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Explore the vast world of real astrology through our in-depth astrology articles! Whether you're just learning astrology or you're a seasoned professional, there's something here for everyone. Browse through the previews below, or you can jump right to specific articles by using the dropdown menus at the right.

All articles on Evolving Door Astrology are written by Wendy Guy, unless otherwise noted.

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New!Saturn square Uranus 2021 ~
Negotiating Necessary Change

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020 revealed both deep-seated problems and heartfelt passions in our world and our human nature. Saturn now continues his mission of bringing stability and integrity to the mess, but Uranus has other ideas. The resulting argument brings more drama and change to our lives.
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Added February 2021

New!Jupiter cnj Saturn in Aquarius 2020 ~
Love Them Anyway

Every 20 years, the slowest-moving planets visible to the naked eye come together. This is the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Often called The Great Conjunction, it was a VERY BIG DEAL for the ancients and still is. This transit always signals a major new beginning on multiple levels—even more-so in 2020!
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Added December 2020

Saturn conjunct Pluto 2.0 ~ Second Chances

Ever wish you could have a do-over following a disaster? A chance to do things differently and hopefully create a better outcome? Well, this is exactly what's happening in the second half of 2020! Saturn and Pluto are closest to each other since their conjunction in January 2020. Find out what this could mean...
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Added September 2020

Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto 2020 ~ Rite of Passage

"Welcome to 2020! The year of many exciting, volatile, inspiring and life-changing astrological events. This year is shaping up to be a memorable one, so it's good to be prepared and to get in sync with the energies. We are at a major crossroads, personally and globally. The year of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto is our rite of passage, when we must make some crucial choices about our road ahead."
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Added January 2020

Turning Points : Preparing for Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto 2020
The Parallels of December 2019 & January 2020

"Saturn and Pluto have travelled in parallel by declination since the beginning of 2016. Jupiter joined them in 2019, and the three are parallel until late 2020. This has set the stage for the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunctions in 2020. As the New Year approaches, the faster moving planets are braided and woven together with the slower planets through December and January in parallel and conjunction. This is a time to get ready for the Big Show in 2020!"
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Added December 2019

Chiron in Aries :
The Way of the Wounded Warrior

"In the Serenity Prayer, 'the courage to change the things I can' shows the Aries answer to the Chiron dilemma. Chiron in Aries is here to teach us how to find courage and endurance when confronted by discouragement, complications or situations that aren't entirely within our control. The question is: What can you do NOW that will improve the situation in some way?...." 
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Added April 2018

Before You Buy...
Know How to Pick the Right Astrologer for You!

"How do you know if an astrologer is right for you? Everyone wants something a bit different. What is perfect for your friend may be totally wrong for you. Astrologers are different too. There are always variations in what each one does, since we all bring our unique perspective on life to what we do. And to complicate things, there are some people who may not have your best interests at heart....."
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Added May 2013

Top of Page Cardinal Cross Articles

At the Cardinal Crossroads Article Series

What is the Cardinal Cross?
Introduction to the Cardinal Cross

"When several slow-moving planets come together in a dynamic alignment, astrologers sit up and take notice! The cast of characters includes Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, forming a planetary configuration called a T-square. The Uranus-Pluto square (90°) is a very long term alignment whose influence began around 2008 and continues for about another 10 years, becoming exact between 2012 and 2015. This transit is especially significant because it marks the first major turning point in the 140 year cycle that began with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the turbulent 1960s..."
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At the Cardinal Crossroads Article Series

The Cardinal Cross and You :
How to Make the Cardinal Cross Work for You

"The idea is to find that balance point between the extremes of Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Uranus – between suppressing what's happening versus letting things run amok. During this Cardinal Cross time, you could find yourself zigzagging back and forth between extremes, which can wear you out unless you use this as way to find that midpoint. Letting go doesn't have to mean losing control...."
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At the Cardinal Crossroads Article Series

Squared Off!!
Jupiter conjunct Uranus versus Saturn square Pluto

"Together the Saturn-Pluto pair form one 'side' of the Cardinal Cross energy. They can either lock us into controlled stagnation or steer us through a demanding yet beneficial process of deep-seated and purposeful change. Opposing or balancing them is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction that seeks a different kind of change. Jupiter and Uranus want to break free of any limitations and arbitrary rules that (seem to) threaten to curb or obstruct our creativity, freedom, growth and potential. Both pairs of planets are driven toward change but in very different ways..."
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At the Cardinal Crossroads Article Series

