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Wouldn't it be nice if life came with a manual?

I'm afraid my schedule is too busy to take on new clients right now, and I have no idea when I will be able to. I can put you on my waiting list if you want to contact me, but please know that I can't even guestimate when I can start taking on new clients. Thank you! :-)

Life is stressful enough without wondering if you're even on the right path. And when you feel like you're lost in a fog, how do you know which way will bring you back into the sunshine again? When life gets complicated, it would be so much easier if life came with a manual!

Well, in a way, it does!

Your astrology chart provides important information about how you can navigate through the confusing times. Like a good road map, it shows where your best path lies, how to avoid the dead end alleys, and where your path is "under construction" and being rebuilt.

When you get a personal astrology reading with me, we will look at your life and your chart together. You come away with a grounded understanding of what's going on and a fresh sense of clarity about where you can go from here.

"Wendy, thanks again for today's session. As always, you have such a way of getting to the heart of the matter and help me put things into perspective. Your guidance has truly been a gift to me from the universe!"

I offer many ways to help you get back on track and headed in your best direction:

My Readings and Services

Live Reading with Wendy

Live Personal Reading

When you need some in-depth insight, direction and support, your best solution is a full reading with me. Together we will explore your chart to find out how you can work more effectively and constructively with the planetary energies. Our session is recorded and you can either download it afterwards (no extra charge) or I can send it to you on a CD. Options are available for long distance coverage and CD mailing costs.

Choose from a Natal chart reading or a Forecast reading. A Natal chart reading focuses mostly on the Natal chart ~ your essential personality, natural abilities, life themes and challenges. A Forecast reading looks at your Natal chart, but also focuses on what is being activated in your chart. Depending on your needs, I generally look about a hear in the past, to see what you've recently been through, and about a year ahead, to see what's coming up.

An astrology report makes a great companion to a live reading. We can focus on what's the most important to you during the reading, while the report fills in details and information we don't have time to get to. When you order your report with a personal reading, you get 40% off the regular report price!

A live personal reading is your best choice if:

  • You want in-depth insight about a particular situation or problem
  • You want to be able to ask questions during the reading
  • You want your reading to be a live session (not just written or recorded)
  • You want a reading that speaks directly to your personal situation
  • You want to be able to listen to the reading afterwards
  • You're looking for a personal gift for someone special (gift certificates available)

"I have never had an astrology reading anything like what I experienced with you! Your vast knowledge, combined with your deep spiritual sensibility and warm, compassionate manner, were tremendously useful for me. It helped me to have a greater understanding of who I am. The information you provided helped me to navigate better, and to have acceptance for the many changes to come, putting everything into a broader perspective. I especially loved the way you approached my chart and my life with a loving curiosity, enthusiasm and excitement for all that was possible."

Live Relationship Reading with Wendy

Live Relationship Reading

What makes a relationship work? Perhaps you're in a relationship (romantic, family, friendship, etc) that's having problems, so you need to understand why it's going wrong and how you can get past the troubles. Or, you might be in—or considering—a new relationship, so you want to know how compatible you are and where the potential problems lie.

This reading uses two Natal charts to explore how the two of you relate ~ where you "click" and see eye-to-eye, as well as problem areas that could require some work. This reading looks at the Synastry—how your personalities, passions, needs and priorities interact—as well as the Composite chart which shows the dynamics and potential within the relationship itself.

A live relationship reading is your best choice if:

  • You want in-depth insight about your relationship
  • You want to be able to ask questions during the reading
  • You want your reading to be a live session (not just written or recorded)
  • You want a reading that speaks directly to your personal situation
  • You want to be able to listen to the reading afterwards
  • You're looking for a gift for someone special or an experience you both can share (gift certificates available)

"I couldn't believe the specificity and accuracy of some aspects of the reading. That was not something I was expecting at all, and it was amazing."

"Thanks again! I really feel you do a great service! I know that even a small reading will help, and has helped me to understand myself better and prepare! I look forward to talking to you again!"

"I felt that we were coming to an understanding of my chart together, NOT that I was merely listening to my life and personality being dissected without having any say in the matter."

Astrology Reports

Astrology Reports

Choose from a wide variety of some of the best astrology reports available! You can order a Natal report (interprets your Natal chart exclusively), a Forecast report (looks at what's coming up in the future) or a Relationship report (about how you and another person get along). These reports are computer generated, based on your individual natal chart(s).

