghetti, but together we can become something bigger.
~ C.B. Cook

Rev. John Marani is a certified professional astrologer (NCGR-1) and certified Tarot Master. He holds a diploma from the Midwest School of Astrology and speaks regularly on tarot and astrology to regional conferences and meetings. His blog, Metaphysical Meanderings, covers astrology, tarot, and other related topics. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.


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Feb.07 – Sun sextile Jupiter (18:56 of Aquariius/Sagittarius)  (Feb.08 in UK, AU)

This is a time when your understanding of the Big Picture and your place within it has the potential to click into place. As a result, your confidence and self-esteem can be quite high right now. Your ability to see opportunities and possibilities more clearly can produce an experience of being "lucky." Your insight into life and the world around you may be especially bright, optimistic and inspired. This is a "feel-good" transit, when your sense of self can seem to expand and become free. You may feel especially connected to spiritual energy during this time. Just be careful that all this self-assurance and "knowing" doesn't backfire, by overestimating the extent of your knowledge or underestimating the reaction of your audience. It is possible to become a bit self-indulgent under this transit, so be careful not to overdo it. Beyond a reasonable caution, this is a transit to enjoy!

Feb.07 – Mercury sextile Mars (25:40 of Aquarius/Aries)  (Feb.08 in UK, AU)

There is a potential now to find the courage to speak your mind and say what needs to be said, if you focus consciously on doing so. In fact, your ideas and words may come so quickly and easily that it's hard to stop them from tumbling out of your mouth before you've had a chance to evaluate the best way to say them. Communication is probably easiest and most effective when it's direct, concise and quick, although it might also be a bit blunt or pointed. If you need to confront someone about a difficult situation, this transit can provide courage and clear words to help you do that – although perhaps a bit too forceful when a more delicate, sensitive touch is called for. It is a time when you might find the nerve to take risks, or to defend yourself if the need arises (especially verbally). This is a good transit for creative problem solving and trying on decisions to see if they fit.

Feb.09 – Mars square North Lunar Node (26:32 of Aries/Cancer)  (Feb.08 in HAST, AKST)  ("What's a Lunar Node?")

For a week or so, it might feel like the actions you must take to deal with current circumstances are at cross purposes to what you see as your higher purpose or optimal direction in life. You might feel at odds with others, or in the wrong place at the wrong time. On the other hand, this can be a time when being forced to take a temporary "detour" off your chosen path can bring an opportunity to gather new resources, information or insight that can actually help you more, in the long run, than if you had stayed on the main path. However, there's never any one way to experience a given transit. The question becomes: is veering off the main path something that enables you to avoid something you should be facing? Or is does this detour bring you to a new perspective or resources that you are resisting because it's off the main path? Either way, it's a good idea to balance your impulses and passions with mindful awareness.

Feb.09 – Mercury sextile Uranus (29:05 of Aquarius/Aries)  (Feb.10 in AU)

There is potential for brilliance and excitement under this transit. You may be more spontaneous, upbeat and eccentric than usual. If you are used to a fairly predictable lifestyle, it is a time when you may be inspired to experiment with something out of character. If you are used to being whacky, zany and impulsive, this transit can provide opportunities to express this. You may have an increased ability to "think outside the box" if you stretch your mind a little, and there is the possibility of having an "ah-ha!" experience, when answers and realisations fall into place. There is also the possibility of being mentally restless, so that it's hard to slow down your thoughts or apply yourself seriously to your responsibilities. Your attention span may be a bit short for a couple of days. This energy can be used to consider new ideas that seemed outlandish or impossible before, and see new potential in them.

Feb.10 – Mercury enters Pisces (until Apr.17)

Imagination, dreams, creativity and intuition are more easily accessible while Mercury floats through Pisces. You may be more impressionable, appreciative and open to ideas that previously had seemed improbable, unrealistic or silly. This is a good transit for any creative work – writing, music, artistic projects, or just putting ideas together in new ways. Problem solving could benefit now, because it may be easier to think beyond the limiting boundaries of the situation. On the other hand, it might also be easier to become caught in confusion, ambiguity or ambivalence, since the sharp edges of definition may be easily blurred or distorted. This is a time when the "Right Brain" – the intuitive, creative and non-rational side of the mind – can be more active. As a result, meditation, dreams and daydreams may be more accessible. Unfortunately, illusion and deception might also be more convincing and enticing, since critical and objective thinking could be a bit harder to maintain. You might also experience some mental lethargy and need to give your mind a rest. Try going to a movie, or read an entertaining novel, or spend some quality "alone time" with yourself. Or, take a long walk in a park or by a body of water, where you can enjoy the luxury of just appreciating nature and "being" instead of "doing." Some harmless or entertaining escapism can be a great way to give yourself a mental vacation – just don't get stuck there. Explorations of spiritual experience and thought can also bring new insights and inspiration under this transit.