Mythology and the Cardinal Cross

"If the Saturn part of us has learned its lesson—and Saturn is always a teacher of lessons—then we are in a position to assess and respond more objectively to the Jupiter-Uranus truth that is exploding out from its hiding place. In that case, we should be able to take a calm, grounded look at the situation, figure out effective solutions and where we can realistically go from here. But what if that Saturn part of us is still nursing its wounds?"
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At the Cardinal Crossroads Article Series

Cardinal T-square August 2013 :
Back to the Crossroads

"With Jupiter and Uranus now adversaries instead of allies, some of the former promise of freedom and liberation may look a bit complicated or tarnished, as the reality of the implications starts to set in. Pluto in realistic Capricorn reminds Jupiter it is essential to act with the long-term goal in mind. On the other hand, Pluto can start to feel like a jail sentence to visionary Jupiter...." 
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Added July 2013

Cardinal Grand Cross 2014 :
Mars Management

"Strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride during 2014! That Cardinal T-square that followed us since the beginning of 2014? The one with Jupiter opposite Pluto and Uranus square to both of them? Well, this aspect pattern turns into another Cardinal Grand Cross – think of it as a T-square with a serious attitude problem...." 
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Added March 2014

Top of Page Retrograde Articles

Retrograde Article Series

Introduction to Retrogrades:
Backwards in High Heels

"Visually, retrograde means the planet appears to go backwards in the sky. It travels forward, then backwards, and then forwards again. This drove the Ancients crazy trying to figure out what caused this bizarre behaviour!..." 
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Retrograde Article Series

Mercury Retrograde:
Alright... Who Stole My Brain??

"Everyone has their Mercury Retrograde horror stories! Communications go wonky. Computers misbehave. Things are misplaced. Appointments get cancelled or forgotten. Wrong numbers are dialed. Delays interrupt the normal flow of things. Second thoughts lead us to doubt our decisions. Arguments erupt. The best laid plans seem to spin their wheels in the mud, and "business as usual" can be very hard to maintain. We drift off in mid-sentence and wonder what we were just, um....." 
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Mercury Retrograde Cancer-Leo 2019 :
Bridging Troubled Waters

"The Mercury Retrograde cycle from June to August 2019 is actually part of a longer journey that takes us through troubling waters, yet it also offers some spectacular and inspiring scenery...." 
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Added June 2019

Retrograde Article Series

Venus Retrograde:
The B*tch is Back! ;-)

"Following one's heart is not without its consequences, but without it we are only going through the motions that are put on us by others. We have to make a choice ― to pay homage to Aphrodite/Venus or risk the consequences of her wrath. Her central message seems to be: It is crucial to honour love above all else. If you dishonour or disregard the workings of the heart, you will eventually suffer for it..." 
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Retrograde Article Series

Venus Retrograde 2010 :
The Empowering Change of Heart

"In the area of relationships, it's very possible that issues of control and power may become a focus. This can apply to all kinds of relationships and interaction, not just intimate or romantic relationships. With Venus in sextile aspect to Pluto throughout this cycle, there is an opportunity to find new creative ways to deal with the need for empowerment or an imbalance of power that occurs between you and others."
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Added October 2010

Venus Retrograde 2015 :
Thrills, Frills and Spills!

"The 2015 Venus retrograde cycle brings a complex collection of energies through these transits. On one hand, it may be easier than usual to explore live off your usual beaten path, and there may well be quite an abundance of juicy temptations to entice you! However, there is no free admission to this garden of earthly delights. Consequences of your actions and choices will become apparent 'when the bill comes in.'...." 
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Added June 2015

Retrograde Article Series

Mars Retrograde:
Transforming the Brave Heart

"Anger, hostility, force, threat, displays of power, and other forms of aggression, naturally invoke a certain degree of fear. The primary instinctive responses to fear are: Fight, Flight or Freeze. Mars retrograde is a wonderful opportunity to explore the deeper dynamics and issues that trigger intense reactions in us. Mind you, it will help if we can do this without turning everything and everyone around us into burning marshmallows!" 
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Retrograde Article Series

Mars Retrograde 2005:
He's Baaack!

"Mars is in the sign of Taurus, the Bull, during this retrograde cycle. This combination is a mixed bag of challenges and blessings. Mars brings to Taurus the drive to go after what it wants. However, impulsive Mars is not entirely happy about being in the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus. It's not an easy marriage!" 
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Retrograde Article Series

Shadow and Station:
Stillness in the Dark

"The effect is a bit like running your finger through a candle flame. If you do it quickly, you feel a little warmth but nothing painful. If you do it slowly it will feel hot and intense! When a planet is moving at its usual speed, its effects are relatively light, compared to when it is going slowly at the station, which is much more powerful and extreme..." 
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Top of Page Articles about Venus

Venus Article Series

Astrological Venus :
Introducing... Miss Solar System!

