The Low-Down on the Far-Out

New Moon in Virgo, September 17, 2020

Chart for the New Moon in Virgo
Chart for the New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo
Untangling Knots, Herding Cats

All those clean, fresh starts had made me forget
what it was like, until now, to be messy
and honest and out of control. To be real.
~ Sarah Dessen, What Happened to Goodbye

Sep.17 – NEW MOON in VIRGO (25:00 of Virgo)

Virgo is associated with purification, cleansing, and bringing things to perfection. This is a tireless task! As they say, the devil's in the details, and Virgo is nothing if not obsessed with details. And this New Moon chart has a lot of little details to sift through.

New Moon sesquiquadrate Uranus

Let's start with the fact that the New Moon (Moon conjunct Sun) has a number of very tight aspects to other planets. Uranus is sesquiquadrate (135° at just 0:15 orb). Uranus loves the unpredictable and is allergic to things that are overly organized, which will be a difficult influence for Virgo which tends to get anxious when organization and order are out of reach.

So, the Virgo part of us that wants the world's current craziness to calm the frack down and come together in a well-behaved way, may feel like there will never be an end to the chaos, confusion and clutter. This is where Virgo's Mutable nature will come in handy, making it easier to go with the flow and adapt moment-to-moment to the changing situation. It might not be comfortable, but it is doable.

On the other hand, Uranus can help break up a situation that needs to be "washed clean" of old habits, expectations and standards that have become rigid, stuck or outmoded. Think of Uranus as applying high-powered spray-cleaning to a long-time build-up of uniformity and conformity for its own sake.

New Moon square Lunar Nodes

The Lunar Nodes are square the New Moon (90° at just 0:29 orb). When the Sun squares the Nodes it is known as "Moon Wobbles" – a bit of a misnomer since it need not involve the Moon, as such.

The effect, however, can bring up stressful conflict and contradiction between who you are and where you need to go in your life right now. A Mutable New Moon squaring the Nodes in Mutable signs is very much about making changes and adapting our responses and actions.

So, similar to the Uranus effect, the Nodes may show the ways in which we need to fine-tune our direction so that it will be more likely to bring us to a more wholesome outcome. Again, this may well be awkward or unnerving, but it is a necessary part of the process.

There is beauty even in the ugliest mess,
and it's the artist's job to find it.
~ Charlotte Eriksson

Saturn is tightly trine the New Moon (120° at just 0:26 orb). Since Saturn—especially while in Capricorn—is an authoritative expert at applying order and structure, this could help keep all that changing Mutable energy from going completely off the rails. However, trines can be lazy creatures that would rather sit back and enjoy the feel-good energy than get up and actually do something to make it happen.

New Moon trine Jupiter, Pluto

So, if you're feeling overwhelmed by life being a chaotic mess right now, it will help to make a point of reaching out for stability. Connect with actions, people and resources that can remind you of the things that help you find your calm centre. Take some time to slow down, take a breath, and let go of any tension.

Pluto is also trine the New Moon (2:27 orb), which suggests it can be helpful to aim not just for structure and order but also a process of transformation. In other words, let your actions take you more deeply into what you're trying to accomplish. You might need to face some uneasy truth about why you haven't done this work before now, which is a good thing – you can't change what you don't acknowledge. If something has been in your way, preventing you from moving into progress, it is essential to understand what that is so that you can move it out of your way.

Life is pretty messy these days, so it can help to let yourself focus on what you can do right now to bring a little symmetry and regularity back into it. Start with little things and work your way up to bigger things. Take one or two pieces of clutter and put them where they belong or where they're not "in the way."

Make a to-do list. If you're stuck in depression, lethargy or discouragement, pick one or two things you can do that doesn't take a lot of time and energy. Even a couple of small things can help you feel like at least you're doing something, even if it's just a little thing.

Break down bigger projects into smaller steps; then work on them as you find the time, energy, willpower and focus. This is also helpful if you're struggling with more energy than you know what to do with and need a focus to burn off the anxiety. Take on a bigger project that you can pour yourself into, but try to keep it structured and methodical so that you don't lose your focus in erratic reactions.

We get a second chance at everything,
including our mistakes.
~ Christopher X. Shade, The Good Mother of Marseille

Saturn and Pluto are distinguishing themselves in another way this month. Back in January, they were exactly conjunct. This led to an explosion that has had mounting ripple effects for the last 9 months, from COVID-19 to conflicts over racial injustice, to abuses of power by police and other authorities, and more.