Feb.13 – Mars conjunct Uranus (29:11 of Aries)  (Feb.12 in HAST, AKST, PST, MST)

This can be a potent, exciting and/or explosive time! Your energy level may be a bit wonky with a lot of ups and downs. However, there is also likely to be a lot of energy to harness for whatever purpose you want to apply it to – just don't expect to always be able to draw on it predictably or consistently. If you have wanted to take action to break free of old habits or patterns, this is a great time to do that. Or, you might want to begin a new project that is unusual or experimental. This spurt of energy probably won't last, so you'll need to follow it up with some structure, discipline and realism if you want to continue whatever you've started. In the meantime, make the most of this upsurge of energy, motivation and drive, but remember that if you become reckless or destructive, you'll have to live with the consequences.

Feb.14 – Mars enters Taurus (until Mar.31)

Making steady progress with your goals and stabilising your energy are among the effects of this transit. In general, this is a good time to move forward with your ambitions, especially doing the "grunt work" of routine, methodical work – putting one foot in front of the other, as it were, and making slow steady progress in your projects. It's a great time to "make hay while the Sun shines" but don't stay out so long you get sunburned. In other words, be careful not to get so locked into one direction or focus that you become stubborn, rigid, counterproductive, overcautious, or burn out from workaholism. It's common for physical energy to sag and slow down somewhat, although it will usually make up for it in endurance. Mars wants to be fast and impulsive; Taurus wants to go slow and steady. The trick is to pace yourself: do a little every day and don't beat yourself up if you can't do it all at once.

Feb.17 – Venus sextile Neptune (15:29 of Capricorn/Pisces)  (Feb.16 in HAST, AKST)

Artistry, romance, creativity and faith have the potential to flow freely now. Your creative Muse is whispering in your ear, although it will still take your own elbow grease to turn it into something real. Socially and romantically, things could run smoothly and even a bit magically, so be sure you are clear in yourself about what you really want. This can be a time of blessings and abundance (in all areas of life) ...but there is also the risk of overspending and being overly optimistic in your assumptions about money and relationships. Your natural beauty and warmth can be brought out by this transit, but don't just waste it on creating a façade of outer glamour and charm. Let the essence of your inner beauty and pure spirit shine through your appearance and mannerisms!

Feb.18 – Sun sextile Uranus (29:21 of Aquarius/Aries)

You are more open than usual to spontaneity, surprises and "flying by the seat of your pants!" Your sense of humour and fun are more finely tuned during this transit, as is your ability to break out of old outworn habits. It's a great time to try new things and experiment with something that's out of character for you. In fact, it may be surprising how easy it is to break out of your usual much so that it's good to be careful not to be too reckless under this transit. Just have fun pushing the envelope! You may also find you want things to be spontaneous and new and out-of-the-ordinary so much that it's hard not to feel restless and dissatisfied with ordinary life right now. But remember that trying to plan spontaneity defeats the purpose of the exercise. And if you are hungering for something new but can't seem to find something satisfying, try digging a little deeper to see what is driving that hunger from inside you. You could find surprising answers.

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Feb.18 – Chiron enters Aries (until 2026)  (Feb.17 in HAST)  Article: Chiron in Aries ~ The Wounded Warrior

Chiron finally makes it back into Aries after retreating back into Pisces since Sep.25.2018 to do a final preparation before his 7-year journey through Aries. Aries is about taking action (among other things), so Chiron working through Aries is about the wounds and struggles we encounter around how, when and why we take action in situations that may not have a clear path to a resolution. On one hand, Chiron in Aries could rip off the bandage, trying to get the pain over with all at once. In that sense, we could be confronted abruptly with the need to deal with sensitive issues, with few options to reduce the stress.

On the other hand, Chiron in Aries can be about the need to take some kind of action, even when it doesn't solve the problem. The challenge is to do what you can do, even if it's not enough. After Chiron's Pisces lesson to learn how to surrender, the Aries lesson is to balance this out with action in whatever way you can.