"Venus has the distinction of being the only planet in our solar system named after a female deity. Venus is what we might think of as the quintessential woman. However, today's world is a much more complex and inclusive place than it was when these concepts began being associated with the movements of the planet Venus."
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Venus Article Series

Indulge Thyself!
The Goddess Venus in Mythology

"Roman Goddess Venus and the Greek Aphrodite are usually known for beauty, love and grace. Yet ironically, the Goddess of Love was born of violence. The Mayans and Aztecs of Central America also saw the planet Venus connected to violence. They believed that when Venus goes retrograde, she morphs from a woman into a man..."
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Venus Article Series

Venus RULES!!
Venus as Planetary Ruler of Libra and Taurus

"Libra and Taurus seem as different as chalk and cheese, yet they are both ruled by the same planet: Venus. The Libra side of Venus holds the basic principles about relating. However, interpersonal dynamics can be very complicated. The Taurus side of Venus is rooted in sensuality, pleasure and celebrating the blessings of the material world. What we "have" reflects what we're worth and what we value, but material worth is not the same as self-worth..."
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Venus Article Series

Venus and Your Heart's Desire :
Love, Feelings and Emotions

"The Libra side of Venus is more about the conscious choices you make that facilitate your feelings about other people. When you take marriage vows, for instance, you promise to love someone 'til death do us part.' But you can't always predict how you will feel about your spouse years from now..."
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Top of Page Articles About Planets

Saturn and Neptune :
Mapping the Vast Unknown

"It's always a bit difficult to talk about Saturn and Neptune together in the same sentence. They are as different as chalk and cheese, oil and water, heaven and earth. Saturn and Neptune can seem mutually exclusive. Yet, they can complement each other nicely, and indeed it is essential that they do so. Our human nature cannot live by Saturn alone; nor Neptune...." 
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Added November 2015

Saturn in Sagittarius :
The Way of Wisdom

"Saturn being in Sagittarius is a contradiction. Saturn contracts and prunes back. Sagittarius expands and embellishes. Saturn is conservative and practical. Sagittarius is flamboyant and excessive...." 
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Added December 2014

The Personal Side of Uranus in Aries :
Playing With Fire

"Uranus has a way of pushing you to give it a try and learn more about your hidden abilities – your latent genius. While you're under Uranus' influence, it can feel like you're in the middle of a cyclone with the world spinning around you! The urge can be to reach out and try to stop it all or at least slow it down, but that's about the worst thing you can do...." 
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Added March 2011

The Transpersonal Side of Uranus in Aries :
The Chaos of Being Born

"The last time Uranus was in Aries, it was the late 1920s and early 1930s. This was the time when the world economy was escalating to an artificially inflated peak, and then the bubble popped. George Santayana once wrote that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it..." 
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Added May 2010. Revised March 2011

Jupiter in Taurus :
Abundant Blessings and Simple Gifts

"Jupiter, the planet of inspiration, philosophy, possibilities and expansion now becomes grounded in Taurus, the sign of practicality, methodology, material acquisition and stability. When you look at it that way, it doesn't seem like the easiest marriage in the world, does it? Taurus will put a bridle and saddle on the Jupiterian horse, which will make it easier to ride the energy but could also frustrate poor Jupiter...." 
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Added June 2011

Chiron in Pisces :
Surrendering to the Wounded Healer

"Chiron represents a tricky dilemma in which a complete solution to the problem is often not possible, and yet the difficulty in the situation makes it necessary to do something about it. Caught between the proverbial rock and the hard place, what is one to do? It's all in how you frame the experience..." 
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Added April 2010

Chiron: Healing the Split

"We are creatures bound by physical needs, laws and limitations, and yet we are also conscious co-creators of life who exude unlimited possibilities with every thought, movement, feeling and intent. How can this be?..." 
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Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron :
Bringing Heaven Down to Earth,
or Falling From Grace?

