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Lunar Forecasts for October 16 to November 15, 2020

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October 16 to 31, 2020

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

So many pivotal and volatile issues are heating up lately, and your priority list should include a strategy for finding a sense of balance. Ordinarily, this would be a straightforward task of finding things to do, places to be, ways to occupy your mind, and inspiration to uplift your soul, to help you counterbalance any stress you might be carrying. And these methods are true now as well, but this time things are a bit different and require some extra effort, energy, dedication and discipline.

There are implications to what you're going through that reach far beyond your immediate personal life. It's not enough to just find ways to feel good – it's important to integrate your perceptions, feelings, dreams and impulses into a sense of who you are as a whole person who occupies a unique place in the world. Your contribution to the world around you—be it modest or momentous—is best approached as a quest for both inner and outer peace.

Naturally, the fact that you are challenged to pursue this quest implies that there are obstacles, conflicts and/or tension that are upsetting that peace. As much as you might wish you could take refuge under the bed until 2023 ;-) this is a time of transformation that is about reshaping who you are and how you perceive life. And what you see may not always be pretty—but not all of it is ugly either. This is about learning to hold both aspect of life, not just one or the other. So, the aim now is to find balance between your ability to stand up and fight for what you believe in, versus your ability to maintain a calm, grounded centre inside yourself. If you feel like you're running in circles, perhaps you're trying to connect with more than just one way of perceiving and being. It might help to slow down and simplify your life for a while, but keep moving.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
October 31 to November 15, 2020

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You probably don't need a horoscope to tell you that the energy right now is intense, volatile and laced with conflict. It's been one of the hardest years to get through in recent history, on so many levels, and every one of us has struggled to survive, thrive and endure, both literally and figuratively. There's a sense of anxious anticipation in the air, whether it's about the prospect of new COVID treatments or the outcome of the US election or the hope of a regenerating economy.

The next few weeks are likely to take us along a rocky road that will require a slow, even response to the twists and turns and potholes that lie ahead. Whether we're about to turn a corner into better times or shifting into a whole new gear of conflict and turmoil, the really important part isn't about where the road is taking you, so much as using your ability to take one steady step at a time in getting there.

If you're full of exhilaration about whatever comes next, then this should be an exciting time. But if you're full of dread at the thought of more tension, it can help to plan out how you're going to get through the next few weeks – Plan-A, Plan-B, Plan-C, etc. One of the most valuable resources is to give yourself lots of time and space to process what you're thinking, feeling and experiencing. Write in a journal, or talk to a friend or advisor, or do something different to get into a different mindset for a while, or seek out music, movies, books, art, etc, that mirrors what you're feeling in a way that allows you to acknowledge and then let go of whatever you're carrying. One Trauma At A Time. ;-)

"Is this a Blue Moon?"

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