When you order reports from us, they are beautifully formatted exclusively by Evolving Door Astrology. As a result, they are a powerful resource for insight that are truly a pleasure to read! They also make an excellent gift that's both personal and affordable.

An Astrology Report is your best choice if:

  • You want detailed, comprehensive information about your chart
  • You want an interpretation that you can read at your leisure
  • You're on a budget
  • You're looking for a personalized gift that's also affordable

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"What is your approach to astrology?"

Just like individual people, each astrology's approach is unique.

My approach to astrology and to readings is a combination of psychological and spiritual, in the broadest sense of both terms. By "spiritual" I mean whatever brings meaning to your life and allows you to feel part of something greater than yourself. By "psychological" I mean your self-awareness, self-image and inner dynamics that drive your feelings, motives and behaviour.

My goal is to help you understand the nature of the energies that are active in your life, more than making specific predictions. Astrology works with your free will, so my aim is to support and empower you with awareness, insight, confidence and wisdom.

Think of me as a kind of "astrological life coach!"

Whether you feel overwhelmed and in need of direction, or you want to be prepared for the road that lies ahead, you'll have some useful resources to make grounded choices and decisions that feel right to you.

What can a Personal Astrology Reading do for you?

  • Get personalized, valuable insight when you need clarity,
  • Capitalize on your strengths when you're facing a challenge,
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem when you need support,
  • Get moving again when you get stuck,
  • Discover ways to empower yourself when you feel uncertain.

"I really appreciate the insights into my psychological makeup. I also appreciate that you understood the importance of growth to me and framed things in that way. Your analogies are also excellent and very helpful in getting across ideas that are somewhat difficult to grasp without a good analogy. It shows you have a broad base of knowledge about different faiths."

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"What is it like to get an Astrology Reading?"

Relax! You're in good hands.

As your astrologer, I want to help you become more informed and empowered, so that you can make the best choices that feel right to you. I offer a supportive atmosphere where you can explore your potentials, concerns and options in safety. Your reading can help you increase your awareness and understanding of who you are, the events in your life and your greatest potential, using the powerful tool of astrology. We'll also look at how your life could evolve and change in the future, usually looking about a year ahead. And I love to use humor to help you expand your mind and lift you out of the heaviness of your situation, so that you don't get stuck in the problems.

My astrology readings are by appointment and typically done over the phone. Concerned about long distance charges? I can cover the long distance in most cases for a very small extra fee. Ask me about this! If a phone reading isn't possible for you, contact me and we can talk about other alternatives.

Example of the Natal Chart included with your reading

Your reading is recorded, so you can relax and enjoy our interactive session! You also get much more out of your reading when you listen to it again. You can download the recording after the session in MP3 format (included in my prices). Or, if you're not comfortable with this format, I can mail it to you on CD for an extra mailing fee. (I'll send you details about the mailing fee, which varies depending on where you are.)

I'll also email you a color page of your birth chart emailed to you in PDF format before your session begins, so you can follow along if you wish.

Not quite ready for a live reading? A printable astrology report is a good alternative that gives you an idea of what your whole chart shows about you, at a lower price. Then you can book a full personal reading whenever you feel ready.

Are your circumstances or lifestyle a bit "different?" No problem! I am very open-minded and non-judgmental about whatever happens between consenting adults. And I am very LGBT positive! I'm here to help you find the best path that feels right to you, not impose my personal beliefs, lifestyle or opinions. And your reading is treated as completely confidential.

"Thanks so much once again for the reading. As the week has progressed I have found an inner peace, things settling out due to emotional clarity, and a rejuvenated sense of inner strength. I must say I am excited and positively looking forward to the upcoming progressions in my life. I have the greatest respect and confidence in your abilities, even though we have just met. I look forward to future readings, as you help me along my path."

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What's Astrology good for?

Change your focus, change your life!

Do you have something going on in your life right now that you want some special insight into? Perhaps a relationship has you perplexed, or your career needs a better focus, or you're looking for ways to empower your personal growth? An astrology reading is a great way to explore the possibilities, gather insights and try on new ways to approach the challenges in your life. A reading helps you discover how to turn problems into strengths and information into wisdom.

Disclaimer: Readings offer information and suggestions that are meant to be helpful and constructive. However, this is not a substitute for consultation with qualified experts in the topics we discuss, nor for your own good judgment. Readings should therefore be considered for entertainment purposes only.

