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Lunar Forecasts for April 22 to May 22, 2020

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April 22 to May 7, 2020

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

How are you managing in this is a scary, disorienting and distressing time? Everyone is affected by this COVID-19 crisis a little differently. Your personal situation is unique, even though you share a lot with others who have similar difficulties. So, while it might be helpful to be inspired by how others are coping during this time, it's wise not to compare yourself to others. Be gentle with yourself and supportive of whatever you're going through. On top of everything else, the last thing you need is to beat yourself up with high expectations.

Without sounding too "Pollyanna" about it, there are opportunities right now hidden in the upsets. It might feel like something in your life is broken but this is a time to sort out what is still helpful and fulfilling from what no longer lets you feel secure or grounded.

It's important to acknowledge your feelings and take care of yourself emotionally and spiritually, as well as physical. But it's not good to get stuck in depression or fear or anger. So, while you're seeing what is broken or changed or disturbing, think too about what you can begin to change that will point you in a positive direction even after all of this is over. Surround it in a aura of love and courage and send your intention into the future.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
May 7 to 22, 2020

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

We're in tough times, no doubt about it. We hear about death every day from COVID-19. You might have lost a friend or a loved one, or even be worried that your own life could be in jeopardy. It takes a lot of guts to get up every day and face the intensity of our world right now. Even if you are relatively unaffected by the pandemic, it's probably hitting you harder than you realize. So, the first thing to be aware of is that your emotions, reactions and thoughts are probably running at a more concentrated level than usual. This might be triggered especially by the radical changes in how we must keep in touch with each other and stay connected. And unfortunately this is likely to be with us to some extent for most of this year, so keep working on creative and innovative coping strategies to help you deal with this.

The second thing to be aware of is how important it is not to lose hope. Not necessarily to hope for a specific outcome—because we can't always control the outcome of a crisis—but just to carry a sense of faith that you will get through this. And not to immerse yourself in denial or distractions that focus on what seems like a bigger problem, but to allow yourself to move fluidly from one feeling to the next, knowing that you don't have to get stuck in any one particular experience. Life is continual change, including your own frame of mind.

And lastly, be open to going inward to explore the deeper aspects of what it means to you to participate in social distancing and protection of both yourself and others around you. Most of us are feeling something about this – what is it for you? Lonely, isolated, relieved, abandoned, inspired, creative, sad, angry, and so on. For the next 6 weeks, examine what is/isn't working in your relationships with friends and family. Are there changes you would like to see? Are you puzzled or unhappy or curious about why there is a particular energy between you and someone? Try finding the information resources you need online, or buy books about it through online bookstores.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home whenever possible, and stay sane. :-)

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