Now at the birth of a new season in September, Saturn and Pluto are again closely conjunct. Although they have no more exact passes of this conjunction (not until 2053), on September 26 they are just 2:50 apart (their closest since January) and they hover at that orb from Sep.23 to 30. (Read my new article about this: Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2.0 ~ Second Chances.)

What adds to the Saturn-Pluto energy are two considerations:

(1) Saturn stations direct on Sep.29, just 2:33 shy of conjoining January's Saturn-Pluto conjunction. That means Saturn is extra powerful while he and Pluto are at their closest proximity in September. This is a no-nonsense encounter, with Saturn shaping our experiences to work constructively with our shared reality.

(2) During this time, Pluto makes two passes over January's Saturn-Pluto conjunction point (Aug.29, Nov.07), and stations direct in between (Oct.04).

Suffice to say that from August through November, it will be necessary for us to dance with the Saturn-Pluto energy again. And being such an extended period of time, involving 2 planetary stations, it means we will need all our strength to sustain us through these coming months.

I've discussed this at more length below (see Sep.26). This has big implications for the New Moon in Virgo, as well as the upcoming Full Moon in Aries (Oct.01). We could see a repeat or echo of some of the effects that emerged back in January (e.g. from a "second wave" of the pandemic to ultra-reactive extreme political movements on both ends of the spectrum).

On the other hand, this could be a chance for a do-over in how we handle the problems that have risen from that initial conjunction. This may be easier to do on an individual level or within small groups (e.g. family or friends). Changing the flow of reactions on a collective level is a lot harder, and the struggle between conflicting urges, perceptions and values gets played out on a much larger stage, creating drama that takes on a life of its own.

The Virgo New Moon is trine Saturn and Pluto as their energies pull at each other. This adds an extra edge to the New Moon, especially for the options and choices we are faced with in how we utilize the Virgo energy. As we attempt to organize the chaos and tidy up the disarray, we may teeter between wanting to just impose strict rules (removing the ambiguity of discerning right from wrong) versus allowing each situation to lead us in deciding the best way to proceed.

Either way of working with Saturn, Pluto and Virgo has its pros and cons, but the important thing to remember is what you want the end result to look like or feel like or be like. When you're trying to perfect something, part of it is to clean out all the bits that are dysfunctional, counterproductive or that interfere with what you want to end up with. Another part is put something better in its place – something more constructive or consistent with your vision, or fresh energy that can grow into something new and will eventually serve your best intentions.

I'm a mess right now I can't eat can't sleep
Bills are piling high ain't worked in three weeks
Ain't bathed can't shave cause my heart is
so tender like living in a blender
I'm shaken and I'm stirred
~ Anthony Hamilton

Mars is squaring Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn 3 times, from this past August through January 2021. Most of that time Mars is in its own sign of Fiery, in-yer-face Aries (although the final squares to Jupiter and Saturn in January will be from Taurus).

Mars square Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn

Adding to the Mars-square intensity is that Jupiter and Pluto are tightly parallel by declination (see declination graph below). On Oct.03, they reach the last of their 6 exact parallels since the beginning of 2019, although they will linger within a 1½° orb until the beginning of December. They also form their final conjunction on Nov.12. Idealism, judgment and the quest for meaning amid the struggles become intense and possibly obsessive under these energies.

The first passes of the Mars squares to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto took place in August (4th, 13th, 24th). During that time, our Mars energy was activated. Ordinarily, we would expect to experience this through reasonably healthy anger, assertiveness, motivation, determination, enthusiasm, spontaneity, adventurousness.

Declination graph

However, this has been a very exhausting year on many levels, and when we're tired it's harder to tap into the more constructive side of Mars, and easier to succumb to its more destructive side through aggression, rage, resentment, hostility, combativeness and possibly violence. On the other hand, if you get stuck in overwhelm or discouragement, Mars energy can "go underground" in the form of depression, lethargy, cynicism, pessimism, passive-aggression, denial or despair.

Since Mars is triggering the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio from August to January, it's a good idea to find healthy ways to work off or work through how you experience and express Mars. Physical activity is a good example, as well as finding ways to communicate how you feel (e.g. journal writing, counselling, creative expression through art, music, dance, etc).

