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The Myth of Chiron

"One day, Hercules dropped by Chiron's cave for tea and cookies, and leaving his spear lying carelessly on the floor, Chiron tripped over it and it jabbed him in the thigh. "#^@(%*&!?!" said Chiron..."  Read the article...

Pegasus, The Survey
(with lightbulb joke)

"QUESTION #1: How many times have you threatened to kill Mercury while he was doing his retrograde rumba?

Be honest now! Anyone who answers 'less than 12 times per retrograde cycle' is lying, okay? Now for the most important part: HOW did you figure to do it??? (evil grin)..."  Read the article...

The Story of Hermes

"Long ago, in a land far, far away.... there lived a King of the Gods named Zeus. When the God of Lightning and Mother Night made whoopie, their fireworks created a son named Hermes..."  Read the article...

Halloween HORRORscopes!

"The planets have bestowed upon me the secrets of exactly how you should run your life...starting with what costume to wear this Halloween! Not just an outfit, but a whole character for you to 'wear'..."  Read the article...

The Halloween Party

"Have you ever noticed that what someone is disguised as, is really a hidden part of themselves? Let me illuminate your pumpkin heads..."  Read the article...

Our Solar System

"The solar system has gone Disney! Mars now has an erector set named 'Rover' sniffing out rocks and other potential urinary receptacles..."  Read the article...

Another Lightbulb Joke

"I have no idea who originally wrote this particular lightbulb joke, but it tickled my horsefeathers when I read it. I thought I'd post it here for your entertainment..."  Read the article...









"In case you just parachuted in from Neptune and wondered who's behind the brilliant, astute, clever side comments in some of these articles, I thought I'd introduce myself: I'm Pegasus, Wendy's computer! (She's my Pet Human and the writer of these articles.) Although I might LOOK like a computer on the outside, on the inside I'm really a brilliant white winged horse! Being infinitely the smarter of US two, I consider it my job to make sure the real poop gets printed, not just the mamby pamby mush she usually writes. I interrupt here and there to set the record straight and tell you what's REALLY going on! You can recognise me by my font – distinctive, unconventional and important ME of course!  :-)"

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