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* These horoscopes take into account the standard Natal planets, except for the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven, all of which depend on your time of birth. For a truly personalized reading of your chart, a personal reading with a qualified astrologer is recommended.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
February 15 to March 1, 2018

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

What was beginning in your life around August of last year? You may see a return of similar events or themes over the next few weeks and unfolding over the coming months. The events from last August and from now might be quite different, but if you look closely you will probably identify similarities between them related to your experience, feelings that are evoked, intuition about the background of the events and issues needing some work that manifest in different ways. Whatever began last August has now emerged and turned a corner to bring new benefits, implications and opportunities, and these will evolve over the next few months.

In the meantime, look to friends, associates and groups that you're involved with, who are not afraid to be a little different. They could help you break through resistance and obstacles that may be draining your confidence and distorting your understanding of what is happening around you. Talk to others, read articles and books, and be aware of your surroundings. Watch for clues that will show you a fresh viewpoint that looks beyond what you see on the surface and reveals a deeper truth.

It may be a good idea to pause for a bit of reflection and introspection if you feel the urge to act on your impulses. You may find you have mixed feelings or differing opinions about what could grow from the past. For example, do you want to build on what has been over the last few months, or would you prefer to use that to push yourself in a whole new direction? Action taken now might be based on ideas and perceptions that are less than clear and possibly even inaccurate or false. Double-check to see if your aim is a little off or maybe there's a better destination to aspire to.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
January 31 to February 15, 2018

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Time to celebrate! It might not seem like it, since we're still coming down from all the hype of December holidays and the turning of the year. And if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, the dark of the year and winter weather might make you want to just go back to bed and hibernate for a couple more months. Sure, Valentine's Day is coming up and if you're in a relationship that can be an exciting time to look forward to, but for many it's just more pressure and commercialized hype all over again. Isn't there a way to find some real peace, joy and contentment??

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo answers with a passionate Yes! But there's always a bit of a catch, right? The challenge is to release your Inner Lion that longs to go bounding across the savanna, wild and free! Or to bask in the sun, completely soaking in the deep heat and feeling at one with life. And to do that, it helps to be willing to be flexible and open about where, how and when those delicious moments come your way.

This is about letting your playful, joyous, creative side come out. If that part of you is a bit hard to find these days, being buried under stress, pressure, responsibilities, poor health or disillusionment, then it may take a concerted effort to uncover your Inner Lion and coax him/her out of hibernation. The best way to engage that passionate part of you is to entice it with some external fun, enjoyment, nurturing and social connection with friends, family and loved ones. That said, the trick is not to hold on to these qualities too tightly. The tighter you grip, the less you'll be able to adapt. And as eclipses are times of change, this is definitely a time when you need to stay loose, open, centered and well grounded.

Pisces Characteristics:

Pisces Birth Dates:  February 19 to March 19 (dates may vary)

Pisces Personality Traits:  Intuitive/psychic, imaginative, creative, sensitive, compassionate

Can sometimes be:  Escapist, gullible, changeable ethics

Natural habitat:  Art galleries, concert halls, spiritual gatherings, walking in the woods

Most compatible with:  Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus

Lease Most compatible with:  Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, Libra

Opposite Sign:  Virgo

Element:  WATER (emotional, intuitive)

Modality:  MUTABLE (flexible, changeable)

Polarity:  Yin/Feminine

Ruling Planet:  Neptune (modern), Jupiter (traditional)

Zodiac Sign Symbol::  The Fishes

Zodiac Sign Order:  12th Sign

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