One of the most valuable benefits of my astrology readings is that you have a chance to check your intuition of what you think is happening in your life. Many clients tell me that their reading confirms what they were already sensing, which gives them new confidence. And other clients tell me that they now have a whole new way to view their situation, which gives them much-needed clarity and confidence. Your session can give you a much clearer understanding of your situation and what is your best path from here.

You don't need to know anything about astrology to benefit from a reading! My aim is to present your reading in "plain English" without too much astrological jargon ...although I do like to show you a bit about how astrology works, if you're okay with that. And if you do know some astrology, that's great too! I'm happy to put the reading in whatever terms you'll understand. Either way, I welcome and encourage questions!

I like to take an interactive, counseling type of approach in a reading. My background includes counseling education and training, and I have many years of experience as a counseling astrologer. I have studied astrology for about 40 years and I began my career as a professional astrologer, teacher, lecturer and writer in the mid-1980s.

""You adapted the reading to my level of understanding. It was extremely personalized and insightful, compassionate. You were very easy to talk with and you seemed to listen very well."


"What I found most enjoyable was your humor and light touch; those two things put most people at ease, I think. And your metaphors ... were perfect: they got your points across very quickly and made the points stick in my mind. ... You come across as a creative thinker."

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"What happens when I book a reading with you?"

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

If you've never had a reading before, it might help to know what to expect when you book a reading with me. After all, you don't want to just hand over your email to someone who might not treat it—and you—with respect, right? When you book a reading with me, it's not like some websites out there where you can talk with the person instantly. For one thing, usually the soonest I can schedule you in is a few days after you contact me. I also like to have at least 24 hours to study your chart and prepare your reading. And this also gives both of us a chance to make a bit of a connection with each other.

[1] Contact me and I'll send you more information about prices and options. There's no pressure and no obligation. I won't put you on any mailing lists or share your email address. And I won't pester you with multiple emails.

Email me!

[2] I'll reply with details about my readings, prices and optional extras, as well as my policies, terms and conditions. I'll also tell you about any special offers I have on and what information I need from you (birth data, etc). I'll let you know when my next available appointment is. If I know where you're located, I can tell you what time of day works best for your location and how much I could cover the long distance for (optional). Feel free to ask me any questions!

How much does a reading cost? My readings are competitively priced with other quality services. I offer readings that fit just about everyone's budget. Prices start at $65 for an email reading or $105 for a live phone reading, plus some extra options you can choose from. I'll send you more information about pricing in my email.

[3] We'll book your appointment. When we've figured out what kind of reading and options you want and when we're both available, I'll book you in for an appointment and give you your total for the reading. You can send your payment from your Paypal account or I can email you a Paypal link with the total all set up for you.

Then the reading happens! If you've booked a live phone reading, either you'll call me at your appointment time or I'll call you (if I'm covering the long distance). Our live session is recorded so you can listen again, and within 24 hours afterwards I'll format the recording. If you've chosen to download your live session recording, I'll send you the link and full instructions on how to download and access the file. Otherwise I'll put it in the mail to you and let you know roughly when you can expect delivery.

If you've ordered an Independently Recorded or Written consultation, I'll prepare your reading and let you know when it's ready. If you've opted to download the reading, I'll send a link with full instructions to access the file. Otherwise I'll put it in the mail and let you know when to expect it.

If you have any questions after your reading, or if some thoughts and feelings come up that you want to talk about, I encourage you to write to me. If I can respond easily in an email, I'm very happy to do that. If it's something more extensive or involved, we can talk about whether a follow-up reading would be helpful at that time.

"What was undoubtedly most helpful is the way you put a whole host of events and issues from my life into a meaningful context. You juxtaposed situations that I am in the habit of looking at as totally separate and unrelated, and this opened up whole new ways of looking at, well, everything. What I find remarkable is the ease with which you appeared to find these connections. I would guess that this is ... a special gift that's always been yours."

Book your reading!

Questions? More information? Ready to book your reading? Contact me!

To begin your journey of astrological healing and self-discovery, send me an email and introduce yourself! :-) Is there something in particular on your mind? Have you ever had an astrology reading before? What would you like to get out of your astrology reading?

To prepare your reading, I will need to know the date, year and time of your birth, as well as the place you were born. It helps if you know your exact birth time, but we can work around it if you are not sure of your exact time. (Ask me about this when you contact me.)

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Send me an email today and I'll send you more information! There is no obligation. I respect your privacy and will never share or sell your email address. And I promise I won't spam you with unwanted emails.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Wendy Guy

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