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Lunar Forecasts for March 6 to April 5, 2019

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March 6 to 20, 2019

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

If you're trying to do things that require precision, logic or clarity, you might find that those qualities are a bit hard to come by for a while. In fact, it might feel more like you're spinning your wheels, especially if you're trying to do things quickly. That doesn't mean you should give up on whatever you're trying to do, but it does mean a change in your approach will help. The energy for March is very fluid, changeable, ambiguous and intuitive, so it helps to stay flexible and light on your feet, so to speak.

This is a time when it's good to slow down a bit. Try to take things as they come as much as you can. Trying to force the issue of whatever isn't flowing naturally in your direction is more likely to just confuse things and add more stress to the situation. If it feels like the proverbial ground is shifting under your feet, that's probably because there are big changes happening that require some rearranging of the components in your life.

Don't be surprised if you find that your mood and intuition aren't cooperating very easily with your ambition and principles. For example, you might have grand plans to forge ahead with something, but somehow it's hard to get going and stay moving. Interruptions could prove annoying, so keep your patience and your sense of humour handy. It can also help to approach the next few weeks in a philosophical, detached way. You may find that those obstacles or distractions actually gift you with new information, a fresh perspective, a unique insight or a blessing in disguise.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
March 20 to April 5, 2019

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You've been making preparations since November to embark on a new project, goal or direction. This is a long-term aspiration, and as a result you've had to do extra preparation before you are able to move forward at a steady pace. So, if you feel like you've been all over the map these past months, and not terribly consistent about something you want to achieve, that's okay. You haven't dropped the thread of it; you're still picking up all the strands before you're ready to get into a rhythm with it.

This phase of the process involves finding a new, better balance. You've considered and experimented with a number of possibilities in the last several months. Before you're ready to take your next step, it is a time to pause for a moment, take stock of what you've done so far, consider your options and pick your next move. Acknowledge what you've done that has worked—even if it seems trivial or minor. Congratulations! It's important to celebrate the little victories. It's also a time to contemplate what hasn't worked as well, and why, and what you can do to support yourself so that you can add these to your successes.

It may help this re-balancing process to become more aware of your Archetypal Feminine and Archetypal Masculine. When out of balance, these two energies may seem to pull you in opposite or extreme directions—compliant versus controlling, people-pleasing versus domineering, or focused on others' needs versus only seeing your own needs. At best, though, they are different yet indispensable colours in your paintbox, so that you can use either one when needed without the other being driven to overpower it. Stay flexible, stay alert and avoid an all-or-nothing kind of perspective. All things in balance.

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