Feb.18 – Venus conjunct Saturn (16:46 of Capricorn)

The serious structure and responsibility of Saturn combines with the desire for pleasure, beauty and material abundance in Venus. This can be a good time to make concrete plans about financial matters (e.g., investments, budgeting, purchases, etc.), although this will work best if you do some serious research first, rather than simply going for whatever seems to "feel good." This is a time to begin a process of commitment, whether that involves developing your resources to achieve a certain goal, or negotiating the terms of a relationship or partnership. However, in order to clear the way for new commitments to flourish down the road, sometimes old commitments must be brought to a close first. So this may also be a time when previous involvements or plans may come to an end, especially if they no longer fulfil your needs or lack enough potential to reach your desired goals. In a similar way, you might find yourself blocked from being able to move forward in the areas of relationships, finances or pleasures. These areas may require some reworking or reconsideration before you're ready to proceed.

Feb.18 – Sun enters Pisces (until Mar.20)  (Feb.19 in AU)

Happy Solar Return to all Pisces! While the Sun travels through Pisces we all have a chance to attune ourselves to our intuitive, creative, spiritual and reflective nature. This can be a time when dreams may become more important, meaningful or frequent, as the unconscious swells into consciousness. It is a time to spend quality alone time with yourself away from the noisy world, so that you can tune in to the still, small voice within. This might be done through meditation, prayer or seclusion. Although not necessary to do in seclusion, you might also connect with that inner space through music, art, dance, yoga, Tai Chi or walking a labyrinth. This is a non-rational space (not necessarily the same as irrational) that emerges from the formlessness of the unconscious full of possibilities for manifestation. Pisces holds the gateway to our source of creativity and our spiritual Source. It points the way to the Great Unknown, where all life begins. Therefore, while the Sun is in Pisces, we have a chance to meditate on our relationship to this womb of creative energy. So try your hand at writing poetry. Or, try drawing or painting, especially with your non-dominant hand. Immerse yourself in a warm bath and listen to the most beautiful music you can find. Walk through a labyrinth, or walk through a forest. Take some time to just BE.

Feb.19 – Mercury conjunct Neptune (15:34 of Pisces)  (Feb.18 in HAST, AKST, PST, MST)

The imagination soars under this transit! Possibilities seem richer, insights appear more magical and creativity flows like liquid honey. Your intuition is likely to be more fluid, and you may even have psychic experiences. Dreams may be more vivid and active, including daydreams. You may feel a need for quiet meditation or just being alone with your own thoughts. Your mental focus may seem a bit blurred, although in the outer edges you may catch a glimpse of ideas and possibilities that you don't ordinarily notice. It can be an inspiring time if you are involved in creative activities, like artwork, music, writing and other creative forms of communication and self-expression. This is a time when your "Right Brain" (intuitive, creative, non-rational) may be very active. In fact, it might be a bit difficult to bring a sharp focus to your "Left Brain" (logical, rational, realistic). Your judgment and ability to be objective may be off, and you could be more prone to wishful thinking and flights of fantasy. If you're making an important decision now, it may be wise to do a reality check with a trusted friend before you commit yourself.

Feb.19 – Mercury enters the Retrograde Shadow (16:05 of Pisces; until Apr.16)  (Feb.20 in AU)   ("What's the Shadow?"  Read my articles about Retrograde Cycles.  Read my article about Mercury Retrograde.)

Mercury is now "in the Shadow" – the area of Zodiac where it will later go retrograde in about 2½ weeks time. During its retrograde cycle, Mercury travels through the same span of the Zodiac three times (called the Shadow). The first time through, it is going in direct motion (moving forward), then retrograde (looks like it's going backwards), and then direct again. This means there is a more extensive process of development and change involved with things that Mercury influences—ideas, thoughts, frame of mind and mental focus. It also concerns the collection, exchange, analysis and organisation of information. All forms of communication are also affected. This includes not just talking, but also email and snail mail, the Internet, the media in general, books and magazines, as well as public transit (buses, trains, etc.) and neighbourhoods.


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The situations developing over the next couple of weeks (leading up to when Mercury actually goes retrograde) will likely require further research, deeper consideration and adjustments to unexpected discoveries over the next couple of months. Expect changes in your plans, increasingly disrupted communication, and new information coming to light that may not fit conveniently into your plans. It's wise to leave lots of extra time to do things, to plan future projects and get to wherever you're going. Patience is a valuable quality during this time. If you must make important decisions during this time, try to build some flexibility into your plans to allow for later changes—or if possible, you may want to delay final or irrevocable decisions until well after Mercury goes direct.

Mercury makes 3 passes of the following transits during this retrograde cycle:

Here are the key dates of this Mercury cycle (for North American Eastern Time):

Next Update:  FULL MOON in VIRGO. Available by February 19, 2019.

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