The Mars-Saturn square (which is active in the New Moon chart) is a good reminder that when you're on overload, it's often better to take a break and try again later, so your exhaustion and determination don't turn into obsession that you can't let go.

Mars turned retrograde on Sep.09, just a week before the New Moon, and is still less than a quarter of its average speed. Mars is an important player in the New Moon chart because of its square to Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn, and being very slow right now increases its potency.

Another reason is that it is very tightly parallel the Moon by declination (0:13 orb). This puts a high-octane spin of intensity and forcefulness on the effects of the New Moon and the 4-week lunar cycle that it begins. Mars also has a wide but applying quincunx aspect to the New Moon (150°).

As a result, you or those around you (on and offline) may be unusually confrontational, aggressive, reactive or quick-tempered. And yet, settling conflicts or easing emotional reactions may be difficult to resolve. It may feel like no one around you is "on the same page" with regard to points of disagreement, and finding common ground may be elusive. Therefore, it can be a time when irritation and frustration are never far from the surface. It may take the rest of the lunar cycle to find a constructive way to deal with the controversy or contradictions that linger.

This makes it even more important to find healthy outlets for Mars energy, since there's a risk that Virgo's quest for perfection could morph into an obsession with maintaining precise, flawless excellence (which is extremely difficult to establish, much less sustain). Although it might not feel that way, Mars' square to Saturn can make a good ally, since Saturn can help you remember to avoid burnout and to keep your focus realistic and constructive.

Open your eyes. This horrible mess is your life.
There is no sense in waiting for it to get better.
Stop putting it off and live it.
~ Robin Hobb, The Mad Ship

The Mars square to Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto is echoed on the other side of the zodiac by Mercury, which is just beginning a sequences of square aspects to the Big Three. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, making his role a very important one in the chart. Currently in Libra, Mercury seeks balance, diplomacy and peace. However, this could be quite a challenge when he's being disrupted and pushed around by those outer planets.

Mercury square Jupiter

Mercury is precisely square Jupiter at the New Moon (0:01 orb!). This square aspect made extra-strong by the fact that Jupiter is still virtually stationary, having turned direct just 5 days ago (Sep.12). Jupiter's agenda of higher principles and greater understanding will not be easily dismissed.

It's not enough to merely aspire to a sense of fairness – it must also speak to justice, morality and honesty. The conflicting square aspect suggests this need could be triggered by an apparent absence of these qualities. The risk is not simply that the best possible outcome might remain out of reach, but that we could go overboard in trying to right the wrongs and bring life back into better balance.

Mercury also applies to a square to Pluto (exact on Sep.21), which takes the Mercury-Jupiter issues and pushes them into a corner where it might feel like dire consequences could ensue if you don't "get it right." It's helpful to remember that Pluto's agenda is not to be a Big Meanie but to invoke transformation.

So: What exactly will that fairness, justice and balance look like to both sides of the equation? If you're only trying to affect one side, it could create unwanted or unjustified effects on the other side. Somehow both sides of the conflict need to feel that they haven't just been robbed of something essential.

In mathematics, 2+3 = 4+1 = 7-2 = 5. They all express the same amount. But in human computations, different ways of arranging the factors may not feel the same. As a result, there can be resistance—or insistence—regarding the reorganization of how that balance is evaluated and accomplished.

With Pluto involved, that could be difficult to achieve balance since the perception (Mercury) of what constitutes a fair solution may need to be changed. In that sense, Jupiter's role may be to encourage a broader perspective that can illustrate a fresh way of seeing the issues and assessing the potential outcome.

So, your homework during this upcoming lunar cycle (Sep.17 to Oct.01) is to explore different ways of establishing a solution to conflicts and problems. Whatever feels out of balance or jumbled in your life lately, examine new ways of reorganizing it so that it works better and allows you to feel more like yourself.

Mercury also approaches a square aspect to Saturn. Mercury will soon move into his next retrograde cycle—in the shadow Sep.23-Nov.19, and retrograde Oct.13-Nov.03. So, although there is only one exact square to Jupiter and Pluto, Mercury makes three squares to Saturn – Sep.23, Nov.01 and Nov.06. This creates a longer-term process of coming to terms with the realities of what is necessary in order to manifest the solutions you choose to pursue as a result of Mercury's square to Jupiter and Pluto.

