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 July 23 to Aug. 8, 2021
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 July 23 to August 8, 2021
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What the bleep is "The Low-Down on the Far-Out"??

Planetary transits . . . as they happen, that's what!

Horoscopes give insights for a period of time. For example, we offer Daily Horoscopes that are in effect for today; or the Lunar Forecasts (on the Daily Horoscope pages) which last from the New Moon to the Full Moon or from the Full Moon to the next New Moon. But the planets change signs, change direction (retrograde or direct) and form geometric relationships with each other (aspects). These are the building blocks that form that the horoscopes are based on.

The Low-Down on the Far-Out gives you interpretations for individual planetary transits; like when a planet changes signs, or goes retrograde, or aspects another planet. There are also extensive articles about the lunations ― the New Moons and Full Moons ― that talk about the Zodiac sign of the lunation, as well as important qualities about the chart cast for the moment of the New Moon and Full Moon. The Low-Down also gives you the bigger picture of what the planets are doing, like when planets group together to form geometric figures (for example: aspect configurations, like a T-square or a Grand Trine). ("How long do the effects of each transit last?")

These interpretations give you a more in-depth look at the planetary energies that are influencing your life. If you're a student of astrology, the Low-Down is a great way to learn more. If you're a more advanced astrologer, the Low-Down lets you track what's going on. And if you just want more information than just the horoscopes, the Low-Down on the Far-Out is your special window to the stars.

Discover how to get the most out of the astrological events that happen throughout the month. Click here to read The Low-Down on the Far-Out!

DAILY HOROSCOPES and Forecasts for the New Moon and Full Moon

For the horoscope junkie in all of us! ;-)

At Evolving Door Astrology you can read FOUR different kinds of horoscopes!

  1. Daily Horoscopes for your Sun sign. These horoscopes give you a glance at what today's planetary energy is like, based primarily on what the Moon is doing today. ("What's my Sign?"
  2. Advanced Daily Horoscopes for your natal chart. These horoscopes use your actual BIRTH DATE, not just a date range when the Sun was in a particular sign (like Sun sign horoscopes do). Our advanced horoscopes take all the planets in your natal chart into account (except the Moon, Ascendant and other time-related parts of your chart). The Advanced Daily Horoscopes give you general information for today, as well as insights about love and money. Just enter your birth date and click GO!
  3. Lunar Forecasts for the New Moon and Full Moon. These horoscopes give in-depth insight about how to work with the New Moon or Full Moon energy. These horoscopes apply to about 2 weeks of time ― from the New Moon to the Full Moon, or from the Full Moon to the next New Moon.
  4. Ongoing planetary transits. The Low-Down on the Far-Out takes you one step further. The Low-Down gives interpretations on specific planetary transits, like when a planet moves into a new Zodiac sign, or when a planet stations and goes retrograde or direct, or when planets interact and merge their energies through aspects (geometric relationships). The amount of time when these transits are in effect varies, depending on the transit and the planets involved.("How long do the effects of each transit last?")

Click here to select your Zodiac Sign and read today's horoscope

More about how the Lunar Forecasts work: The New Moon and Full Moon are very powerful astrological events! But they are not just single events in the sky ― together they create a rhythmic cycle that builds, manifests and assimilates the combined Sun-Moon energy. Each lunar cycle begins at the New Moon, which is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon (when they are at the same degree of the same Zodiac sign). The Moon waxes in light until it reaches a peak at the Full Moon, about two weeks later (when the Sun and Moon are in opposition, on opposite ends of the Zodiac). The Moon's light then wanes until the next New Moon, about two weeks after the Full Moon.

The alignments of the Sun, Moon and all the planets at the moment of the New Moon indicate the themes for the coming 4-week cycle. Something new begins at the New Moon, and the Full Moon shows how the New Moon themes will manifest. During the first half of the cycle (from New Moon to Full Moon), we build and develop events, awareness, feelings and goals that correspond to the New Moon themes. During the second half of the cycle (from Full Moon to the next New Moon), we apply, integrate, work with and experience the results of these themes.

The effects of the Sun-Moon cycle tend to reflect the rise and fall of your mood, your state of mind, your creative drive or your passion. This can bring out relatively minor experiences or it can usher in major events; it can bring you one more step in a longer journey, or it might be the push that brings about a significant turning point in the process.

Each person is affected a bit differently, depending on their Sun Sign and other transits to the natal (birth) chart. To understand more about how you personally are affected by the planets, I am available for personal astrology readings. I use the date, place and time of your birth when calculating your chart. Together, we explore your chart together to discover how you are being affected and the best way that you can work with the planetary energies. Find out more about getting a personal astrology reading with me.

For more general information about the New and Full Moons, and other planetary transits, see the Low-Down on the Far-Out. To check out your Daily Horoscope and Lunar Forecast, scroll down and click on your Sun sign.

Available by August 8, 2021.

A Planetary Roadmap for 2021 & Beyond!

Discover your best potential in 2021

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Article for the FULL MOON in AQUARIUS #1 ~ July 23 to August 8, 2021
...and Day-to-day transits: The Low-Down on the Far-Out

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