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Sagittarius Characteristics:

Sagittarius Birth Dates:  November 22 to December 20 (dates may vary)

Sagittarius Personality Traits:  Seeks truth/knowledge/meaning, jovial, optimistic, moral, freedom-loving

Can sometimes be:  Dogmatic, insensitive

Natural habitat:  Taking/teaching a course, hiking the Grand Canyon, any podium

Most compatible with:  Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius

Least compatible with:  Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer

Opposite Sign:  Gemini

Element:  FIRE (enthusiastic, high energy)

Modality:  MUTABLE (flexible, changeable)

Polarity:  Yang/Masculine

Ruling Planets:  Jupiter

Zodiac Sign Symbol::  The Archer, the Centaur

Zodiac Sign Order:  9th Sign

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
January 5 to 21, 2019

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You're going through a momentous start to 2019! Maybe it feels more boring and arduous than exciting inspiring inspiring at the moment, but there's a lot more to what's happening to you right now. You are likely to encounter conflict and challenges, steep mountains to climb and perhaps a roadblock or two that may slow you down. Don't be surprised if you feel like you want to dropkick something into the next solar system.

That said, it's really important to take a deeper look at what gets triggered inside you in response to what's happening. It's not a bad thing to act out your frustration or sink into some depression, but if it starts to become chronic, find things to do that keep you moving in a positive, empowering direction. Interruptions and interference might be frustrating, but they could also be a blessing to keep you from getting too rigid, stuck or bored. Recognize the benefits they bring can help keep you nimble and alert.

The road over the next month or two is likely to be a bit rocky and twisty, so it's good to loosen up, keep yourself well-rested, and keep bringing your focus back to what's really important to you. Choose your actions and reactions based on the priorities and values that are dear to you. Treat this time like a dance on stepping stones that keep moving around. There's a certain art to making it work in your best interest, not just the formula and rules that should be followed for the best results. Believe in your ability to master this turbulent time.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
Dec. 22, 2018 to Jan. 5, 2019

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This time of year is full of delights, pleasures, good times, and lots and lots of STRESS. The goodies can be awesome, but there is a temptation to overindulge—which is fine in moderation, but not so good if you get stuck in a loop where you can't unhook yourself from the compulsive excess. Right now, there is a potential to make emotional decisions that might look like no-so-good decisions later. In particular, watch out for spending, drinking, drugging, eating and partying so much that you wake up in 2019 with a credit card hangover.

Although it doesn't sound like a lot of fun, moderation now can help you avoid the post-holiday blues later. That applies to both the fun stuff and the thorny stuff. Find healthy constructive activities and outlets to help you balance yourself out in the short run. Find ways to do the healthy thing in fun, exciting ways. Make scrumptious food that is also nourishing. Take a walk to see the extra-bright Full Moon. Instead of buying a dozen things from a Big Box store, give just a few very personal, creative gifts that support local businesses or are made by you.

Find one or two people you feel comfortable and relaxed with. Or a place or activity that lets you feel at home and safe. Let them/that be your touchstone. When you get stressed out or overwhelmed, go back to your touchstone to help you get rebalanced and grounded. And after you've had a fabulously awesome time that warms your heart and makes you feel wonderful, return to your touchstone to process, appreciate and remember the experience. By bringing yourself back to centre, you can develop a feel-good reservoir, as well as knowing that when the difficult stuff hits, you don't have to stay stuck in it. And developing these resources will help you leap into the New Year in a way that avoids the post-holiday blues.


From Evolving Door Astrology, I want to wish all of my wonderful readers the happiest of holidays and a most blessed New Year!

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