And maybe life isn't as hard as it seems to be
Every day could be a mess, but darling, you see
One of the few places you will always find peace
Owes its breeze to the constant chaos in the sea...
~ Sanhita Baruah

Neptune opp New Moon, qcx Mercury

The New Moon in Virgo begins a 4-week lunar cycle. With so much going on in the chart, your assignment during this cycle is a multi-faceted one. It might seem for a while like you're "herding cats" as the saying goes, trying to gather together different factors, feelings, perceptions and activities that don't really fit well together.

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The New Moon is opposite Neptune, and Mercury is quincunx Neptune, which probably doesn't help matters. Neptune paints a background of free-flowing swirls of feelings, which can make it harder to determine the specific details that Virgo needs to grasp hold of. However, Neptune can also provide a vision of ideals and inspiration that can help to guide you as you sort out the details and organize your intentions.

With the majority of planets in Earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus), it's probably best to find a methodical approach to whatever you're trying to accomplish. Plan out your agenda and take it one step at a time. Mercury in Libra is a singleton in Air signs, so it may help to bounce ideas off others who can give you some honest feedback (even if it's not what you particularly want to hear).

And Neptune in Pisces is a singleton in Water signs, which suggests that feelings and emotions can flood more easily than they flow. So, having a firm, solid grasp on Earthy structure, methodology and realism can be a valuable way to keep emotions flowing rather than flooding. Just remember that it's better to channel your feelings into something constructive, and trying to block them or shut them down is more likely to cause problems later.

So, stay safe. Stay sane. Stay awesome. The world needs you.

He filled her ears with lies
Her eyes with the tears
He filled her heart with pain
Her mind with confusions
She is stuck in the dark mess
And forgot
She is a diamond shining bright
~ Jyoti Patel, The Curved Rainbow (The Diamond Got Stuck)

Day to Day Transits for the Next 2 Weeks

Sep.17 – Sun trine Saturn (25:26 of Virgo/Capricorn)  (Sep.18 in AU)

This is a great time to apply yourself to serious work. You may feel especially self-sufficient and independent, with a strong and clear sense of self and purpose. There is support for your ambitions as long as you stay grounded and practical in how you approach them, which should come easily right now. Your ability to cooperate and feel comfortable with authority figures is likely to be high, along with your capacity to embrace your own authority and make solid decisions. This is a time when you are more likely to feel grounded and deal with problems in a practical, decisive way. Your energy may be more serious than "party animal," but even if you are in "party mode" it will be easier to realistically know your limits and not overdo it. If you've been waiting for the right time to move forward with or manifest a project or plan that you've been putting together (or wanting to), this could be the time when that happens. The final launch or manifestation may or may not happen now, but you will probably be able to at least move forward in some important steps.

Sep.21 – Mercury square Pluto (22:31 of Libra/Capricorn)  (Sep.20 in HAST, AKDT, PDT, MDT)

You are faced now with a challenge to empower your communication and perceptions, although this may not come easily. It could involve having to face some rather difficult truths that might be a bit disturbing or hard to accept. However in doing so, you gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself, your situation and your role within it. Obsessive or persistent thoughts that are morbid or paranoid are possible, which could be helped by finding something more positive to focus on or a creative outlet. Communication (from others or yourself or both) could be intense, intimidating or even downright damaging, since it may be tempting to get caught up in power struggles and domination. But communication can also be used now to heal, by cutting through hypocrisy and insincerity in order to reach a deeper authenticity and truth – like lancing a boil so that healing can take place.

Sep.22 – Mercury trine North Lunar Node (23:56 of Libra/Gemini)  (Sep.21 in HAST, AKDT)  ("What's a Lunar Node?")

Today, and up to a couple of days before and after, things can feel like they're starting to make sense. What you read, hear and observe may seem more obvious and your ability to put this into words could flow more easily. You might identify and figure out how to utilize the tools, skills, assets and ideas that could bring you further down the road toward whatever destination you're pointed toward. However, a reality check about how wise it might be to act on these ideas and benefits is still a good idea. Write down good ideas to follow up with later.