"When Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron mingle together, we have the makings of a spiritual struggle that can deeply challenge our faith in life. Together, they push us to bridge the gap between our hopes and expectations, between our aspirations and our efforts, and between our principles or beliefs and how we apply these in our lives." 
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Added April 2009

Saturn in Virgo :
Follow the Recipe

"Saturn's nature to always have an agenda; it wants to accomplish something specific. In order to bake a particular type of cake, it is important to follow the recipe precisely. Too much flour, too little baking powder, or substituting a different ingredient means we won't wind up with the cake we set out to make. Following the instructions is essential to maximize the chance of getting the intended result. Virgo understands this, and so does Saturn. Saturn in Virgo can also be a task master! But it will also reward you if you work hard..." 
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Jupiter Conjunct Pluto :
Plumbing Your Depths to Find Your Highest Truth

"Jupiter is optimism, potential, freedom and spiritual goodness. Pluto is intensity, oppression, danger, death and decay. Together, the two challenge you to reach for your highest potential without losing touch with the most basic reality — to accept both the best and the worst in yourself and in life." 
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Let's Go Fly a Kite!
The Grand Trine Kites of 2007

"In astrology, a Kite is one of many aspect configurations or aspect figures (a group of planets that act as a "team," playing out a collective energy). ...From March through June of 2007, we have a whole series of four Grand Trine Kites!"
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Tripping "The Lights" Fantastic :
Cycles of the Sun and Moon

"When the Lights (the Sun and Moon) tango together across the sky in their dual dance from month to month, they create a swirling ebb and flow of Fire and Water, conscious and unconscious, assertive will and receptive intuition, Yin and Yang..." 
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Blue Moon Lunacy

"When is the next Blue Moon? The deeper problem is that the popular definition of 'Blue Moon'—the second Full Moon in a calendar month—is based on misinterpreted information..." 
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Pluto in Sagittarius :
Choosing a Moral Path

"Sagittarius calls us to a higher vision of truth, moral values and understanding, while Pluto guides us through a process of transforming shadow into light through uncompromising acknowledgement of what we see in those shadows..." 
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Uranus in Aquarius :
The One and The Many

"Individuality requires us to continually harmonize individual and group perspectives. In learning the lessons of Uranus, we must constantly adjust the ever precarious and fragile balance between the needs and rights of the individual and those of the group..." 
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Uranus Sextile Pluto :
Transforming the Social Order

"Uranus aspires to an enlightened, humanitarian perspective, while Pluto demands that we face the harder, darker realities of our times.  How we combine these energies at the sextile will fuel and direct our journey toward our personal and collective spiritual evolution..." 
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Top of Page Articles About Zodiac Signs and General Concepts

Grand Sextile 2013 :
Le Cirque du Sextile!

"Like all sextile aspects, bringing out the potential requires a bit of effort to combine the harmonious energies together – kind of like bringing apples and oranges together to make a fruit salad or a fruit punch. It's easier to find ways to combine things so that they become greater than the sum of their parts...." 
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Added July 2013

Fixed Star Regulus in Virgo :
The Lion and the Maiden

"Regulus energy is currently in transition from the Leo archetype into the Virgo archetype. There are a number of implications that make this especially significant for our times. The first one is that Leo is associated with masculine energy. It is ruled by the Sun, the dominant male archetypal energy in our solar system. And it has long been associated with Kings and positions of authority that historically were held only by men...." 
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Added November 2011

Is Ophiuchus the 13th Zodiac Sign?
or Why Astronomers Shouldn't Try to Do Astrology

This latest "revelation"—that the zodiac contains not 12 but 13 signs—does have one thing right: the path of the Sun through the heavens does intersect more constellations than the 12 zodiac signs used by astrology. And the Sun does indeed move through a substantial amount of the constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer. But to answer the question—is it the 13th sign—you have to understand what the zodiac really is...
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Added January 2011

The Astrology Behind the 'Zodiac Sign Change' Uproar

After the wild ride we've had, I've been intrigued to see what's been behind this phenomenon astrologically, so I did a little digging. I also thought it would be fun and interesting to take a look at the fixed stars of the constellation Ophiuchus to see if they were involved in the unfolding of this phenomenon. Not surprisingly, they are!
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Added January 2011

Live Long and Prosper!
What Taurus Can Teach Us About Creating Abundance

"The highest aim of Taurus is not the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition but the attainment of inner substance that fuels and gives form to our spirit..." 
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The Language of Astrology

"Astrology is a language of symbols which offers a profound model of human experience. It is a system with an alphabet, words, grammar and sentences..." 
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Zodiac Sign Articles

Did you know you have all 12 zodiac signs in your chart? It's true! As a result, you have all 12 signs in your human nature. Read our in-depth zodiac articles and discover how you experience each of the 12 Zodiac Signs!
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