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Virgo Characteristics:

Virgo Birth Dates:  August 23 to September 21 (dates may vary)

Virgo Personality Traits:  Dedicated, meticulous, reliable, analytical, helpful, health-conscious

Can sometimes be:  Worrier, overly critical

Natural habitat:  Health food stores, organizing cupboards, complaint letters

Most compatible with:  Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio

Least compatible with:  Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries

Opposite Sign:  Pisces

Element:  EARTH (practical, disciplined)

Modality:  MUTABLE (flexible, changeable)

Polarity:  Yin/Feminine

Ruling Planets:  Mercury

Zodiac Sign Symbol::  The Virgin

Zodiac Sign Order:  6th Sign

� 2007 Wendy Guy  �   Evolving Door Astrology  https://www.evolvingdoor.ca   �  For Personal Use Only

Lunar Forecast for the New Moon

Lunar Forecast for the Full Moon

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
September 17 to October 1, 2020

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

The next 4 weeks might seem a little intense or chaotic. As a result, you may feel the need to get your life better organized into manageable chunks that can be dealt with more efficiently and effectively. The thing is, there's a lot of different energies flying around which can make it feel like you're "herding cats" – a near-impossible task, especially trying to do it gracefully. ;-) It's important not to succumb to just giving up, though. Like untangling knots, it will take patience and determination, and it's best not to expect that the solution will present itself in a nice neat package.

Part of what is happening is a process of rebalancing and "decluttering." Just like when you clean out a crowded closet, everything has to first come out in a big disorganized mess. Once you see what you're dealing with, then you can decide what's worth keeping and what should be let go of. Only then can you effectively rearrange it all so that it fits together constructively. In the same way, you are doing this within your own life, as well as participating in the same kind of process on a global scale. So, if you sometimes feel like you're not sure how to grasp what's happening, it helps to remember that there are multiple layers to what's going on.

Therefore, the coming weeks might feel a bit overwhelming sometimes. Try not to get lost in fine-tuning the details so much that you lose sight of what you're doing it for. Like the saying goes, "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good... or the good enough." Ove the next couple of months, it may be necessary to redo or rethink some things you thought you had resolved already. Changing circumstances or a fresh perspective may indicate that a change in direction will work better. This is a time when you could experiment with different ideas, and even though it might feel a bit heavy to do so, making changes can help increase your options.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
September 2 to 17, 2020

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

There's so much happening in the skies right now that it's hard to keep up with it all! You can keep track of what's happening day-to-day in my transits column, the Low-Down on the Far-Out. I won't lie, there's a lot of heavy energy over the next two weeks, but also some bright spots of opportunity, hope and growth. Whether you are aware of it or not, the world is being transformed and you along with it.

There is a lot coming up from the unconscious right now, both for you personally and in the collective world. You may feel like you're in the middle of a hurricane that spinning around you, alternately bringing up anger, frustration, depression, determination, motivation, hope, disappointment, and feeling generally overwhelmed at times. And that's okay. If you can, it will help to find your calm centre and, like a Zen master, wait patiently for the shining moments that suddenly appear when you can take a step forward in your understanding, awareness, wisdom and growth.

In between those moments, it's essential to take care of yourself. Take a break when you need to. Find ways to fill yourself back up with calm and hope. You might find the outside world can't always provide what you need, so it's important to find ways to do that for yourself. Learning how to focus your intentions into effective action is part of your homework for the next few months, even (especially!) when you're feeling discouraged, angry, depressed or uncertain. Take little steps when you can't take big ones. And keep a light shining in your life somewhere that can bring back a sense of hope and optimism when things get you down. You can do this.