Sep.22 – HAPPY EQUINOX! Sun enters Libra (until Oct.22)


Ottawa, Canada and
Washington DC, USA:

Sep.22, 2020, 9:30 AM EDT

London, UK:

Sep.22, 2020, 2:30 PM BST

Sydney, AU:

Sep.22, 2020, 11:30 PM AEST

Happy Solar Return to all Libras! While the Sun is in Libra, it brings experiences into our lives that focus us in the areas of love, close relationships, one-on-one interaction, diplomacy, negotiation, strategy, fairness, equilibrium, balance, harmony and beauty. This time also marks the point of equal balance between day and night – the Autumnal Equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, the nights now become longer than the days, and in the Southern Hemisphere, the days become longer than the nights, until the December Solstice. Balance is the key concept here! What is out of balance in your life? How can you negotiate or strategize to bring that area of your life back into harmony? Libra encourages you to balance your life in diplomatic, discreet, "win-win" ways. But if that's not possible, it will do it aggressively (creating conflict in order to break the stalemate of the imbalance) or manipulatively (people-pleasing to co-dependently get its way). Thus, Libra is known as both the peace-maker and the war-maker. If you find yourself instinctively trying to smooth out conflict – or instigate it! – take a step back and ask yourself if that is your best choice in the situation. Just don't get stuck in Libran indecision! Make your choice and then see if it brings what you want.

Sep.23 – Mercury Direct square Saturn (25:21 of Libra/Capricorn)

Your thoughts, ideas and communication need to become structured, rational and discreet, although this may not be easy to achieve. You may have to work extra hard to get your point across now, since others might be resistant to your ideas or may not be familiar with the basic concepts. It is a time to be clear, objective and down-to-earth in your communication and thinking, but equally important to do this without going overboard and becoming rigid, autocratic or over-cautious. If you find yourself stuck in a "glass half empty" frame of mind, you might be sagging under the weight of melancholy ...Or, it might mean you are coming to terms with some hard realities and decisions and feeling the gravity of the implications. But also check to be sure you're not taking yourself and your situation too seriously. By applying your best efforts, this can be a very productive time, especially with anything involving communication, writing, organising or logic.

This is the first of three passes of this transit: Sep.23, Nov.01, Nov.06.

Sep.23-25 – Moon goes Out of Bounds (25:00 Sagittarius to 27:10 Capricorn. Peaks on Sep.24, 24S27 at 10:33 Capricorn)  (Sep.24 in AU)   ("What does Out of Bounds mean?"   "What is Declination?")

The Moon goes Out of Bounds (OOB) by Declination, during which time your feelings and emotions may be a bit stronger—or perhaps more detached—than usual. You might feel somewhat separated from the world around you, and as a result you might feel a bit lonely or in need of some reassuring human contact. On the other hand, this detachment might be a welcome change if you're feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed by the energy around you and need some time out. Or, you may find it's time to go your own way a bit more, to seek your own company or search for a more supportive environment. Your creativity and imagination might be more willing to follow unusual ideas, whims and impulses.

A planet goes OOB when its declination is greater than 23:26 (23 degrees and 26 minutes), which is the maximum declination of the Sun, and the Sun defines the Bounds. In 2020, the Moon's maximum declination finally goes beyond the Bounds in March, for the first time since 2011, and will continue to go OOB until January 2030.

For now, the Moon's maximum declination increases very gradually each month, and only gets to 24:52 by December 2020 (compared to her maximum declination of 28:34, which she'll reach in 2025). So, in 2020 the Moon is only a little OOB and this energy might not be very noticeable until around September. On the other hand, the OOB periods can be a time when your emotional reactions may be somewhat more amplified than usual. In any case, if you have the Moon or other planets OOB in your natal chart, you might be more sensitive to this energy.

Sep.23 – Mercury enters the Shadow (25:53 of Libra; until Nov.19)  (Sep.25 in AU)  ("What's the Shadow?"  Read my articles about Retrograde Cycles.  Read my article about Mercury Retrograde.)

Mercury is now "in the Shadow" – the area of Zodiac where it will later go retrograde in about 2½ weeks time. During its retrograde cycle, Mercury travels through the same span of the Zodiac three times (called the Shadow). The first time through, it is going in direct motion (moving forward), then retrograde (looks like it's going backwards), and then direct again. This means there is a more extensive process of development and change involved with things that Mercury influences—ideas, thoughts, frame of mind and mental focus. It also concerns the collection, exchange, analysis and organisation of information. All forms of communication are also affected. This includes not just talking, but also email and snail mail, the Internet, the media in general, books and magazines, as well as public transit (buses, trains, etc.) and neighbourhoods.


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The situations developing over the next couple of weeks (leading up to when Mercury actually goes retrograde) will likely require further research, deeper consideration and adjustments to unexpected discoveries over the next couple of months. Expect changes in your plans, increasingly disrupted communication, and new information coming to light that may not fit conveniently into your plans. It's wise to leave lots of extra time to do things, to plan future projects and get to wherever you're going. Patience is a valuable quality during this time. If you must make important decisions during this time, try to build some flexibility into your plans to allow for later changes—or if possible, you may want to delay final or irrevocable decisions until well after Mercury goes direct.

The good news is that Mercury's retrograde period is unusually short – only 3 weeks, compared to the more typical 3.5 weeks.

Mercury makes 3 passes of the following transits during this retrograde cycle:

Here are the key dates of this Mercury cycle (for North American Eastern Time):

Sep.24 – Mercury opposite Mars Retrograde (26:36 of Libra/Aries)

Fiery speech, argument, hot debate and impatience characterise this transit. You may encounter conflicts of interest with others and want to solve them NOW, but in your haste to find a quick fix, you could create more problems than you solve. On the other hand, it can be a time of sudden or impulsive decisions, as well as taking action on ideas you've been mulling over for a while. There is a strong tendency to say what's on your mind ...perhaps more abruptly or harshly than is wise, which could result in argument, overreaction and hurt feelings. Although argument can clear the air and be healing, it can also wound those involved and create ill will that lasts far beyond the original problem. This energy is potentially powerful, yet volatile. It can be used to pump up your motivational fire ...or to explode in hurtful anger. It is like a race horse that can achieve great things when carefully paced, but can be dangerous if allowed to run out of control.

Although Mercury is now in the retrograde shadow (where it often makes aspects to other planets 3 times), this time Mercury opposes Mars only once during this retrograde cycle. The reason is that Mars is retrograde, and when Mercury later retrogrades back and turns direct again, Mars is out of range. So this is the only pass of this transit.

Sep.26 – Saturn-Pluto near-conjunction (25:20 and 22:30 of Capricorn)

Although there is only one exact pass of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, they do come back very close to each other in September. Therefore, August through November of 2020 marks an important rite of passage in the Saturn-Pluto saga. On September 26, Saturn and Pluto reach their closest near-conjunction since their exact pass back in January.

The date itself may not be all that important, as such, since they remain within that same 2:50 orb for a week (September 23 to 30). This configuration is made extra powerful by the fact that Saturn is also stationary during this time, officially turning direct on September 29. As a result, Saturn energy is very intense and no-nonsense – he means business! This alignment is also part of a longer-term conjunction orb, with Saturn and Pluto remaining within 8° from Jan.15.2019 until Jan.07.2021.

And just to make sure we really get the point of their coalition, Saturn and Pluto are also closely parallel by declination when they make this near-conjunction. They have actually been more or less parallel since the end of 2015. They took a break from each other for 5-6 months (March to August of 2020), and now they come back for a final rendezvous that's closest on Sep.24 (1:15 orb), remaining within a 1½° orb from mid-August to mid-November.

So, this reunion in September is the final stretch of a 5-year transit when they have been parallel or conjunct or both.

New! Read my new article : Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2.0 ~ Second Chances

Sep.27 – Mercury Direct enters Scorpio (until Oct.27)  (Sep.26 in HAST, AKDT)

Cunning communication and insight are at their peak, as Mercury skulks through Scorpio. It's a time for unearthing secrets and delving deeply into the psychological Shadow (Carl Jung's term for the unconscious parts of ourselves that we don't want to or know how to face). There is opportunity for healing and grounding now, but you may have to resist the temptation to manipulate others to control that process. Your awareness of the undercurrents around you could be increased...or you might stir up those undercurrents in others without intending to, by blurting things out in a blunt or harsh way. This transit presents an opportunity to learn new ways to wield words with the skill of a surgeon – to heal and remove what is toxic, not to wound or retaliate. Use it wisely. If you are not crystal clear with yourself about your motives and feelings when communicating with others, your unconscious or hidden agendas could seep through and cause hurt when that was not your intention.

Sep.27 – Venus sextile North Lunar Node (23:46 of Leo/Gemini)  ("What's a Lunar Node?")

Your charisma and charm shine a little brighter during this transit. You may be more receptive to what others have to offer, or you might feel more generous with those around you. You could find just the right thingamajig to buy, or you may discover resources you didn't realize you had. It can be a good time to socialize, go on a date, schmooze strategically with people or negotiate an agreement. Aim for a balance of give-and-take in a way that benefits all concerned. Just be careful not to become so seductive that you persuade someone to do your bidding when it's not in their—or your—best interests.

Sep.28 – Venus trine Mars Retrograde (25:33 of Leo/Aries)  (Sep.29 in UK, AU)

It will be a lot easier to balance assertiveness with receptivity under this transit. In fact, it is a great time to take firm action that requires a sensitive touch, and to negotiate agreements in a way that is diplomatic, fair and powerful. Your ability to attract what you desire (money, love, pleasure, flirting, etc.), and to act on those desires, is strong right now, so use it wisely. This may include romantic attraction and sexual interaction, or it might involve artistic creativity. It could also be a time when your actions attract money and possessions, but it could also go the other way – your spending may also increase! Again: use this energy wisely and don't overextend yourself, but do have fun with it!

Sep.29 – Saturn Stationary Direct (25:20 of Capricorn; Direct until May.23.2021)  (Sep.28 in HAST, AKDT, PDT, MDT)  ("What's a Station?"  "What does Retrograde mean?"  Read more about Retrograde planets.)

For up to a week before and after this date, Saturn’s energy is especially intense and strong. You might experience this as physical or mental heaviness or sluggishness. You might find you have to "get real" with some responsibilities, or make some difficult decisions. This can be a turning point in long-term projects and plans that you've been developing over the last 5 months or so. Or, you may start to deal differently with old limitations, either finding ways to move beyond them or finding ways to make peace with them. If you’re dealing with closure or endings in some area of your life, this could be a time when you can finally start to let go and move forward.

This is the final station Saturn makes before returning to Aquarius (Dec.17) and then conjoining Jupiter (Dec.21). In this context, you might feel this Saturn station more than usual. It may be a time to take some steps on a change or project you've been working toward this year. Or, you might find you arrive at a final conclusion regarding something you've been wrestling with, especially if it involves coming to terms with a difficult situation. Collectively, this could be a turning point—for better or worse—in many of the problems and struggles we have witnessed in 2020.

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Sep.29 – Sun opposite Chiron (07:09 of Libra/Aries)  (Sep.30 in AU)

This transit can bring a challenge to your sense of personal purpose versus the trans-personal vision of possibilities. This could play out in many areas; for instance, spirituality, career, life direction, physical or emotional healing, etc. Perhaps you are feeling a conflict between what you want to gain on a personal level versus a higher vision of what you could be capable of. The problem is that to reach for greater possibilities, you have to move beyond your comfort zone. There is a certain amount of risk and sacrifice involved in any kind of growth. You might worry that moving into a larger context could undermine your self-esteem by making you feel small or inadequate. You may be concerned that you'd have to give up personal rewards in order to achieve that higher vision. Regardless of how this plays out in your life, the struggle to find a balance you can live with – between what is and what could be – is the purpose of this transit. Later it will be time to take further action, but for how it is important to grapple with the dynamics of your situation which will lead to a decision.

Sep.29 – Mars Retrograde square Saturn (25:20 of Aries/Capricorn)  (Sep.30 in AU)

The impulsive forward action of Mars meets the serious structure of Saturn. The resulting friction can often generate considerable heat in the form of frustration, argument, conflict and stress – but also productivity and results for hard work. Your efforts may seem thwarted and your actions blocked at every turn. Your sensitivity to problems with authority figures can be especially high, as well as your sensitivity to others not cooperating with your own role as an authority figure. The youthful, free spirit in you is somehow required to deal with the serious, responsible, cautious side of you, and a power struggle between the two energies can easily result. If one side wins out over the other, either depression and guilt or rebellion and obsession may result.

However, you are not without power or ability! This friction can also be put to use in very productive ways. Your energy, desire and goals can be made manifest and concrete – even if possibly forced by circumstance. Obstacles can strengthen us, if we work with them instead of just fighting against them. To minimise interpersonal problems, remember that assertiveness is important, but aggression or rigidity will usually only get the other person's back up. You may find yourself in a situation where you must defend or assert your personal boundaries. Or, you might find it difficult to comply with someone else's boundaries. If the heat from this transit starts to overwhelm you, take some time out, find a safe (perhaps creative?) outlet to vent your feelings, and then find a new way to approach the problem.

This is the second of 3 passes of this transit: Aug.24, Sep.29, and Jan.13.2021.

Available by January 28, 2021.

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